Nisekoi -Episode 1


Shaft is here and oh boy. The effects are overbearing and everywhere! Dots on the screen, color effects on characters. Makes me laugh at the show because of the effects not cause of the comedy, which was also bad this episode. Even the sound is laughable, I remember the gang fight the most.


Its a little upsetting since the first 30-40 chapters of Nisekoi are not too bad, nothing awesome but okay for the first season and only season at this point of Nisekoi. I’m one of a few still reading Nisekoi each week, mostly at the moment because I get the Jump Magazine each week. May have to start a few beers before setting down to write something about the pretty colors and effects of Nisekoi each week.

First Impression: 5/10



More Winter Impressions



Gore just for gore? This short was pushed back twice I think and its still this bad? Not even a story really, girl finds dog and dog turns her into a monster. Disappointed

First Impression: 3/10


Think they were trying to do too much all at once in the short. Episode comes off too fast and the watchers just get lost in it all. Strange+ can still make a come back but it needs to slow down and introduce us to the cast more. 

First Impression: 4/10

Z/X Ignition

So I was thinking Z/X was based on the free to play card game in Japan and thought the anime would have been more like Yu-Gi-Oh or Cardfight. I couldn’t be more wrong, it makes me think of Digimon more so. Still a kids anime with some very bad lines, though the plots not bad. Still a drop for me, there’s a lot of good anime to watch this season and Z/X isn’t one that’s going to hold my interest.

First Impression: 5/10 Average

Hoozuki no Reitetsu


Slice of Hell is what Hoozuki no Reitetsu is. Hoozuki works as a manager in Hell and this series is about those problems and Hoozuki’s hobbies. Show isn’t going to be for everyone, I’d say go watch the first episode to see if your going to be into it. I strangely enjoyed it so I’m down for more episodes of it.

First Impression 7/10

Mikakunin de Shinkoukei


Better than it looks, it helps a lot for the main to characters having level heads about the whole fiancee. Getting set up to a future wife/husband has to be a very experience that I for one know nothing about but I could understand Kobeni in how she be feeling during the first episode. The whole show feels very real at its core and I for one really like that for this show. I’ll stay around for at least some more episodes to see what happens. 

First Impression:7/10

Hamatora The Animation Episode 1

Shows like this and Nobunagun really show me that the current anime style trend is changing. Use of new camera angles and a more punk like animations like from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures. Some may not like the coming style, though most do, I mean there’s a reason I see JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure in the Top 3 in almost all the lists for best anime this past year. We’ll look back and hopefully smile as we think “JoJo started it all”.


Hamatora the Animation


Hamatora is the jack in the box of the winter season, we really didn’t know what it was going to be about till the week it was going to air so the hype and the number of people watching it isn’t going to be anywhere like Space Dandy for example or Noragami. Hamatora is the name of a group of private investigators that work out of a bar. They solve cases that the police don’t have time for or they get from people. What makes Hamatora different from say Conan is that every member of the Hamatora team has a superpower called minimum.

Minimum Holders


Minimum holders or “minor miracle” are special hereditary powers discovered only in an extremely limited number of humans. To use minimum power the user has to complete a specific action first then they are able to use the minimum power. Example in the show is the main robber from the first episode has to blow a bubble with gum before he can use his super strength. Birthday from Hamatora team has to bite a stun gun, Nice listens to sound from a headset, ect ect. The powers added in makes the show feel a lot like K or maybe its just me.



Hamatora doesn’t have the biggest budget and some of the scenes you can see it with the still background shots. They did a good job of hiding it though, I really didn’t see the so so background shots till my rewatch before writing this post.



I know we going to get  some of the Conan type of one episode cases but I’m really really hoping that we only get like three at most. Hamatora needs the overarching story with the minimum serial killer to keep doing well. If it does that then Hamatora could be the best series of the winter season. Does anyone else want to know that the female powers are for Hajime and Koneko. Koneko has that tail or it looks like she has a tail. Now to wait five more days, damn.

