Noragami Episode 12- May your wish be heard!

It’s all over! Good ending and sad to see it end. Episode was 90% a fight so I’ll tell the story through the screenshots, lots of good ones this week. 🙂 One of the few season worth watching from the 2014 Winter Season. Look forward to the second OVA which will be out in the coming month once the Spring season starts.

Series Rating based on Average from blog: 8.75/10

Series Rating based on Overall thoughts: 9/10


God of War shrine not the best looking one. Rabo ready for the fight.


Hiyori comes along for the fun even if she doesn’t have her memories. Hope she useful.


Not 15 seconds into the fight and Hiyori saving Yato. ugh why is Yato so useless most of the time. Hiyori ftw


Boomerang throw to save Hiyori from Rabo! Time to get Hiyori out of here.


Rabo destroys the ball holding Hiyori’s memories to try to get the old Yato to come out.


Yato gain a coldness to them but not like they were in the past. See below image.


Eyes of Yato the god of war from the past.


Great fight animations imo.


Mid fight Rabo merging with phantoms to get power to kill Yato. Yato can’t believe him would go so low.


Hiyori’s body gets caught in the cross fire between Rabo and Yato. Yato leaps to save her before the boulders fall on her!


Hiyori is able to get her memories back on her own by following Yato’s smell back to the near shore. Yato is overjoyed to see Hiyori back to normal.


Yukine is able to purge the phantoms that merged with Rabo without hurting the nearby Hiyori. Now Yato just needs to finish it in style.


Classic animation for finishing a boss. Yato “kills” Rabo who had used a curse to keep his body from decaying. He hunted Yato so he could die at his hands, someone who knew him from the dark past he lived in.


Yato tries to say that cutting ties with Hiyori would make her happier than being with him. Of course she doesn’t take a word of it.


If you didn’t believe her the first time, now she’s in it for the long road. Just say you like him next time Hiyori 🙂


Yato trying to be cool but the scene is too cute to be cool. Now to start wishing for a second season!


Everyone throw in 5 yen and we’ll hopefully see a second season in the fall. Been a great ride. Episode rating: 10/10


Noragami Episode 11 The Tale of Hiyori and the Yato God


Last me saw of Hiyori she had just lost her memory because of Nora by what we were thinking. Looks like only Yato was forgotten and not yukine! Episode starts with Yato in a panic since he was forgotten but not Yukine! He really comes off as desperate to get her memories back. Yato tries to get Hiyori to remember him by visiting places they went and met at. Even goes and spends all his 5 yen coins that he had saved up for art supplies so he can make a picture book about them. Yato seems almost love-sick to me in the way he is acting during the episode. Its cute and a little funny.


Why did Hiyori lose her memories? Nora took them from Hiyori because she had changed Yato from the god of calamity he was. Rabo wants a fight with Yato and Nora is helping him as his regalia. Learn that Rabo is also a god of calamity which are gods that answer wicked wishes. Rabo was once human in his past life and carried out the duties of a herald. Heralds are people who sneak into enemy territory to conduct “murder” and other dirty work. Once the herald completed his/her mission they were killed by their master so no information was leaked. After Rabo became a god he would sometimes work with Yato on bigger wicked wishes.


Yukine spends most of the episode with Hiyori trying to get her memory back. Even shows her the picture book that Yato made for her. Sadly she ends up forgetting Yukine to in the end. Yukine asks Yato if they going to do anything about Nora and Hiyori’s memories, at first Yato tells Yukine to forget about Hiyori that it’s for the better. Mostly because of the talk Yato had with Tenjin and he saying that it be better for Hiyori if she forgot Yato. That she would be happier in the end. But once Hiyori forgets Yukine and Nora saying that they could win back her memories by fighting Rabo, Yato decides to fight for her memories. Even if its going to be dangerous for Yukine as he could die fighting Rabo they want to fight for Hiyori together.


Next episode will finish the series and the anime only arc of Rabo. Second season would be nice in the fall for the Bishamon arc and the next that just started in the manga.

Episode Rating:8/10

Noragami Episode 10 – Good Boy Yukine

Doing Homework like a good boy!

Doing Homework like a good boy!

Good Boy Yukine

Eight episodes of piece of shit Yukine and now I don’t know what to think. It’s a big 180 twist, now his the good of goody. No more bad looks, no dirty thoughts, and no more stings to Yato. Even has a part-time job now to help Yato pay the bills! Thankfully he still fights with Yato some or I wouldn’t believe the change in Yukine. Yukine isn’t too good but its going to take an episode or two to get use to the new Yukine that says Sorry and Yes Master.

