Nisekoi Episode 11 – Onodera for the win?

First name!

First name!

Raku and Chitoge calling each other by their first names now! Just in time for Chitoge’s birthday. Tsugumi wants to get everyone together for a surprise party for Chitoge, which just happens to be at her house. For every birthday you need presents right? So Ruri gets Onodera and Raku alone to shop together for Chitoge’s gift.


The episode really skips over the gift picking compared to the manga, its more about Raku not manning up to Onodera as they go shopping. It all ends quickly and Onodera wants to take a detour on the way home after they get the gift. The detour leads to an overview of the city. It’s Onodera’s secret place that she has only shown to the boy from ten years ago. Raku promises not to tell anyone about the place then straight up asks Onodera if she’s the girl he knew from ten years ago! Almost funny by how easy Onodera turns and says yes that she is. Or that she hopes she was the girl and hopes Raku was the boy. Since the boy was her first love that would make Raku the person she loves. Raku loves the idea of Onodera being the girl from ten years ago, they even move to kiss each other but a phone call ends that.

It's a secret, tell noone!

It’s a secret, tell noone!

The group meets up at Chitoge’s house including Shu who wasn’t really invited but is still there. Chitoge meets them at the front gate to the biggest house in Japan by the looks of it, and pulls Raku over to the side to talk with him. She is worried because she hasn’t told Onodera and Ruri about her being the daughter of a gangster. Thinks they will judge her because of it but Raku quickly solves the problem by just coming out and telling everyone that she is like him. Onodera just sees her as a rich girl and that it would make sense that she is dating Raku who is rich too.

I want a house like this.

I want a house like this.











okay that's a little cute

okay that’s a little cute


Now for the gift war? Claude as to one up Raku to try to make him look bad in front of Chitoge. Sadly for Claude but Chitoge doesn’t need a car or could even use it for her 16th birthday. Raku gets her a stuff gorilla as the gift and surprising Chitoge secretly loves it. Right when Raku thinks he knows 100% for sure that Onodera is the girl from ten years ago, Chitoge throws a curve ball by asking if he remembers “Zawsze in Love”.

Episode Rating: 6/10



Nisekoi – Episode 10 Test of Courage

The day after the hot spring Raku is surprised by how Chitoge doesn’t yell at him or get mad since he did see her butt naked. Thoughts quickly turn to the upcoming test of courage that will be held that night. Shu says he’ll help Raku get Onodera number by selling it to him if he draws it. Silly Raku even would buy it for 2k yen. Meanwhile Onodera and Ruri also talking about the test. Ruri letting Onodera know that if she doesn’t make a move on Raku she could in up losing him to a different girl. Onodera tries to talk with Raku but he somewhat pushes her to the side. Because all his thinking about is her butt naked! 


Test of courage pairs start and Raku pulls a lucky 12 to be matched with Onodera. Chitoge and Shu get matched together but Chitoge finds out that one of the ghosts for the event got sick and they need someone to help out. Even though she’s afraid of the dark Chitoge gladly says she’ll help out. Has a flashlight so no worries right? Well ends up the flashlight batteries were dead and she doesn’t find out till she’s all alone in the woods.


Raku is holding Onodera’s hand when he learns that Chitoge has going herself lost in the woods during the test without a flashlight. Even though he’s with the girl likes, Raku goes running off into the woods to save Chitoge. That is the type of guy he has always been. Chitoge remembers in her past that the boy she loved would always come to save her from danger. Didn’t matter if it was a wild dog or when she fell into a hole, he always showed up just has she was crying. As the knight Raku is, he saves Chitoge and they start on their way back to camp. Chitoge tells Raku that they should start calling each other by first names since they have been “dating” for a while now. They get lost on the way back so they miss the test of courage but I’d say they both showed courage this episode. 