First Impression:9/10

Lots of Winter Impressions

Robot Girls Z

Wish I could say something about this short that I liked, but I only got halfway through the first episode than zoned out and I don’t know that happened the rest of it. They aired the first three episodes all at once so its more accurate to say I don’t know that happens in the last fourteen minutes. All I remember is lots of yelling and balloons getting popped. Yep Dropped.

First Impression: 2/10 Bad or at least didn’t hold my interest.

Mou Hitotsu no Mirai wo OVA

Time-machine phone… is it a second Steins Gate? Nope its a phone company using anime to promote their lab A.U.F.L. Its about a phone company/lab that makes a phone that can call the future but one day a explosion happens at the lab. You can tell that isn’t not an anime made by a normal animation team. This is a eight minute show and you waste half of the first episode on boring calls and talks with the higher ups that we will only see once more likely. Wouldn’t be so bad if the OVA was going to be five or episodes long but its not, they have only three episodes to tell this short story. Hopefully Kenji Kamiyama can get us back on course with the next episode.

First Impression: 4/10 eh


The show looks like it was made by Shaft in my eyes and not by Brains Base. Lucky the cast is good in my personal mind, though I’m a little worried about  Katsuyuki Konishi playing the main male role since I can only remember him in supporting roles for the most part. The plot is simply Kazama an delinquent gets roped into joining the game creation club by these four very not normal girls. This comedy will follow the club as they try to create games. I enjoyed the first episode, laughed a few times at the “types” the girls chose to use. Laughed the most at the switch from fire to darkness type that Roka does. Scene will the girls locker was also enjoyable. Not sure if this will be funnier than Noucome from this past season but I’ll watch it if I can get pass the Shaft looking animation. Plus sadly D-Frag! comes on a Tuesday which doesn’t have much competition on this day so I’m more likely to watch it.

First Impression: 6/10

Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta


First thing before we go on, I’m 100% bias when it comes to anything airplane. With having family members that fly and my favorite movie is Top Gun, its easy to say I love anything to do with flying and planes in it. So I may and will rate this series easier than I would normally.

Toaru Hikuushi is a anime that its about mankind traveling to the end of the sky, didn’t say why the are going there yet but I got the feeling of Battlestar Galactica or Macross type of overarching story. The aerial combat in the intro of the series got me hooked, if I can see more of that then I’m in for the long term. I had to look up anime that focused on aerial combat because I couldn’t remember much past the old Macross but we also have had Last Exile, Area 88 and Virgin Fleet.


At first I hated Kal for being such a emotional main right off the bat. From his crazy anger when he saw the silver hair lady to falling into love all in the same episode. Then I watched the episode an second time and I could understand the character a lot more and see the great potential in him. This is going to be a series where we can look back and think “was that the same character”, I think that way now currently with Nagi no Asukara.


Unlike Macross or Battlestar Galactica the main base isn’t a ship but a floating island called Isla. Having a moving piece of land as somewhere to call home for the pilots is important and I’m glad its not a battleship. Isla makes me think of Hawaii.



I like Claire a lot but isn’t there way too many death flags all around her! Its the end of the first episode and I can just feel it, she’s not going to make it. Titanic scene was the best this episode. Overall this show has a lot of potential. A must watch for the season I think. 🙂

First Impression: 9/10



Reincarnations of Nobunaga and slice of model life.

SoniAni: Super Sonico the Animation

Super sonico is the mascot for Nitroplus and this is her life of modeling, musician and college student. White fox brings us this slice of life anime to color and style. First episode is nothing special for a slice of life anime but it flows well and good intro for the series. If you like models, music, or slice of life then this could be for you. I’ll be watching this on slow days or in my mornings.