Everything not perfect over at the Tenjin shine though, one of the female regalia got corrupted from Yukine and stung Tenjin. Even though it was only one time Tenjin banished the girl from the shine. Goes to show you how good Yato is toward his regalias vs Lord Tenjin.

One Strike and your out...

One Strike and your out…

Hiyori’s Problem

After thanking Tenjin for his help, Yato asks him for advise on how to solve Hiyori’s body problem. Tenjin tells Yato he should cut his ties with her to test if that will work. Get the feeling that Yato really doesn’t want to do that since he has gotten closer to Hiyori over the last few months or so. Tenjin says she’s gotten to used to the god’s world and take it could make it hard for her to go back to being a normal human. See some of this in the episode as Hiyori tells her friends they need not to ask so much of the gods and really be careful for what they wish for. Also solving Hiyori’s body problem would end the anime and manga for the most part. Cutting the ties would make Hiyori forget about him and Yukine if you don’t remember the man from four episodes back falling off the building when Yato cut his ties. Sadly Yato isn’t going to get an option by the end of this episode because of Rabo….

Don't do it! The tears would come after the end of Yatori!

Don’t do it! The tears would come after the end of Yatori!


Rabo is a 100% anime only character so the whole second half this episode isn’t in the manga chapters. So we should be getting an anime only ending with Rabo and not entering much into Bishamon arc for those who have read the manga. Rabo tests Yato and Yukine in a fight to see his strength. Of course Yato kicks some ass and finishes all the phantoms thrown at him. Clearly Rabo is here just to kill Yato and Hiyori to sense shes’ “weakling” him.


During the time Rabo is attacking Yato, Nora is attacking Hiyori during the new years party. Nora sees Hiyori as a someone keeping Yato from her so she much be thrown out. Hiyori survives the attack till morning when the sun’s light killing Nora’s masked phantoms. Last thing we see of normal Hiyori is her getting threatened by Nora. Next time we see her she has forgotten who Yato and Yukine are. Not sure if Nora cut her ties to Yato or its some other little trick that she did to make it seem she lost her memories.

With only two episodes left, we’ll more likely get a short filler arc finishing Rabo or they will leave us hanging in the middle of the Bishamon arc. Which wouldn’t be cool 😦 Look forward to next episode and seeing more of Kazuma. By the way a friend of mine pointed out that Kazuma looks 95% like Yukio Okumura from Ao no Exorcist. Actor is the same too, weird.


Episode Rating: 8/10


Noragami Episode 9 – Sorry


Time to save Yato and cleanse Yukine before he dies! Daikoku lets Hiyori through his borderline and Kofuku treats her blight. I’m surprise we didn’t get white bars on the shower scene with Hiyori in it. Not really needed but it does show how quickly the blight can spread and the risk Hiyori is taking by trying to save Yato. Daikoku tells Hiyori he need to go get two more regalias so they can do an Ablution. Ablution is a ceremony for expelling (cleansing) blight on Yukine that he sent to Yato. Yukine at this time isn’t really caring what happens, no care for Hiyori or Yato. Being mostly a jerk/ass.



After Daikoku leaves to go looking for regalia’s for the ablution Hiyori thinks who saves Gods when they in trouble? I mean why is it that you need three random regalias for the ablution and not gods? You would think the gods would have the power to save other gods not their followers. We somewhat get an answer late into the episode saying that it’s the job of regalias to judge other regalias and not the other gods. Like USA crimes judged in the United States, but doesn’t really work if you say the rich should judge the crimes of the rich. Anyways, Daikoku visits many shines but only gets Mayu from Lord Michizane. The old man would have killed Yukine by now I feel, even says it in this episode.  Hiyori overhears that Daikoku can’t find a last regalia so she runs out to find one for Yato. Thinks of Nora but knows Yato wouldn’t want her, so she ends up running after Kazuma. Kazuma comes to help Yato without telling his master.

I really need to watch the last few episodes again because I’m drawing a blank on why Kazuma owns Yato so much.



Start the ablution right away, which is a cross field of borderlines to cleanse Yukine inside of it. Kofuku says its punishment to Yukine for harming his master and now he’ll receive a beating till the ablution is successful.The only way the ablution is successful is if Yukine confesses all his sins and repents for the harm he did to Yato. Yukine just doesn’t give in, he curses everyone and almost turns into a phantom right up till the end. If it wasn’t Hiyori and Yato stepping up Yukine would have turned into a phantom that they would have to kill. About time we see Yukine confess for everything, it was powerful and well done on the part of the actor. I haven’t forgiven him for the past seven episodes but at least it’s over and now the story can move pass him being an asshole. Yato thanking Hiyori for everything was a good way to end the plot. Know lots of people wanting a little romance thrown in between them but lets not hope for too much now.

