Noragami – Episode 4- God of War?

This episode everything was slowed down and mostly just a comedy. Yato having dreams of his super shine and the world based around him. He getting scammed into buying a whole bunch of random items thinking they would bring him luck and money. Of course Hiyori destroys the vase or pot using a wrestling move.


Yato takes mostly Hiyori to see Kofuku someone he wants her to meet. She acts like she’s his girlfriend when they meet up and gets her to give him money to feed Yukine. It would be very scary to see the world wrapped around Yato like they show Kofuku in the beginning. Learn that she is the god of fortune in name other because she really is the god of poverty.


I really liked Kofuku’s regalia even if he is a kid stalker. Been around a long time it seems and even Yato likes him from what was shown in the episode. The main part of the episode was Yato going to help Yusuke, some guy who was jumping off a building to kill himself over love. The longest fall from a building in a long time that I’ve seen. The whole idea of it was just silly but enjoyable.


Ends up Kofuku was just having fun with him and dating him so she could have fun outside. Her regalia never let her outside since she’s the god of poverty aka the ultimate bad luck. Poor Yusuke just got played by her, Yato was able to sever the ties to Kofuku and save the poor man from more bad luck.


Hiyori stays behide to talk with Kofuku about Yato’s past after he and Yukine leave. Yato has a very dark past, he was a god of war a long time ago. Using his power to kill others and even killed his regalia based on rumors. Not sure how much of that we can believe. Though I am pretty sure that the regalia that shows up at the end of the episode is connected to the regalia he “killed”.


Yato may have known that she was coming too or at least that some big danger is coming up. Tells Hiyori to go stay with Kofuku if anything happens to him which is some big foreshadowing. Looking forward to the next few episodes.


Episode rating: 8/10


Nisekoi -Episode 3 My little pink book

I honestly enjoyed the last six minutes of the Nisekoi this week. Everything before it…. eh whatever. The director seems to want the source to be funnier than it really was in the manga. Goes over the top to make the show more art and less of an anime. Just look at some of these shots.


I know most of the faces used for the emotions are over the top but this is just silly. I know some of the looks are from the manga but some of the shot this episode just got on my nerves a bit. What was up with the ball in the desk? So random it was funny, I can’t even remember if that was in the manga.



Main focus on the episode was showing that Raku and Chitoge do have something in common that they can use to understand each other. Shown via the pink book or journal with details about girls who Chitoge wants to befriend. Being the son of the Yakuza, Raku understands how it can be hard to make friends when you used to moving a lot. She agrees to let him help with the journal and they end up looking like a somewhat normal couple.


Onodera overhears that they just faking the relationship at the end. You would think this will move the plot along quicker but it really doesn’t. Even Raku seeing that Onodera has a key won’t mean much for a few episodes based on the current pace. Speaking of plot, the show may look funny most of the time but its running through chapters. It should be able to get to the Romeo and Juliet arc by the end of the first half (episode 12) I’m guessing.

Episode Rating: 6/10

Weekly Ratings- 1/19/14-1/26/14

This week I’ve watched a lot of Mouretsu Pirates in my time when I’m not watching the airing shows. Talking about the airing shows, they all weren’t the best in my eyes this week. Though I’m about to drop Pupa, Strange+, Nobunaga the fool, and Super Sonic soon since they just a waste of my time at the moment. Surprising Buddy Complex made a come back after my distaste of the first episode, so I’ll ride out that series.


If you been watching Golden Time you know it hasn’t been the same since the new year but stay around for the next three episodes, they should be able to make up for the bad. Gundam Build Fighters is a lot more fun than I was thinking. Also I’m really enjoying D-Frag!

Week Rating:

Name Genre Week 3 Rating Week 3 Popularity Week 2 Rating Week 2 Popularity Rating Changed
Gin no Saji 2 Comedy/Slice of Life 272 1300 307 1362 -35
Chuunibyou demo Comedy/Drama/Romance 332 577 308 619 24
Nisekoi Comedy/Romance 403 620 365 716 38
Noragami Adventure/Shounen 488 553 514 601 -26
Hamatora the Animation Superpower/Mystery 1070 938 1073 1033 -3
Sakura Trick Romance/Yuri 1092 1074 1034 1164 58
D-Frag! Comedy/School 1167 1063 1138 1136 29
Mikakunin de Shinkoukei Romance/Comedy 1274 1305 1270 1432 4
Tonari no Seki-kun Comedy/School 1301 1232 1360 1309 -59
Saki: Zenkoku-Hen Game 1337 2100 1273 2141 64
Space Dandy Comedy/Space 1423 970 1304 1051 119
Witch Craft Works Fantasy/Supernatural/Action 1760 994 1820 1070 -60
Sekai Seifuku: Bouryaku Fantasy/Action 1860 1270 2026 1419 -166
Mahou Sensou Action/Fantasy 1861 880 1604 962 257
Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta Adventure/Romance 1932 1205 1996 1274 -64
Nobunagun Shounen/Action/Supernatural 2387 1297 2150 1369 237
Buddy Complex Mecha/Sci-fi 2489 1527 2391 1612 98
Wake Up, Girls Music/Slice of Life 2748 1741 2626 1854 122
Nobunaga the Fool Mecha/Sci-fi 2923 1121 2813 1182 110
Wizard Barristers Magic/Sci-fi 2924 1429 2323 1577 601
Hoozuki no Reitetsu Comedy/Slice of Life 3190 1725 3574 1827 -384
Pupipo! Slice of Life/Supernatural 3780 2386 3845 2450 -65
Onee-chan ga Kita Sienen/Comedy 3850 1612 3772 1748 78
Z/X Ignition Game/Adventure 4139 1918 4167 1993 -28
Saikin, Imouto no Yousu Comedy/ Romance 4341 1157 4238 1222 103
SoniAni Music 5358 1454 5162 1528 196
Go Go 575 Music 5381 2951 5272 3112 109
Strange+ Comedy/Slice of Life 5935 2039 5906 2114 29
Pupa Horror/Psychological 6664 795 6563 832 101
Fall Continues
Kuroko no Basket 2 Sports 19 508 19 520 0
Hajime no Ippo:Rising Sports/Shounen 42 1513 42 1535 0
Magi: The Kingdom of Magic Fantasy/Adventure 91 574 94 585 -3
Log Horizon Fantasy/Adventure/Romance 320 280 332 288 -12
Kill La Kill Action 432 172 430 184 2
Nagi no Asukara Drama/Fantasy 461 512 529 528 -68
Yowamushi Pedal Sports 501 1282 498 1297 3
Diamond no Ace Sports 515 1310 527 1315 -12
Golden Time Romance/Comedy 540 370 528 382 12
Tokyo Ravens Supernatural/Shounen 949 621 968 635 -19
Strike the Blood Fantasy/Shounen/Action 988 406 967 419 21
Gundam Build Fighters Mecha 1187 2101 1271 2125 -84
Phi Brain 3 Game/Action 1637 2058 1634 2063 3
Samurai Flamenco Action 3051 881 2848 886 203
Ratings Taken Every Saturday Night Bold=Sequel, Italic= Shorts

Biggest movers this week were Hoozuki and Sekai Seifuku. Just about everyone went down in ranking this week. Worst ones were Wizards, Nobunagun, and Mahou Sensou. Seki-Kun did make it into the top 10 this week! Guessing unless something big happens that the ratings won’t change much.

Hamatora Episode 3 – The Strong and The Weak

Very deep episode this week from Hamatora about the haves and have not.


Nice and Murasaki get a job from the Association for the Health, Protection, and Equality of youths. The director, Itou Shouko, wants them to investigate the Facultas Academy for flaws. Something they could use to bring it down. The director has a personal grudge against the Academy since anyone who graduates from the Academy gets an easy live. If you don’t have a minimum ability you have a much harder life compared to if you just had an ability of any type. I can see why lots of people could want to be a minimum when they are born without it. You get a good job with good pay and you have an ability that makes you strong in the eyes of the people without the minimum.


Art finds out that a drug called Nemcrois was being used to make non-minimums into holders and the money came from the Association for the Health, Protection, and Equality of youths. It turns out the drug was sent to our main serial killer, a professor by the name of Moral who is also a graduate of Facultas Academy.

Moral has a very different view on strength and power in the world. He says he’s trying to make everyone equal in the world by making non-innate minimum holders. Since there are minimum holders and non minimum holders there is an inequality in the world that needs to be fixed. Aka the Strong vs the Weak or the Winners vs the Losers. Would everyone having an ability really fix the problem? No I don’t really think everyone having an ability would fix the world’s inequality. I think there would still be a power struggle between the abilities.