First Impression: 5/10 Average

Nobunaga the Fool

Its history repeating itself or is it making a new path for it self? Nobunaga the Fool is a Mecha about the reincarnation of Nobunaga in the future japan that has been in the same warring states since 1582 and the fall of the first Nobunaga. The east is still divided as a planet but the west (planet) was conquered by the English by the looks of it based on people serving King Arthur. Joan of Arc,main female lead, is looking for Nobunaga because she thinks he will unite the east & west under one banner. Da Vinci is also around to help Joan of Arc on her quest. The show is just going on its run but did a good job of having a set pace and flow. I’m worried about the role of  Mitsuhide in the show, seems like he going to be the best friend that turns bad if the show follows a retelling of history. Either way I look forward to this different Mecha.

First Impressions: 7/10 Pretty Good


The second reincarnation of Nobunaga this winter season, is more colorful and action based.When the PV came out for this about a month ago I thought I was going to hate this show. The animation in the PV wasn’t that good, the music used wasn’t to my taste and the main character was some crazed killer from the looks of the PV. Lets just say I didn’t have high hopes for the show. First thing I noticed in the first episode is that the main character has pictures of tanks and guns in her room. Then you see the camouflage wallpaper in her room, but wait it isn’t wallpaper. Bridge had put in camouflage background screens in place of shadows for some of the anime. Have to say that I like it a lot, its different and gets me to focus on different parts of the screen that I don’t normally look at if the shadow were normal.

Shio Ogura

She’s a crazy gun lover and military lover based on her room. 🙂 Outcast of the school, even the teacher forgot about her when she overslept for the school trip! She’s not the normal type of life sucks outcast, she really seems to be okay with being by herself during the trip. Hell I say she was having fun taking photos by herself. Living inside of Shio Ogura is the soul of Oda Nobunaga.

E-Gene Holders

So how does innocent Ogura turn into the crazy mad Nobunagun? Via a sphere that turns her arm into a weapon. She can use the sphere’s power because she has Oda Nobunaga inside of her aka has a E-Gene. Series looks like its going to have other famous people has E-gene holders to fight a alien force. Some of the known holders are Gandhi, Newton, Nobunaga, and Jack the Ripper.

Overall the series is exciting and fun to watch with no plot holes yet. The animation style is different as it looks like the old american batman series or Avatar. If you enjoy a good action base anime this will be for you.

First Impression: 8/10 Very Good 

Noragami- Episode 1


I enjoy the episode more than I was thinking, its darker than a lot of Shounen anime. Doesn’t seem like its going to slow up if BONES can keep this pace on the show. Glad he loses the damn dagger in the first three minutes, god I disliked that Tomone. Sure Yato isn’t a big famous god yet but he’s working on it. Though working for only five yen a job isn’t the way to save up money for your god shine Yato! All the plot included in the episode was told to the viewers right off the bat which is a big difference compared to some other series on currently. YES Looking at you BUDDY COMPLEX. Yato is working to become the greatest god by doing people’s wishes and killing Phantoms or Voices of the Far Shore. Far Shore beings are the evil spirits of the afterlife and humans live in the Near Shore.


The battle scenes looked very good and to the quality I love of BONES shows.

noragami5Hiyori Iki is a good co-lead for the show, she’s calm and looking like she’ll be able to hold her own in a fight. She saves the Yato from getting hit by a bus for no reason really. She had only just walked passed him on the street, that one action changes her life. Now her soul can jump out of her body freely because of the emotional action of saving Yato from the bus. Soul Hiyori has a tail like a cat and she acts a lot like one when I think back on the episode. Overall the episode did a great job of setting us up for the future and showing the characters personalities. The OP & ED are both very good, which the OP is my favorite so far this winter season. I’m all ready for next week and renaming my cat to Milord. 🙂

First Impression: 9/10 






Dandy, Space Dandy! Plus Saki and Witches are here too.

Dandy, Space Dandy!

There’s been a lot of hype on this show, here’s hoping it doesn’t fail on us.