Episode Rating: 6/10


Nisekoi Episode 9 – Scars and Hot Springs



Chitoge is starting to be useful in the story going forward from here instead of her just being there. Chitoge tells Tsugumi that she wants to look into her past and learn about the boy she made the promise with. Sadly Chitoge had forgotten that the school was going on a field trip into the mountains that weekend. Everyone ends up on the same team for the trip thanks to Shuu and his mind. At the main camp Chitoge “drops” hot water on Raku showing a scar on his head. Raku also sees the key that Chitoge had found in her room which she is now keeping on her. Raku says the scar is from an  animal making Chitoge panic into thinking he could be the boy from her past.

Hot Spring Drama  

Shuu and Ruri get the group to kill some time at the hotel by playing old maid and the loser has to tell everyone the story of their first love. No one wants to lose and have to spill the beans since they all just about Raku. Raku picks all the jokers from Onodera and Chitoge picks his by dumb luck. Comes down to Raku and Chitoge but loser is never found out since a teacher stops the game short.

Would be the Two of Hearts

Would be the Two of Hearts

Raku goes to the hot spring but Claude switches the curtain for the mens and womens baths. Luck or unlucky for Raku is that Chitoge is the first one to join the bath. He easily sees her and surprising she believes Claude did it all in a matter of seconds. She works with him to get him out of the spring and into safety before the other girls found out. Some interesting drama and one kiss later Raku is safe on the men’s side of the hot spring.


Clear Water?

Enjoyed the episode for the most part, I really liked this short arc in the manga. Which continues for the next two episodes maybe.  Though the bath scene wasn’t believable at all. Most of the scenes with the water in it you can clearly see that the water is clear and easy to see through. If your going to use steam and towels to hide your characters at least don’t make the water super see through in the anime. lol At least in the manga you assume that the water isn’t crystal clear since it’s a hot spring. Other than that I didn’t have any problems with the episode. Looking forward to next week.

Episode Rating: 7/10   


Nisekoi Episode 8 – Happiness

What is Love?


Week to week I don’t even know how to take on the rainbow of color that is Nisekoi. The anime not wasting too much time unlike the manga. By the way I’m just about had it with the manga I should be skipping over its pages each week. 😦 But at least in the anime we have Tsugumi to entertain us for a little while. Tsugumi is the main focus of the episode as she falls in love with Raku. All happens in one quick trip to a pet store to buy food for the school animals. Hurts her foot wearing heels and good guy Raku carries her back to the school so not to make the foot worst. Tsugumi who hasn’t been around that many guys falls for the simplest of things but doesn’t understand the feelings she having.

Chitoge isn’t any help since she doesn’t remember really falling in love when she was little. Tsugumi asks some people around the school but they don’t give her a straight answer to her. Ends up being Onodera telling her that what she feeling is love. Tsugumi is shocked of course since she can’t believe she could like Raku even if he is Chitoge’s boyfriend. Nisekoi’s love overall in the series is a little weak. Lots of characters thinking they in love when it’s just lust or admiring of Raku. We do get a more normal love between the main three but it’s not for a while.



Remembering the Past 

Chitoge starts to remember the promise she made in the past to the boy. Things like they played together everyday during that summer and he saved her from being attacked by a wild dog. Learn everything from the diary she finds in her room with like a million stuffed animals. What did she promise to the boy? Who knows at this point but at least she has a key now! haha

Episode Rating: 6/10


This is the Highlight of the Week! "Chitoge Lunch"

This is the Highlight of the Week! “Chitoge Lunch”


Nisekoi – Episode 7 The fun starts now!

Great episode! Easily the best episode of the series so far in every way. Tsugumi really helps on the character interaction that was lacking in areas. Only so much you can stand of the main three characters. Episode really seemed long, covered a lot of chapters. I kept waiting for the end after the duel but then it goes for another chapter.