Episode Rating: 9/10


Noragami OVA! Divine Possession

OVA Divine Possession!

This is the first of two OVA’s for Noragami. They will cover arcs from the manga that fit in better as side stories to the main plot. This first ova is very good, really wish more ovas’ would be like this one honestly. I was laughing almost the whole episode, just plays off well after seeing most of the Noragami anime so far. Haven’t read the manga so I don’t know when this ova fits into the main timeline.

Hiyori is making her debut into high school with her friends when Yato uses DIVINE POSSESSION! Yato takes over Hiyori’s body for the day to spread the love of being a god. Even Kofuku joins Yato in the fun. Yato goes around having fun being a high schooler and use the guys at the school. Making them carry him to the nurse, “giving” out deliveries to the guys, and even becoming the star of the soccer team.


Kofuku meanwhile is having fun with the teachers and making the school go broke. Yato and Kofuku cheer on the soccer team but Kofuku’s bad luck makes Yato set in to save the team! Lord Tenjin hears of Yato’s doings and goes to stop him. Lucky for Yato, Tenjin has a weakness for the young girls at the school and solving their love problems.


The day finally ends and Yato is caught by Hiyori. Who did Yato use Divine Possession? He wanted her attention! Just too cute and funny for Hiyori to even be upset with him. He wanted to go to the high school with her and enjoy the sensation together. 🙂  In the end Hiyori gets everyone’s eyes on her and makes the greatest high school debut ever. If your watching Noragami this is a must see!

OVA Rating: 10/10


Too Cute!

Too Cute!


Noragami – Episode 8 Desire

After watching the best episode yet of Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta, I really didn’t know if Noragami could top that plot filled episode. Even Buddy Complex had a good week so its been a fun night for the Darbee. Noragami had an epic episode and even have an OVA episode to cover later this week(whenever I get it written). Noragami did a great job of showing the breakdown of Yukine and the opposite of him in the episode.

School Job


Everything starts in the girls bathroom! Hiyori walks in to find Yukine, Yato and some kid in the girls bathroom so she beats them up before they could talk out of it. Random humor to ease us back into the story. Yato is on a school job helping a kid that is being bullied outside of class. It has gotten so bad that he has called on the help of a god. Yukine looks down on the poor guy being picked on to the point that Yato calls it on him. Saying that he shouldn’t the hate when he is just like him. Yato is right as always, Yukine acts just like the kid in the episode in the beginning. Asking why him out of all the kids in the school, hating his surroundings and doing nothing about it(yet).

Noragami48Though Manabu (kid getting bullied) starts to take the right steps. First he says for help, it takes putting your pride aside to ask. Yato hears his call and tells Manabu that he needs to start by getting everything off his mind. To vent and look at things in a new light. Yukine who is the other side of the coin can also vent but he can’t see his surroundings in a new or different light. Yato gives Manabu an item to help them with the bullying, which we learn more about in a bit.

Blight Hunting


Hiyori asks why he can’t just cut the ties like he has in the past and Yato says he can’t because she beat him up so badly in the bathroom. He goes to lay down to rest “off” the wound. Later Hiyori is looking for him so they could end the job but is having a hard time finding him because she can’t smell him like normal. She finds him in the nurses office sleeping when she remembers that if a blight is untouched it will spread and take over the host body till it dies. She’s worried about Yato and he’s sleep so why not take a look? haha He wakes up mid peek! No blight to be seen though. My idea on this is he could hide the blight via the well water we see coming up. Show hasn’t said anything about gods being able to hide their aura.

Meanwhile in Kofuku World


Lady Bishamon comes to visit Kofuku at her house. The last two episodes Bishamon has been busy killing all the phantoms that came from the vent opened by Kofuku when she stopped the fighting of Bishamon and Yato. Today she comes to Kofuku to get an augury. An augury is a sign of what will happen in the future; an omen, Kofuku can see where other vents are going to open. Because of this Bishamon thinks maybe Kofuku is opening the vents on purpose to keep her busy so she doesn’t have time to hunt Yato. Seeing the two of them crash could be very dangerous, though I’m happy to see Kofuku stand up to Bishamon. She has a great evil look on her.




