Hamatora Episode 12- The Final Word

I don’t even who what to think about the ending of Hamatora. It’s so out there and I really didn’t understand it. Well here’s the overview if you want the quick rundown. Nice and Moral fight a silly fight, nice wins then Art shows up out of nowhere to kill them both. The end.

Series Rating based on Blog: 6.125

Series Rating based on Overall thoughts: 5/10


So episode starts with Hajime going all she-hulk on us because she hasn’t eaten? Don’t eat and you get a super Hajime, at least I understand why she was eating the whole series now.  Moral’s assistant was best this episode using the robots she made to hurt people in the city so they will feel weak. All part of Moral’s plan to make everyone equal and to do that he needs them to want power for themselves. Nice and Murasaki go to stop Moral before it gets any worst. Moral has gotten the type 0 minimum from the cops and now has two minimums. Nice and Moral start their fight but they stop randomly to point out how sick Moral is and how big his plan is. Felt it a waste of time in the episode since we know Moral was sick in the head. The type 0 minimum is the 10 meter minimum aka he can teleport anywhere within 10 meters of himself.  So it’s a fight of types of speed, Nightcrawler vs Flash. I get that the writer(s) wanted to add some drama in the fight which is okay but I really hated they tried to add humor in the middle of the fight. All the cell phone text messages and nice throwing it into the ocean was just stupid in my eyes. Yes it points out the Nice isn’t a “nice” guy overall that he does whatever he feels like and doesn’t care what really happens in the world around him.


Nice is able to speed up to be able to go faster than teleporting somehow. Moral ends up weakened because having two minimums is a no-no. Art then shows up out of nowhere and shoots Moral within 10 seconds of scene time and then shoots and kills Art from the sounds of the last few seconds. Art must have a minimum that keeps he from dying that or it wasn’t really Art in the last scene. We know Moral had the minimum to change looks, so someone could have it too? Either way the series ends on a confusing note and doesn’t help my outlook on it.


Show started out good in the first few episodes and was doing good to keep me entertained. The middle episodes like 4-9 was the biggest weakest to Hamatora as it dragged out plot elements and the lack of character backgrounds made it really hard to care for the team. This got better later in the series I feel but it was almost too late by then as my mind had been made up. Nice was to be this super guy at the top of his rank and has the greatest minimum but he never came off that way to me. Best character for me was Beast and Three. On the Hamatora twitter they said they working on a second season but I’d say that’s hopeful. I’d be okay with an OVA to clear up some plot points but not really a second season. There’s better anime that should be their seasons over this I say.

Overall Hamatora tried to put mystery and superpowers together but couldn’t get all the pieces to work together.  So in the end it’s just average to me, I had more fun watching Wizard Barristers which had a lot of the same elements in that show this winter.


Hamatora Episode 11- Lets have a Drink


Strong vs Weak

Showdown between Nice and Moral? Nope, not even close. Nice finds Moral on the roof of the police building and instead of talking there they go back to Hamatora’s bar. Sorry but I don’t see the reason in bringing the mastermind behide everything to your HQ. Moral is in full control of Nice it seems during the episode. Moral has a cup of coffee as he goes over his main plan and why he’s doing it. While Nice quietly listens next to him.


Moral as we know wants to make the world all equal via making everyone a minimum. Empowering the weak in the city of Yokohama by using the brains of innate minimums. Using that “essence” he can make non-innate minimums as we have seen over the course of the series. Nice agrees with Moral that there is nothing wrong with people wanting power. That people shouldn’t discriminate between the haves and have nothing.  I was surprised that Nice says that its okay for the weak to struggle against the powerful. He enjoys watching the weak struggle as they fight to be equals. Though he strongly disagreed with Moral that he the powerful should be able to choose who is weak and strong. Or if he (nice) needed or wanted an equal to himself. When you look at Nice’s closest friends; they have been people weaker than him but struggling to keep up with his power.

Takahiro’s struggle

Meanwhile Takahiro is doing sit-ups with Hajime to burn that fat off him. They stop to rest to see Murasaki fighting the non-innate minimums in the courtyard. He’s pissed off at himself mostly and at how they are acting. Non-innate minimums fighting for equal power and the discriminate toward them. That they are not strong because the truly strong don’t even see the weak around them and can move on. Takahiro is moved by Murasaki’s words and sees that he is still weak after being transformed into purple hulk. Most of Murasaki’s words are directed at Nice and his personal quest to be recognized by him.