Yep Dandy spends half the episode debating Butts vs Boobies while at a Boobies Restaurant chain. Dandy is a bounty hunter that specializes in catching new aliens and turning them in. The show makes fun of Dandy and any type of plot at all. So if you like a moving plot then you will not like Space Dandy. I don’t see any plot coming any time soon, his going to be busy running around with his out of date robot and the cat alien.

Space Dandy should be funny though I didn’t think any of the lines were very funny but some of the screen action is funny. I won’t be able to take the show serious in any form and the show seems to know that all to well.

Art is very good, BONES did a great job with the look and feel of the backgrounds and character designs. Overall if you can stand the no plot and Dandy being a Lupin type then you will enjoy the colorful Space Dandy. I’ll be watching this show for the ride, just not something to not hop on the band wagon.dandy2

First Impression: 8/10

Saki: Zenkoku-Hen

saki1Saki:Zenkoku-Hen is the second part of Saki  side A and side B storylines. If you don’t know about Saki then in a nut shell is a anime about female Mahjong with superpowers. Closest thing to it would be Hikaru no Go.

I love Saki, really love it even the lesbian themes in the show. Its been three years since the end of side b Saki as we been waiting on the manga to create new source material.This season is all about Nationals, but I only think we’ll get up to the captain fights because the captain fights are about to end in the manga. So there’s no way 12 episodes could finish nationals without making up material. Even if they do make up material like they did at the end of Saki side a I’ll still be watching.

Nothing really happens in the first episode of Zenkoku, we get a intro to all the other teams in nationals which by the way the cast is huge this season. Saki and the team just kill time mostly till the start of the matches. Next episode will be the flashback of the team training they did for nationals.

First Impression: 7/10

Witch Craft Works

witch1Witch craft works came off as a little weak to me. The main duo in the show are backwords: the girl is the strong stupid one and the boy is the one needing to be saved. A strong female character isn’t a bad thing but it comes off as too forced in the anime. As for the plot, Takamiya Honoka is trying to be captured by the tower witches for some random reason. Kagari Ayaka the fire witch is the protect him like a princess and she’s his knight. That’s all I know from the first episode. The fighting scenes against the army of bunnies looked the best as the rest of the time the world is lacking in detail. Readers of the light novel say its good so I’ll stay around and watch this but its not going to break any records.

First Impression: 6/10

Master of Killing Time!

You are in the most boring class of the year, history so how are you going to get through the class period? Maybe sleep, zone out, draw on the notes your not taking. If your Saki-kun who is the Master of Killing Time, you be making a golf course, a pond out of bubbles, origami wars, or just maybe use all your erasers as dominoes! master1


Tonari no Seki-kun or “Master of Killing Time” is a short anime that we all will be talking about this year I know it. The plot… Killing time in history class the best way possible. Poor or should I say lucky Yokoi, the girl who sits next to Seki-kun, gets distracted by his games. She tries to stop him at first but reluctantly gets very interested in his games and distractions he creates.

Good Save!

Good Save!

Plot is perfect for a short, simple and to the point. Anyone can connect to one of the main characters, hell I remember making planes and stingers in sixth grade. This is a must watch if you like any anime, this be a great starter anime if you are trying to get a friend or girl/boy-friend into anime. Enjoy the prints from today’s episode!

Love the use of Desk space.

Love the use of Desk space.

First Impression: 10/10

Incoming Fireworks!

Incoming Fireworks!

Quick! Hide the goods!

Quick! Hide the goods!