Lets back up to Yukine before we get too far. Yukine is the other side of Manabu, the same in many ways but he can’t move pass what has happened to him. We get to see what Manabu and Yukine both desire the most… Friends. Yukine wants someone who he can call a friend and be like the other kids at the school. He hates that he can’t join the living and have friends. Cursing his surroundings and putting the fault on Yato. Manabu also hates his surroundings and desires friends. Manabu even when a phantom is pushing him to kill/cut one of the boys that was bullying him he has the will to stop. That bullying a bully isn’t how you should stop bullies. If he had cross the line and cut/killed the kid he wouldn’t have been human anymore in his eyes.  Yato is proud of Manabu and tells him he only needs to find one completely unique friend. Then it doesn’t matter what others say or do as long as you have that one unique friend by your side.


Yukine is the one that doesn’t have the will to stop. He is dead and trying to still be able to be alive is something he can’t do. Can’t cross a line that has been crossed. Yukine detonates to the pressure and starts breaking all the windows in the school. This causes Yato to almost pass out from the pain of the blight.



When shit gets bad you call 911 and for Hiyori that would be to go to Kofuku’s place. We really get to see the biggest jump in Hiyori’s character in these last few minutes. She really grows up in seconds and takes control of the scene. She has some crazy will power on her, carrying Yato all the way to Kofuku. Laying down the law with Yukine telling him straight up that this is all his doing and he must be judged for his actions. I can’t even see if he’s sorry for his actions, looked like he was just going to push it off on Nora or something else. Yato dying to the blight opened Hiyori eyes to how she should have agreed with how Yato wanted to deal with Yukine.


Hiyori gets to Kofuku’s place but nothing goes as hoped. Daikoku makes a borderline to keep Hiyori and Yato away from Kofuku. Makes it seem that they are not going to help and watch Yato and Hiyori die.

Episode Rating: 10/10

Didn’t know which last screenshot I liked the most so enjoy all 3 of them in order of the cliffhanger! Really hate Yukine now btw.


Noragami Episode 7 – Yukine is Trash



I can see why the manga readers hate Yukine so much, he is 100% useless. This episode he runs away from home twice, steals once, and gets so moody that Yato can barely kill the phantom at the end! Running off to ask to work for Tenjin is just rude and down right detestable. Ugh I’m just really tired of his mood swings.

Mayu had the best line :)

Mayu had the best line 🙂

Nora isn’t a name! Well not a name like I and hopefully you were thinking, Nora is the name given to Regalias who have more than one master at a time. Tenjin says they are a disgrace of the gods and gods only use them for jobs not right for normal Regalia like mass murder maybe. At the end of the episode we got to see one of the other masters for “Nora”.


Hiyori really steps up this episode I feel as being the one trying to make Yato understand Yukine and accept him as his regalia. She now knows that if Yukine doesn’t start to shape up that he could kill Yato with the spreading of the bright. Which is spreading very quickly, by the end of this week’s episode its to his hands. Hiyori got to Yato and he is trying in his own way to accept Yukine and teach him to do right. So he doesn’t have to dispose of him like Bishamon’s regalia told Hiyori that he should.

Yato not in the clear yet but they heading in the right direction now. Hopefully Yukine learns to grow up!

Episode Rating: 9/10 

Bishamon is so Rich, many Regalias

Bishamon is so Rich, many Regalias

Poor Kofuku

Poor Kofuku

"Dispose of him at once"

“Dispose of him at once”


Teamwork! It can work...maybe

Teamwork! It can work…maybe

Noragami – Episode 6 – God of Calamity?

Man what an episode! Its going to be hard for anything to beat Noragami this week. Ended up watching the episode twice before I went back for screenshots. Just that good. Nothing wasted, all plot which was good. I was starting to wonder how they were going to fit any main story line into the one cour with the pace they have been moving.


Yukine is really shaken by last episode, the phantoms are starting to form cracks in his heart. Hiyori trying her best to keep up his spirit by making him cookies and being there. Sadly it’s not just the phantoms that are getting to Yukine. Hiyori and Yato are treating him like a child which pushes him to stealing the skateboard in an act of rebellion. He is a child still though and shown to him any more when Hiyori covers for him by saying she bought the skateboard for him. He even doesn’t think his important to Yato since he “has” Nora in the background just waiting for the tag-in. Yukine has being an ass from the being, now his just a child who is breaking down from stress of his surroundings. The breaking down started about three episodes ago and this episode is near the peak.


Yato and Yukine run into or its more like Bishamon a god of war runs into them. She has been hunting Yato for years trying to kill him for killing her regalia. Seems I was way off on my guess on the regalia that Yato killed unless Nora was Yato’s and Bishamon’s regalia, but that be a pretty big twist. Man does Bishamon have too many regalias? It would be a woman with a crazy number of regalias. Lets count: Belt,Whip (Kinuha), Lion (Kuraha), Gun #1 (Gaiki), Gun #2 (Suki), Ear ring(Kazuma), and Clothes?