Everyone joins the fight at the civil center against the non-innate minimums. Takahiro fights to protect his mother even if we will only ever see him as a monster. Takahiro wins the struggle within himself and saves his mom but Moral sees the sad hulk through the tv and blows up his heart. The scene is pretty graphic for those who don’t like blood for a heads up. Nice finally is mad and we’ll see the final showdown next week!


By the way what the hell is with Hamjie? Did she eat Takahiro at the end of the episode or is she using her power to heal him? Very confused on that.

Episode rating: 7/10




Hamatora – Episode 10

Trouble for everyone! Moral sends out his army of non-innate minimum holders to start trouble in the city. Most just went out and killed people who were picking on them for being weak. With Beast shown on tv near the same time puts minimums everywhere in the city in trouble. General public turns on them very quickly like its pre 1960s again. They banned from most public goods and services. Beast feels like it’s partly his fault with the big spot like on him from last episode. Nice has the wonderful idea that he won’t be as scary if they make him a pet. lol Walking through the city on a lease the Hamatora crew runs into Takahiro (Purple Hulk from like 5 episodes back).


Takahiro wants Hamatora to help him get his old body back! Funny since I’m 99% sure he can’t go back. Still Murasaki says he’ll help the poor guy and they decide to make him go on a diet. Lose weight and magically turn white again by only eating white grapes or something. It’s all a little silly.


Meanwhile the city is falling into ruin with minimums attacking non minimums since they attacking them. With the black cosmos group really being the soul force behide most of the fights. Moral is betting on non-minimum holders demanding for power and he giving them the power to stand up for themselves. Ending in a world of power vs power. At the end of the episode Art finally sees that Moral has been in Art’s office at the police station and goes to meet him to learn what he did to Art.

Episode Rating: 5/10


Seems like the story just moved to slowly for me to really care about whats going on. With only two more episodes left we’ll get a conclusion to the plot but I’m not going to vote for a second season.


Hamatora Episode 8&9 – Trips and Kids

Hamatora has really let me down the past four weeks or so. Thought story would pick up after Art got killed off, sadly that didn’t happen. Go from Art dying in episode seven to everyone on the Hamatora team going on a trip just because. Trip really was worthless in the standpoint of plot. I’d almost say to skip the episode and not worry about it.  The fruit fight at the end of the episode was interesting to watch. Get to see that Nice is stronger than everyone else on the team via fruit fighting. Honestly I really don’t see his power being any stronger than other Hamatora members. Maybe that’s a story/writing problem with Hamatora the Animation or I’m not phased by superpowers after watching # number of shows.


This week still didn’t really do anything with the overall plot. Honey and Three got taken off the Moral case since Moral is Art now. Nice can’t get a hold of Art since he’s dead. Nice really doesn’t look like he knows something is up. Going to come down to the last two episodes of the show by now. Most of the episode is about Three and his past from when he was a soldier.


Three runs an Orphanage of kids that lost their parents in war. Which ends up that Three killed all their parents and he is teaching the kids that vengeance isn’t a sin. That it is okay to kill the ones that take ones from you. Doing all this so when the kids learn that he killed their parents they will kill him and this will be his punishment from when he was a soldier.  Honey learns about this and gives Three a beating telling him he can’t take the easy way out. She decides to help raise the children and teach them that vengeance isn’t the way to live.

Of course some crazy soldier from Three’s past hates that he stopped being the “Bloody Beast” so he plans to kill the kids and put the blame on Three so he doesn’t lose his name. Nice and Honey help Three stop the man and save the kids before he does too much damage. The orphanage gets burnt down the events though. Episode ends with Moral sending out an army of minimums under his control from the looks of it.


Overall Hamatora seems to have missed its time to land a knockout punch and the series is going to be another eh so so anime.

Episodes Rating: 5/10, 6/10 

Hamatora Episode 7 – Well damn

I didn’t see that coming…. Thinking this best shown through some great screenshots.

Episode Rating: 8/10

Moral at Art's brother's grave with black cosmos.

Moral at Art’s brother’s grave with black cosmos.

Not even surprised to see Art, been waiting for him

Not even surprised to see Art, been waiting for him

Art knows Moral is the killer, but why didn't he call for backup?

Art knows Moral is the killer, but why didn’t he call for backup?

Well shit, now everything makes sense in my stupid brain.

Well shit, now everything makes sense in my stupid brain.

Moral stole powerful minimum so he can be Nice's "Equal".

Moral stole powerful minimum so he can be Nice’s “Equal”.

Glad Art didn't give in to Moral's taunt.

Glad Art didn’t give in to Moral’s taunt.

Not looking good but he going to get saved right? -My thoughts

Not looking good but he going to get saved right? -My thoughts

Damn, there goes Art. Will Moral use his face?