Sunrise prints another Mecha and Recently, My Sister is Unusual

Buddy Complex


I’ve been setting on this episode for about two days before I even watched it. Mostly thinking who the hell comes up with Buddy Complex for a name of a Mecha. Guessing Sunrise is at their limits, come on you just finished Valvrave and you are STILL airing Gundam Build Fighters do you need another Mecha out now?! So Sunrise gave us one hell of a ride in Valvrave with the following crazy shit: School nation, Vampires, Memory Loss, Sexual scenes, Plot holes, one of the most hated female co-lead in Sunrise history. Then Sunrise starts Gundam Build Fighters which is so focused on boosting model sales that the show is somewhat good at the moment. Who doesn’t want to see all our favorite gundams from the past all in one show? I know I’m enjoying the ride. Does Sunrise have anything left in the tank to make Buddy Complex a good ride…. eh doesn’t seem so for the most part. buddy1

The main of Buddy Complex is very very normal and has a backbone which isn’t something I’d link up to Sunrise or Mecha as a genre. Think of Fafner, Linebarrels, Valvrave, and Evangelion none of them have normal mains by any means.  Aoba Watase is the poster board of normal. Oversleeps, plays basketball, and normal friends. Not a bad thing, he just doesn’t stick out nor do any of the other characters in the first episode.

Aoba gets attacked someone from the future who can’t shoot for shit. I had to laugh for minutes as you watch a soldier in a Mecha miss at point blank as he blames the auto lock then continues to miss with his spear at a boy on a bike. *Face Palm* Even better is the female main plot role that can’t catch a eraser but can shoot with 100% accuracy.

There where some very bad lines in the writing or maybe it was just me. Time-travel isn’t anything new for anime but it is generic though this is Sunrise’s third Mecha in last six months. The episode wasn’t bad but I’m not going to say it was good either, there’s some plot holes already by the end of the first episode like why he wakes up in a different Mecha than the one he entered in the “watchmakers”.

The art is okay, nothing stood out to me as a watched the show. Backgrounds where the same old sunrise style, the Mechas didn’t stand out any either so they match the main character. Hopefully the next few episodes give the show a plot goal and not just things happening around the main character without a goal/ compass to lead us. If not then by the 3rd/4th I’ll be dropping Buddy Complex.


First Impression: 6/10 Just Average

Recently, My Little Sister is Unusual

(Saikin, Imouto no Yousu ga Chotto Okashiinda ga


I watched this then thought “What did I just watch?”, its basically a ecchi show about a ghost taking over a girl so she can rape her and love her step-brother. The show isn’t funny and has lesbian themes all over it. There’s the chastity belt that only opens for three minutes per hour and the bad jokes. I felt bad for the girl the whole show and don’t think its going to get much better for her. Her mother remarries and the first day they move into her step-father’s house she gets taken over by a ghost that just wants to get her “nuts” off to her new step-brother. To make it worst both of the parents just up and leave for India. Even the staff working on this show are going crazy, just watch the ED.


Overall will I watch this? Nah not really, I’ll watch one more episode before I drop this. Not a fan of ecchi or hentai. If you like ecchi or lesbian themes in your anime you may like this.

First Impression: 2/10

Adventures with Pupipo!



Girl that can see ghosts and pushes everyone away- Check

Classmate that is into occult but doesn’t believe in ghosts- Check

A Pink Kirby, wait what?!

Yep this short as a pink Kirby like creature in it. This creature is Pupipo! and like a pokemon only says its name. I only saw Pipipo! for like 45 seconds in the short and that’s counting the ending theme. AIC plus+ didn’t waste any of his screen time(I’m thinking its a he) because I won’t be forgetting about Pipipo for a while. Just look at that face!


Wakaba Himeji character isn’t anything new I anime, a generic girl that sees ghosts and as such keeps her distance from others in her life. The four minute short starts with her looking a painting she thinks is weird. Painter says its a painting where you can put all the things you want to forget and hate into. Intro ends with her reaching at to the painting like she has something she wants to add to it.

Most of the rest of the short as Azuma Reiko in it, who is a classmate of main and wants to be friend the generic girl she is. Reiko is anything but normal though with her shark teeth and swirling glasses. She says she is a fan of occult but denies the thought of ghosts being the case of the generic’s problems.

Overall the short as a cute, charming way of showing its story. Even if the main is as generic as it comes for main I was this smiling by the end of the short. The ending theme is so peaceful its hard not to smile by the end. Let the Adventures with Pupipo begin!

First Impression:7/10