At this point Moral starts talking about how people can only see perceive(see/feel) the world through the filter of their own values. If they have bad or mediocre values it can be harmless but overall they are worthless in the greater picture. Stating that a man who can kill is strong and a weak man could never get the power to step over the line. Moral sees crime is hated by others because there are weak men that can’t step over that line. So we use crime to make up for the weak and Moral sees it as wrong. That the world should be based around the strong. I can see Moral’s point of view, there are lots of things in life you can look out and ask how can that person do that? Each year millions of people make new years resolutions, whats the difference between the people who can keep it up versus those who can’t? The power to step over the line or the will to keep moving on in the same way that Moral states in the episode. I can believe that people can be envy of those that keep their new years resolutions. Same thought process but with murder in the episode.


Moral continues to say that the weak come to hate and be envy of the strong. He pities the men that lack the will to act. This hits a core note in Art and as he is about to leave Moral sitting there Moral turns the idea onto Art. Saying that even Art is envy of the minimum holders because he doesn’t have a ability. He went to Facultas Academy and was able to pass even without an ability because of his wits. But he is still an outcast from his friends since he doesn’t have a ability like Nice and Murasaki. You can really see Art fighting himself as he clearly wants to kill Moral now and the pure enjoyment on Moral’s face is perfect for the scene. Not even worried because he knows Art is a weak man who can’t cross the line in front of him and become one of the strong.


Near the end of the episode we learn that Moral helped the director’s son get a minimum ability so he could have fun. Art is sickened at the thought of fun being turned into a monster but is even more shocked when he hears Nice say the same thing as Moral. I can see Art thinking to himself that he could maybe understand if he had an ability like his friends. Lucky we see him stop himself before it gets out of control.

Also learn about Moral’s true goal for making non-innate minimum holders. Its to surpass the number one student from Facultas Academy: Nice. Has the idea that surpassing Nice will save him from something. So far I’m liking Moral the best out of all the characters. The hamatora team needs more background to each of them, I’m not really connected to any of them yet.

Episode rating: 8.5/10

Noragami Episode 3- Rich god is here!

Seems like we took a step back this week, episode was slow to me. Dragged out and nothing really took place during the whole episode. Yato gets a job from a rich god to help kill random phantoms. Kills the phantoms and ends the job, the end. Thats the episode for you.


Well I’m being harder on it than I should be. Yato runs into Tomone his ex-regalia as she is working for the rich god now going by the name “mayu”. Damn god has like six regalia working for him, also feel a little sorry for him after learning that regalias’ share minds/feelings with their master. Feeling the emotions of six girls all the time would be too much for any normal man. On that topic, Yukine getting all worked up on Hiyori was a good laugh.


Hiyori learns more about Yato and the relationship of regalia to master. Yato hates people who want to die, to escape from living life. It’s not he hate humans, it’s just that people who die when taken over by phantoms can’t be a regalia. Regalia are normally young people who died early who wanted to keep living. So they have the will to live inside of them. Show needs a bigger plot than fixing Hiyori, some type of enemy, or larger drama. At the moment the show has cute charm but nothing big to hold the watchers each week.

Overall the episode was just okay or fine but not good. Some back story and killing of time mostly. Can’t believe Hiyori wasn’t even scared of losing her body. Her body was at the restaurant the whole episode or I think it was.

Episode rating: 6/10

Nisekoi – Episode 2 Cute when you shut up


The fake love really starts all right here in this episode. Chitoge and Raku start dating to keep the families from fighting. Both gangs so happy for them that they following them on their first date in “secret”. Raku and Chitoge have never dated anyone before, mostly because of family. Who going to want to date the son or daughter of gangs? Since Raku doesn’t know what to do on a date, he ends up doing what he also wanted to do with Onodera. They go out to eat, watch a movie and walk through the park. Episode does a good job showing they really dislike each other and have opposite taste in everything.


Best moment of the show is during the movie Chitoge falls asleep and Raku thinks she is cute a little when she not talking or moving. Goes to show even people you dislike can be good-looking if they just shut up. I can remember girls that wasn’t bad-looking but had the worst personalities in high school.