During the fight with Bishamon Yukine is slowing breaking down even more. Doesn’t even think he should be there. Blaming  it all on Yato for killing her regalia which Yato says he did it because he felt like it. Pretty easy to see that he was lying on that. Bishamon calls Yato a god of calamity or one that causes disasters. This would be supporting him as a god of war that we learned from Kofuku.


Speaking of Kofuku, got to see her in a fight this episode. Well it was more of her just making more harm than being helpful by opening a vent to the far shore.


Hiyori-Yato was pretty strong in this episode. From Yato telling Hiyori to be quiet when Bishamon acts to Hiyori being able to track Yato down via (nice) smell so she could save him. Yato even when in the middle of the fight is thinking of how to keep Hiyori safe and the connections being them low so Bishamon doesn’t found out. The calm and clear mind of Yato really surprises me each week.

Lastly Nora is back just in time to really be the one that saves Yato from Kuraha (lion). With all the problems with Yukine, Nora could have a small chance of getting inside of Yato’s head. I would think about it if that big problem of a regalia is slowing giving me a blight that is taking over my body and can’t cleanse it.

Episode Rating: 10/10


Noragami – Episode 5 – Divine Punishment

I’m really falling in love the ending story in Noragami. Makes my day everytime I hear it, adding it to my list to get once the single is out in Japan. Noragami really stepped up this week! Great episode in my eyes, had just about everything you could hope for in an episode.

Sharing Emotions


Easily the main focus of the episode was on Yukine and how his feelings get shoved onto Yato. Hiyori and Yato fighting over where Yukine should sleep. Hiyori just seeing the near future versus Yato looking at the bigger picture. Sleeping at shines since its safer for Yukine and because his scared of the dark. Hiyori wanting him to “live” a normal life or thats how I see it. So he ends up staying at Hiyori’s house so she can watch over him. Yukine is so a closet pervert and has to be a bigger handful than we could dream of. Yato getting hit by Yukine’s emotions has to be a strain on his body. Seeing him hold the back of his head a lot more.

Divine Punishment


So the emotions only go one direction, from Regalia to Master. Yato talks about feeling Yukine giving into temptation and how as a god he will judge Yukine one day on those temptations that he gave into. Hiyori thinks of Yato’s past as a god of war during the talk. That gods don’t do good or wrong actions, just that they judge people on their actions or temptations. Based on those he will give out divine punishment even if its death. I’m starting to think that Yato killed his one of his past Regalias’ as divine punishment. What if a Regalia enjoyed killing people back then and since Regalia and Master share feelings, could Yato would be overwhelmed by those feelings?  Something like that or near it is what I’m going with.



Next week looks like we get to see some good fighting. So far its been all small flies. Flying lion and a gun regalia! About time we start meeting the main enemies. Even better that it’s a woman.

btw: Yato and Gintoki from Gintama seem a lot alike like with the dark past of war.

Episode Rating: 10/10


Noragami – Episode 4- God of War?

This episode everything was slowed down and mostly just a comedy. Yato having dreams of his super shine and the world based around him. He getting scammed into buying a whole bunch of random items thinking they would bring him luck and money. Of course Hiyori destroys the vase or pot using a wrestling move.


Yato takes mostly Hiyori to see Kofuku someone he wants her to meet. She acts like she’s his girlfriend when they meet up and gets her to give him money to feed Yukine. It would be very scary to see the world wrapped around Yato like they show Kofuku in the beginning. Learn that she is the god of fortune in name other because she really is the god of poverty.


I really liked Kofuku’s regalia even if he is a kid stalker. Been around a long time it seems and even Yato likes him from what was shown in the episode. The main part of the episode was Yato going to help Yusuke, some guy who was jumping off a building to kill himself over love. The longest fall from a building in a long time that I’ve seen. The whole idea of it was just silly but enjoyable.


Ends up Kofuku was just having fun with him and dating him so she could have fun outside. Her regalia never let her outside since she’s the god of poverty aka the ultimate bad luck. Poor Yusuke just got played by her, Yato was able to sever the ties to Kofuku and save the poor man from more bad luck.


Hiyori stays behide to talk with Kofuku about Yato’s past after he and Yukine leave. Yato has a very dark past, he was a god of war a long time ago. Using his power to kill others and even killed his regalia based on rumors. Not sure how much of that we can believe. Though I am pretty sure that the regalia that shows up at the end of the episode is connected to the regalia he “killed”.


Yato may have known that she was coming too or at least that some big danger is coming up. Tells Hiyori to go stay with Kofuku if anything happens to him which is some big foreshadowing. Looking forward to the next few episodes.


Episode rating: 8/10