Damn, there goes Art. Will Moral use his face?

Hamatora Episode 6 – Side Story Trap

Filler episode in almost the whole sense. Brings back memories of the tons of filler episodes I’ve watched in Detective Conan. The side stories about the kids or detective Moore background. Hell most of the DC filler are random cases that are solved. This episode of Hamatora is just a random case that Doc and Birthday solve.

Female artist kidnapped and rival set up to take the fall. Case was a little simple or maybe DC is spoiling me too much. We do get to learn why Doc and Birthday work together. Birthday living through cancer and beating Doc’s minimum so Doc could start living his life truly. His new “life” as he sees it. I don’t mind that we learning back story on the different Hamatora teams but do dislike non moving plot episodes for a show that is only one cour. Looking that Moral will be the only main boss in the series.

Overall wasn’t a big fan of this episode, I’d skip it if I rewatch the series in the future.

Episode Rating: 5/10

Hamatora 4/5 Moral is twisted and Smell my Sweat!

Last week’s Hamatora wasn’t bad but not really good. Overall nothing happened. Well we do get to learn more about Honey and Three, one of the teams from Hamatora. Three is a beast man who mostly is a bodyguard for Honey as I see it. Honey can use her tablet to see up to 10 minutes in the future. Action she has to do to use her minimum is eating chocolate. I’d be down with seeing the future every time I ate chocolate. 🙂


Moral is using some kid who wanted power to make other kids rob stores and get them guns. He even thinks he’s not breaking the law by doing this. Moral is easily my favorite character in the show, his a sick villain.  Poor kid tries to get out of working with Moral but that doesn’t end well for him. Art still doesn’t talk to Nice about the case since he thinks a lot like Moral. In the end Moral gets away again and Nice/Art stop the kids from hurting anyone with the guns they got secretly from Moral.


This week for 95% of the episode is about the team going to a hot spring to rest up. Of course some random Guy Idol lover takes over the hot spring using his power. Which is the power to convert sweat into mind controlling gas! lol So silly, but since he is gay his powers don’t work on the women from Hamatora. They put an end to the Idol lover’s plan and that ends the 95% of the episode that doesn’t matter.


Now in the last-minute we learn that Art’s officer and partner is working with Moral. He kills the doctor that was looking into the past cases for Art. Moral has an inside man helping him keep steps ahead of the cops. Not a good sign for Art as he could be the next one killed if he gets to close to capturing Moral.

hamatora26hamatora23Till next time!

Hamatora Episode 3 – The Strong and The Weak

Very deep episode this week from Hamatora about the haves and have not.


Nice and Murasaki get a job from the Association for the Health, Protection, and Equality of youths. The director, Itou Shouko, wants them to investigate the Facultas Academy for flaws. Something they could use to bring it down. The director has a personal grudge against the Academy since anyone who graduates from the Academy gets an easy live. If you don’t have a minimum ability you have a much harder life compared to if you just had an ability of any type. I can see why lots of people could want to be a minimum when they are born without it. You get a good job with good pay and you have an ability that makes you strong in the eyes of the people without the minimum.


Art finds out that a drug called Nemcrois was being used to make non-minimums into holders and the money came from the Association for the Health, Protection, and Equality of youths. It turns out the drug was sent to our main serial killer, a professor by the name of Moral who is also a graduate of Facultas Academy.

Moral has a very different view on strength and power in the world. He says he’s trying to make everyone equal in the world by making non-innate minimum holders. Since there are minimum holders and non minimum holders there is an inequality in the world that needs to be fixed. Aka the Strong vs the Weak or the Winners vs the Losers. Would everyone having an ability really fix the problem? No I don’t really think everyone having an ability would fix the world’s inequality. I think there would still be a power struggle between the abilities.


At this point Moral starts talking about how people can only see perceive(see/feel) the world through the filter of their own values. If they have bad or mediocre values it can be harmless but overall they are worthless in the greater picture. Stating that a man who can kill is strong and a weak man could never get the power to step over the line. Moral sees crime is hated by others because there are weak men that can’t step over that line. So we use crime to make up for the weak and Moral sees it as wrong. That the world should be based around the strong. I can see Moral’s point of view, there are lots of things in life you can look out and ask how can that person do that? Each year millions of people make new years resolutions, whats the difference between the people who can keep it up versus those who can’t? The power to step over the line or the will to keep moving on in the same way that Moral states in the episode. I can believe that people can be envy of those that keep their new years resolutions. Same thought process but with murder in the episode.