Raku and Chitoge in up running into Onodera at the park, Raku ends up falling apart and almost spills the beans if it wasn’t for Chitoge saving the day. After Chitoge leaves Raku asks Onodera about the locket straight up which she lies to him about knowing about it. If she would have told him it would have saved at least 20 episodes of useless drama. lol


The episode did have the silly effects again like crying falling stars. But it was a LOT less and the feel of the episode felt better for me. Still not in the good range yet though. Adding more characters should help I think and if they still tone down the effects more.


Was thinking yesterday about if I could fake a relationship for a higher cause. Honestly don’t think I could do it with someone I knew and disliked to begin with. People would see right through it as I don’t hide my feelings well. On the other hand I think if I didn’t know the person beforehand then I think I could do it. Maybe its the fact of starting with no history is the difference. Either way faking love isn’t an easy job to do, not everyone are romance actors.

Episode rating: 6.5/10

Weekly Ratings- 1/12/14- 1/18/14

Looking forwarded to Gun Gale!

Name Genre Week 2 Rating Week 2 Popularity Week 1 Rating Week 1 Popularity Rating Changed
Gin no Saji 2 Comedy/Slice of Life 307 1362 365 1533 58
Chuunibyou demo Comedy/Drama/Romance 308 619 300 717 -8
Nisekoi Comedy/Romance 365 716 308 1130 -57
Noragami Adventure/Shounen 514 601 568 771 54
Sakura Trick Romance/Yuri 1034 1164 781 1482 -253
Hamatora the Animation Superpower/Mystery 1073 1033 900 1221 -173
D-Frag! Comedy/School 1138 1136 1076 1354 -62
Mikakunin de Shinkoukei Romance/Comedy 1270 1432 1393 1805 123
Saki: Zenkoku-Hen Game 1273 2141 1095 2224 -178
Space Dandy Comedy/Space 1304 1051 1305 1178 1
Tonari no Seki-kun Comedy/School 1360 1309 1700 1516 340
Mahou Sensou Action/Fantasy 1604 962 1222 1180 -382
Witch Craft Works Fantasy/Supernatural/Action 1820 1070 1819 1236 -1
Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta Adventure/Romance 1996 1274 2087 1418 91
Sekai Seifuku: Bouryaku Fantasy/Action 2026 1419 2354 2196 328
Nobunagun Shounen/Action/Supernatural 2150 1369 2027 1598 -123
Wizard Barristers Magic/Sci-fi 2323 1577 -2323
Buddy Complex Mecha/Sci-fi 2391 1612 2353 1816 -38
Wake Up, Girls Music/Slice of Life 2626 1854 3043 2169 417
Nobunaga the Fool Mecha/Sci-fi 2813 1182 2658 1341 -155
Hoozuki no Reitetsu Comedy/Slice of Life 3574 1827 3868 2080 294
Onee-chan ga Kita Sienen/Comedy 3772 1748 3534 1978 -238
Pupipo! Slice of Life/Supernatural 3845 2450 3729 2600 -116
Z/X Ignition Game/Adventure 4167 1993 4011 2249 -156
Saikin, Imouto no Yousu Comedy/ Romance 4238 1222 4071 1378 -167
SoniAni Music 5162 1528 4885 1722 -277
Go Go 575 Music 5272 3112 5133 4042 -139
Strange+ Comedy/Slice of Life 5906 2114 5794 2333 -112
Pupa Horror/Psychological 6563 832 6397 919 -166
Fall Continues
Kuroko no Basket 2 Sports 19 520 19 531 0
Hajime no Ippo:Rising Sports/Shounen 42 1535 44 1555 2
Magi: The Kingdom of Magic Fantasy/Adventure 94 585 113 598 19
Log Horizon Fantasy/Adventure/Romance 332 288 334 298 2
Kill La Kill Action 430 184 422 194 -8
Yowamushi Pedal Sports 498 1297 514 1305 16
Diamond no Ace Sports 527 1315 551 1327 24
Golden Time Romance/Comedy 528 382 501 399 -27
Nagi no Asukara Drama/Fantasy 529 528 650 550 121
Strike the Blood Fantasy/Shounen/Action 967 419 971 435 4
Tokyo Ravens Supernatural/Shounen 968 635 992 659 24
Gundam Build Fighters Mecha 1271 2125 1336 2145 65
Phi Brain 3 Game/Action 1634 2063 1607 2068 -27
Samurai Flamenco Action 2848 886 2583 892 -265
Ratings Taken Every Saturday Night Bold=Sequel, Italic= Shorts

Week 2 is done, with only 6 of the new series going up in rank for the week.The biggest movers for the week were Wake Up Girls, Seki-kun and Sekai Seifuku: Bouryaku. I enjoyed wug! this week but Sekai Seifuku I’m on the fence with. Just not on board with it yet, the whole little girl taking over the world. Very happy to see Seki-kun almost in the top 10 for the new shows, just goes to show that shorts can be very good and not just low quality content for weekly filler. I see it in the top 10 next week.