Tsugumi – First of many

Tsugumi is the first of many side characters to enter the scenes of Nisekoi. Tsugumi is the “Bodyguard” for Chitoge that was raised by Claude under special training. She’s a tom-boy so much that Claude doesn’t even think she’s a girl. Easy to see that she really didn’t look like a girl when she first transferred into the school. Wearing a boy’s uniform and challenge Ichijo to a Duel over who can protect Chitoge better.


Duel and Weakness

Ichijo fights in the duel mostly because he gets baited into it. Seeing that Chitoge wanted him to win keeps him from backing out. The duel… well it was mostly Ichijo running away from Tsugumi. I’d run to if someone pulls out machine-guns and rockets to a fist fight! The whole scene was very enjoyable to watch to myself. The art style of Shaft helped the fight showing it in a carefree light. Anyways Ichijo wins by jumping into the pool since Tsugumi can’t swim. 

Being the nice guy he is he takes Tsugumi to the men’s locker room to change his clothes so he doesn’t did a cold. You would think putting a towel on the “guy” would work too but that is no fun in manga. Surprise, Surprise! Ichijo learns that Tsugumi is a girl and before he can work out the miss understanding, Chitoge and the others come rushing to the locker rooms. They hide out in a locker since he doesn’t want Chitoge to think something wrong and Tsugumi didn’t want Chitoge to see her in a negative light aka “Losing the Duel”. Locker scenes mostly fanservice but the important thing we learn is Tsugumi’s weakness. Weakness is to being seen as a girl in any way since forever everyone has only seen her has a boy or a hit-man for the gangsters.



After the duel everyone sees the big change of boy to girl Tsugumi. To make sure she never forgets that she’s a girl Chitoge gives her a blue ribbon to wear in her hair. Ichijo says its cute and boom! We’ll never see it off now lol. Since Tsugumi has known Chitoge from when she was little she knows about the promise Chitoge made to her first love. Chitoge may have not remembered it but Tsugumi will be the gate way to learning more about the promise Chitoge made.


Episode Rating: 8/10


Nisekoi Episode 5 – Fan service is Powerful

What's this? Episode on Juice boxes?
What’s this? Episode on Juice boxes?
Nope! Fanservice for everyone!
Nope! Fan service for everyone!
Bikini vs School Swimsuit, Not even a fair fight.
Bikini vs School Swimsuit, Not even a fair fight.
Onodera can't Swim? That is okay we only here for the photo shoot anyways.
Onodera can’t Swim? That is okay we only here for the photo shoot anyways.
Best butt shot of 2014?
Best butt shot of 2014? Round 1 goes to Onodera with the Butt.


Round 2! Fair Fight this time.
Round 2! Fair Fight this time or we think so.
Chitoge plays the drowning card and its super effective!
Chitoge plays the drowning card and its super effective!
1-1 Scores all  even.
1-1 Scores all even.
Bonus round started by a FAN! Can Raku man up?
Bonus round started by a FAN! Can Raku man up?
Crap, She woke up! Game Over final score 1-1.
Crap, She woke up! Game Over, final score 1-1.
Till next week! Hope you enjoyed the different style this week.
Till next week! Hope you enjoyed the different style this week.

Episode Rating: 6/10


Nisekoi – Episode 4 – Study Party!


All flowers and sunshine in the wonderful world of Nisekoi. Chitoge is making friends in school after Ichijou has helped with the notebook. Raku is asked to have everyone over for a study party, so we spend the episode mostly at his house. Show really hasn’t shown Raku being interested in Chitoge as a girl till this episode. His thoughts have only been on Onodora and overreacting with any thing to do with her. Like setting next to her during the study to help her with a math problem.


It isn’t until Raku’s gang locks him and Chitoge in the outside storehouse that Raku really looks at Chitoge. She’s scared of the dark and won’t go of him because of it. He finally sees Chitoge as a girl over just some monkey he has to date. That she is a good-looking girl under her angry outer personality that he normally sees. She calms down after Raku’s poor ability of changing topics. That whole scene just seems out-of-place in the style of writing compared to the rest of the show. Ending on the near kiss scene was a good way to end the episode with Raku seeing her as something other than a monkey.