Moral continues to say that the weak come to hate and be envy of the strong. He pities the men that lack the will to act. This hits a core note in Art and as he is about to leave Moral sitting there Moral turns the idea onto Art. Saying that even Art is envy of the minimum holders because he doesn’t have a ability. He went to Facultas Academy and was able to pass even without an ability because of his wits. But he is still an outcast from his friends since he doesn’t have a ability like Nice and Murasaki. You can really see Art fighting himself as he clearly wants to kill Moral now and the pure enjoyment on Moral’s face is perfect for the scene. Not even worried because he knows Art is a weak man who can’t cross the line in front of him and become one of the strong.


Near the end of the episode we learn that Moral helped the director’s son get a minimum ability so he could have fun. Art is sickened at the thought of fun being turned into a monster but is even more shocked when he hears Nice say the same thing as Moral. I can see Art thinking to himself that he could maybe understand if he had an ability like his friends. Lucky we see him stop himself before it gets out of control.

Also learn about Moral’s true goal for making non-innate minimum holders. Its to surpass the number one student from Facultas Academy: Nice. Has the idea that surpassing Nice will save him from something. So far I’m liking Moral the best out of all the characters. The hamatora team needs more background to each of them, I’m not really connected to any of them yet.

Episode rating: 8.5/10

Hamatora- Episode 2 Need a Brain?

Hamatora keeps moving the plot has they solve the missing teacher case this week. The timing of the comedy or what I thought was them trying comedy in the show wasn’t timed well. Like if they were hoping showing Birthday getting taken into custody for thinking he caused the bombing attack was funny. Not really a big deal but Hamatora shouldn’t try comedy in the show at all.


Nice solves the missing teacher case pretty quickly in the episode to the shock of the students the teacher was behide them getting bullied in school and overall a huge asshole. Glad the show doesn’t hide the dark side of life. Kitazawa(teacher) went missing in the first place because he got killed by the serial killer. Art from the police tells Nice about the case and that there’s a serial killer going around killing minimum holders for their brains.


That’s a lot of brains.

Though because of the case we did get to learn a bit about the background of Nice,Art, and Murasaki. They all went to Facultas Academy which seems like a school for minimum holders. Minimum holders are born with the power not earned through deeds or at adulthood. Can earn the power if you get a minimum holders brain though, show didn’t go into details how you would switch brains  or if you needed to eat it or something like that. Nice runs into the serial killer near the end of the episode, his a middle age man with white hair, but he was busy with the bomb to see the killer.


Hamatora didn’t spark any magic in the episode for me, maybe I’m wanting too many details on the serial killer to early in the series. Know it didn’t help that I hated the students in the episode. Next episode I’m hoping for details on the other team members of Hamatora, we still really don’t know anything about them.

Did anyone else notice that they used a whole new opener and added the serial killer in the ending theme? It was a nice touch.

Episode rating: 7/10

Hamatora The Animation Episode 1

Shows like this and Nobunagun really show me that the current anime style trend is changing. Use of new camera angles and a more punk like animations like from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures. Some may not like the coming style, though most do, I mean there’s a reason I see JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure in the Top 3 in almost all the lists for best anime this past year. We’ll look back and hopefully smile as we think “JoJo started it all”.


Hamatora the Animation


Hamatora is the jack in the box of the winter season, we really didn’t know what it was going to be about till the week it was going to air so the hype and the number of people watching it isn’t going to be anywhere like Space Dandy for example or Noragami. Hamatora is the name of a group of private investigators that work out of a bar. They solve cases that the police don’t have time for or they get from people. What makes Hamatora different from say Conan is that every member of the Hamatora team has a superpower called minimum.

Minimum Holders


Minimum holders or “minor miracle” are special hereditary powers discovered only in an extremely limited number of humans. To use minimum power the user has to complete a specific action first then they are able to use the minimum power. Example in the show is the main robber from the first episode has to blow a bubble with gum before he can use his super strength. Birthday from Hamatora team has to bite a stun gun, Nice listens to sound from a headset, ect ect. The powers added in makes the show feel a lot like K or maybe its just me.



Hamatora doesn’t have the biggest budget and some of the scenes you can see it with the still background shots. They did a good job of hiding it though, I really didn’t see the so so background shots till my rewatch before writing this post.



I know we going to get  some of the Conan type of one episode cases but I’m really really hoping that we only get like three at most. Hamatora needs the overarching story with the minimum serial killer to keep doing well. If it does that then Hamatora could be the best series of the winter season. Does anyone else want to know that the female powers are for Hajime and Koneko. Koneko has that tail or it looks like she has a tail. Now to wait five more days, damn.

First Impression:9/10