For the worst movers of the week we have Mahou Senou, Sakura Trick, and SoniAni. Mahou comes off as fake to me, a world that I have seen before and just tried of. Seems a lot like Strike the Blood to me, if you like it then you will enjoy your time through the errors. I don’t watch Sakura Trick so i don’t know whats with it. SoniAni had a very bad episode this week in my eyes and guessing people seeing that its not going to be any special story so they dropped it.

Pupa and Strange+ still dropping saddly, they getting close to rock bottom which is around 7k I think. (MAL lists about 21k but counts OVA/Movies in that number) Guess the only thing we should take from this weeks’ rating is that sequels can do very well and people always love Comedy. I’d keep an eye on Nagi no Asukara if your not yet. Surprisingly its much better since 2 weeks ago, like its a new show.

Episode of the Week: Hunter x Hunter 2011


Hamatora- Episode 2 Need a Brain?

Hamatora keeps moving the plot has they solve the missing teacher case this week. The timing of the comedy or what I thought was them trying comedy in the show wasn’t timed well. Like if they were hoping showing Birthday getting taken into custody for thinking he caused the bombing attack was funny. Not really a big deal but Hamatora shouldn’t try comedy in the show at all.


Nice solves the missing teacher case pretty quickly in the episode to the shock of the students the teacher was behide them getting bullied in school and overall a huge asshole. Glad the show doesn’t hide the dark side of life. Kitazawa(teacher) went missing in the first place because he got killed by the serial killer. Art from the police tells Nice about the case and that there’s a serial killer going around killing minimum holders for their brains.


That’s a lot of brains.

Though because of the case we did get to learn a bit about the background of Nice,Art, and Murasaki. They all went to Facultas Academy which seems like a school for minimum holders. Minimum holders are born with the power not earned through deeds or at adulthood. Can earn the power if you get a minimum holders brain though, show didn’t go into details how you would switch brains  or if you needed to eat it or something like that. Nice runs into the serial killer near the end of the episode, his a middle age man with white hair, but he was busy with the bomb to see the killer.


Hamatora didn’t spark any magic in the episode for me, maybe I’m wanting too many details on the serial killer to early in the series. Know it didn’t help that I hated the students in the episode. Next episode I’m hoping for details on the other team members of Hamatora, we still really don’t know anything about them.

Did anyone else notice that they used a whole new opener and added the serial killer in the ending theme? It was a nice touch.

Episode rating: 7/10

Noragami – Episode 2 Hiyori the Cat


I thought this the first episode and after this last episode I’m 100% sure. Hiyori Iki is a cat. She’s got the personality and the looks of a cat now. Soul has a tail which she uses to balance with and play with the kid during the episode. Not to mention the cat ears she made at the beginning of this episode. She loves to jump up on high things, not careful of how important her tail is, not really worried about her surroundings like her friends just carrying her body around, and being curious just about everything. Hiyori is a cat.


Noragami really slowed down a bit this episode but it was still moving. Most of the episode was used to show Hiyori’s “hard time” and the relationship between her and Yato. I’m not buying Hiyori’s hard time yet, she looks more like she was having fun for the whole episode and not looking like she really wanted to be normal. Maybe it hasn’t hit her how serious being out of your body could be or maybe she’s accepted it and trying to keep her spirit up. At the moment guess just pick which version you want to believe. I’m going with she a cat :).


Yato was just there to be the moving plot element of the episode, which he did get a new blade thanks to Hiyori a bit. Yuki/Yukine is the new blade with a troubled past based on Yato’s tears when using the blade to kill the phantoms. Doesn’t seem Yuki going to be much better than the last regalia with that attitude of his.


Stuff we learned or theories of stuff for this episode:

  • Phantoms can be seen by Kids and Animals
  • There is history behide the “Fluffy-Fluff” scarf more likely
  • Water can cleanse Phantom blight lol
  • Hiyori dies if the tail is cut off
  • Yato doesn’t seem to know how to save Hiyori yet
  • Yato/Yuki share emotions or memories when using the blade.