The show is still a rainbow of color but I think I’m starting to get use to it. The color and stars showing up in random places not really making me shake my head anymore. Still dislike some of the facial emotions they use just to be over the top. Maybe, just maybe I’m starting to enjoy the 20 mins.

Episode Rating: 6/10

Nisekoi -Episode 3 My little pink book

I honestly enjoyed the last six minutes of the Nisekoi this week. Everything before it…. eh whatever. The director seems to want the source to be funnier than it really was in the manga. Goes over the top to make the show more art and less of an anime. Just look at some of these shots.


I know most of the faces used for the emotions are over the top but this is just silly. I know some of the looks are from the manga but some of the shot this episode just got on my nerves a bit. What was up with the ball in the desk? So random it was funny, I can’t even remember if that was in the manga.



Main focus on the episode was showing that Raku and Chitoge do have something in common that they can use to understand each other. Shown via the pink book or journal with details about girls who Chitoge wants to befriend. Being the son of the Yakuza, Raku understands how it can be hard to make friends when you used to moving a lot. She agrees to let him help with the journal and they end up looking like a somewhat normal couple.


Onodera overhears that they just faking the relationship at the end. You would think this will move the plot along quicker but it really doesn’t. Even Raku seeing that Onodera has a key won’t mean much for a few episodes based on the current pace. Speaking of plot, the show may look funny most of the time but its running through chapters. It should be able to get to the Romeo and Juliet arc by the end of the first half (episode 12) I’m guessing.

Episode Rating: 6/10

Nisekoi – Episode 2 Cute when you shut up


The fake love really starts all right here in this episode. Chitoge and Raku start dating to keep the families from fighting. Both gangs so happy for them that they following them on their first date in “secret”. Raku and Chitoge have never dated anyone before, mostly because of family. Who going to want to date the son or daughter of gangs? Since Raku doesn’t know what to do on a date, he ends up doing what he also wanted to do with Onodera. They go out to eat, watch a movie and walk through the park. Episode does a good job showing they really dislike each other and have opposite taste in everything.


Best moment of the show is during the movie Chitoge falls asleep and Raku thinks she is cute a little when she not talking or moving. Goes to show even people you dislike can be good-looking if they just shut up. I can remember girls that wasn’t bad-looking but had the worst personalities in high school.


Raku and Chitoge in up running into Onodera at the park, Raku ends up falling apart and almost spills the beans if it wasn’t for Chitoge saving the day. After Chitoge leaves Raku asks Onodera about the locket straight up which she lies to him about knowing about it. If she would have told him it would have saved at least 20 episodes of useless drama. lol


The episode did have the silly effects again like crying falling stars. But it was a LOT less and the feel of the episode felt better for me. Still not in the good range yet though. Adding more characters should help I think and if they still tone down the effects more.


Was thinking yesterday about if I could fake a relationship for a higher cause. Honestly don’t think I could do it with someone I knew and disliked to begin with. People would see right through it as I don’t hide my feelings well. On the other hand I think if I didn’t know the person beforehand then I think I could do it. Maybe its the fact of starting with no history is the difference. Either way faking love isn’t an easy job to do, not everyone are romance actors.

Episode rating: 6.5/10

Nisekoi -Episode 1


Shaft is here and oh boy. The effects are overbearing and everywhere! Dots on the screen, color effects on characters. Makes me laugh at the show because of the effects not cause of the comedy, which was also bad this episode. Even the sound is laughable, I remember the gang fight the most.


Its a little upsetting since the first 30-40 chapters of Nisekoi are not too bad, nothing awesome but okay for the first season and only season at this point of Nisekoi. I’m one of a few still reading Nisekoi each week, mostly at the moment because I get the Jump Magazine each week. May have to start a few beers before setting down to write something about the pretty colors and effects of Nisekoi each week.

First Impression: 5/10