Episode rating: 8/10


Anime Fastasy League (Weekly ratings)

Name Genre Week 1 Rating Week 1 Popularity
Chuunibyou demo Comedy/Drama/Romance 300 717
Nisekoi Comedy/Romance 308 1130
Gin no Saji 2 Comedy/Slice of Life 365 1533
Noragami Adventure/Shounen 568 771
Sakura Trick Romance/Yuri 781 1482
Hamatora the Animation Superpower/Mystery 900 1221
D-Frag! Comedy/School 1076 1354
Saki: Zenkoku-Hen Game 1095 2224
Mahou Sensou Action/Fantasy 1222 1180
Space Dandy Comedy/Space 1305 1178
Mikakunin de Shinkoukei Romance/Comedy 1393 1805
Tonari no Seki-kun Comedy/School 1700 1516
Witch Craft Works Fantasy/Supernatural/Action 1819 1236
Nobunagun Shounen/Action/Supernatural 2027 1598
Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta Adventure/Romance 2087 1418
Buddy Complex Mecha/Sci-fi 2353 1816
Sekai Seifuku: Bouryaku Fantasy/Action 2354 2196
Nobunaga the Fool Mecha/Sci-fi 2658 1341
Wake Up, Girls Music/Slice of Life 3043 2169
Onee-chan ga Kita Sienen/Comedy 3534 1978
Pupipo! Slice of Life/Supernatural 3729 2600
Hoozuki no Reitetsu Comedy/Slice of Life 3868 2080
Z/X Ignition Game/Adventure 4011 2249
Saikin, Imouto no Yousu Comedy/ Romance 4071 1378
SoniAni Music 4885 1722
Go Go 575 Music 5133 4042
Strange+ Comedy/Slice of Life 5794 2333
Pupa Horror/Psychological 6397 919
Fall Continues
Kuroko no Basket 2 Sports 19 531
Hajime no Ippo:Rising Sports/Shounen 44 1555
Magi: The Kingdom of Magic Fantasy/Adventure 113 598
Log Horizon Fantasy/Adventure/Romance 334 298
Kill La Kill Action 422 194
Golden Time Romance/Comedy 501 399
Yowamushi Pedal Sports 514 1305
Diamond no Ace Sports 551 1327
Nagi no Asukara Drama/Fantasy 650 550
Strike the Blood Fantasy/Shounen/Action 971 435
Tokyo Ravens Supernatural/Shounen 992 659
Gundam Build Fighters Mecha 1336 2145
Phi Brain 3 Game/Action 1607 2068
Samurai Flamenco Action 2583 892
Ratings Taken Every Saturday Night Bold=Sequel, Italic= Shorts

Week 1 is OVER! So some of you know that every few seasons there is a Fantasy Anime League that you can be apart of for free. Just have to sign up and enjoy, it plays out a lot like fantasy football/basketball. Pick winners and switch losers before they kill your points. This season(winter 2014) there isn’t a FAL but it will be back in the spring. So to stay in the spirit of the club I’ll do a small personal one for fun. I’ll post the weeking ratings each week on Saturday Night like above so we can track changes overall. We’ll use the episodics as the team.(Hamatora,Nisekoi,Noragami) Listed the main aired anime in the list, if there’s one that you would really want me to track just leave a comment for me and I’ll get it added when it airs/now. Also I can take out the popularity ratings if you don’t want to see them, though they are a part of the normal FAL in a way. See full FAL Rules/details HERE

New Shows

I’m surprised at the ratings of Nisekoi after seeing the episode myself, coming in 2nd for the new shows. 2 of the top 5 were sequels which fanboys/girls help week 1 numbers the most I feel. Also surprised at Mahou Sensou which I thought was very cheesy but is in the top half of the ratings easy. Both of the Nobunaga shows in the middle of the pack with Buddy Complex.


Most of the shorts didn’t do well at all with Strange/Pupa at rock bottom, they be lucky to make up 2k ratings. Seki-kun aka Master of Killing time is doing better than most of the new shows at the moment.

Fall Continues

Fall continues just listed for fun, normally most of or all continues are banned in FAL. Its fun to see Kuroko kick ass though!

Best Episode of the Week: Nagi no Asukara (Darbee’s Mind)