The Fall Catch-up!

Man it’s been a while since I’ve sat down and written here. I’ve keep up with everything over the past season and a half now. So I’ll highlight my top 10 with some stats from the past season then I’ll comment on this current season. Summer season was pretty weak in my own opinion compared to the spring and winter seasons this year. I ended up with two spring continues in my final top 10 list for summer. Had a hard time filling the bottom third of the list with shows that had “weight” to them. Even based on the Mal ratings the season was the weakest so far. Link for the data. (Fixed the data error on spring numbers, thx for pointing that out dear reader) Lets jump into the Top 10 🙂

#10 Yama no Susume 2

Yama no Susume 2nd Season
Yama no Susume is the longer short series that follows up on the first short. All about mountain climbing and friendship. It’s nice to watch the first one but it’s not really needed if you didn’t want too. Each 11 minute episode follows a group of girls as they climb different mountains and overcome different challenges. Heartwarming and family friendly.



#9 Ao Haru Ride

Ao Haru RideIs change okay? This is the main theme that comes to mind for me when I think of this romance. Ao Haru Ride as it’s moments as the main pair reconnect after not seeing each other seen three years ago when the romance started. Sadly I didn’t connect really to the other characters but that was me. Ending will want you to read the manga to finish the story. (Manga ends soon*)



#8 Zankyou no Terror

Zankyou no TerrorShow about terrorist and mind games.Great overall show that made me think of death note at times. Loved the soundtrack, it’s a must check out if anything. Series starts off to an awesome start but somewhere in the middle it loses its way before getting back on track. I’d say it’s because of a “side-character” that comes out of the woods. Good plot and soundtrack are the highlights.



#7 Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance

Seirei Tsukai no Blade DanceBlade Dance was surprisingly enjoyable for me and something I looked forward to every week. A Harem that doesn’t forget that it has a plot or story line to continue is very enjoyable. Blade Dance does have fan service and does get off track at times but for the  most part it remembers to continue down the road by the end of the episode. Fights are well done and are comparable to Fairy tale or one piece. I’d say come take a look into this mystery box.


#6 Baby Steps

Baby StepsBaby Steps is easily my favorite sports manga I’ve read and very different compared to most sports stories out there. Most start with the main characters already powered up in some way but don’t know it. Baby steps starts with a pure rookie in every way and if he a super power then it must be that he is a hard worker and that’s it. Since the show does start with a pure rookie, the show can feel a little slow at times since you have to take baby steps to become a pro. 🙂 You don’t see it much in the first season but there is a romance in the background of the show which is nice for a sports show/manga. (Second Season in Spring 15′)

#5 Space Dandy 2

Space☆Dandy 2nd SeasonDandy back for more deaths and boobies in his second season! More great stories and entertaining adventures from the trio. We even get the answers to why Dandy dies and comes back to life every episode by the end of the series. If you liked the first series or like space adventures then I’d check this out.



#4 Nobunaga Concerto 

Nobunaga ConcertoWe had a good number of Nobunaga shows this year overall and I’d say this is the number Nobunaga show period. It’s really good and the plot is so simple that it just works. Time-traveling kid gets sent back in time and takes Nobunaga Oda place, that’s the plot. This was the hidden gem of the season in my eyes. The show now has a live action drama as well and I’d say watch both if you have the time. I almost put this in my top 3 but only 10 episodes was the deal breaker with the current #3.


#3 Barakamon

BarakamonBarakamon is about a writer that goes to an island to get over his writers block and be able to create a great piece of work. Ends up meeting a lot of very different people and kids that help him along the way. Show was more funny than I thought it was going to be but it’s not a bad thing since I enjoyed the funny and serious moments of the series. Heartwarming and Family safe series.



#2 Aldnoah Zero

Aldnoah.ZeroSometimes you don’t need an awesome overpowered mech to be awesome. You just need to out smart your enemy with your mind and man does Aldnoah Zero showcase just that. One of the few shows that would play perfectly as a movie, just link up the episodes and enjoy the ride. Best soundtrack of the season, even beats Zankyou no Terror for me. Plot and some really twists and the end that I didn’t see coming and look forward to the second season that has been green-lighted.


#1 Haikyuu!!

Haikyuu!!My favorite of summer was the continuing of the spring’s Haikyuu. It’s the Kuroko no Basket of Volleyball. Super powered teammates and main duo that make you think they could do anything. Sadly I really enjoy watching larger than life characters kick some ass. Waiting for a second season badly.



This fall season really has to halves for me. One half I really like and that is about 15ish shows. The other 20-25 shows I really don’t care for but haven’t had the power in me to drop them yet even though we in the 7th week now. Overall about on par with this winter season in my eyes with good one-cour shows. Already thinking about what I’m going to put on my top 10 list for the year and it’s not going to be easy but looking forward to it. The hidden gem of this season to me is Shirobako. Anime show about the process of making anime, gives me the feel of bakuman.



Spring vs Winter Ratings

Winter Season Average % 7.14%
Winter Season Median % -4.96%
Spring Season Average 12.66%
Spring Season Median -5.33%

Before I start too much I’ll link my data for anyone who wants to check numbers and ect. At face value its easy to see the winter season didn’t have as many high(bad) end shows that drove the numbers up on the averages. So focusing on the median numbers more it would seem like the spring was a stronger season compared to the winter season. Lets look at the same data but taking out the outliers.

Spring Average w/o Outliers -10.41%
Spring Median w/o Outliers -10.99%
Winter Average w/o Outliers -11.50%
Winter Median w/o Outliers -6.05%

Averages’ only have a difference of about 1% so you could say the seasons’ had the same weight or strength. The spring did have an about 5% lead in the median. In both cases it shows that on average that we(viewers/raters) on MAL undervalue shows in the early weeks. Spring with a lower median would think it shows that we had a better shows than we thought in the beginning of the season. Could also be from having less shows in the pool because high amount of outliers in the spring season compared to the winter season. Thinking for this summer season I may compare season averages and medians based on the 3rd week vs the first week to see if that helps on outliers or keeping the season numbers closer to 0%. Cause you would hope that a show was just as good in the beginning as compared to the end. That a series didn’t magically get awesome in the 6th or 9th episode of the series. With that thought in mind some of the problems could be that I’m using the MAL weighted ratings.  Shows would be undervalued in general in the first week or two because a good number of viewers may not rate till the 3rd episode comes out. So empty numbers hurting the weighted rating on MAL till more of the empty numbers add a score. Not sure though, I’ll have to look into that at some point.

In the end I’d say that the winter season shows surprised us more than the spring shows did. Below is the list of the biggest movers(surprises) in the spring then winter season. Move based on % from first week aired and not MAL rating numbers or the weighted score number out of ten.

Ping Pong the Animation
No Game No Life
Sidonia no Kishi
Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou
Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii
Nagi no Asukara
Kill La Kill
Hoozuki no Reitetsu

I’ll be continuing to track the airing shows and will have more stats posts in the future. Looking forward to comparing the year as a whole down the line. I’ll look at just shorts and sequels at the end of the year, waiting for the observations to build up. 🙂




Top Spring 14′ Openings/Endings

Spring coming to a close soon and I’m ready for the new summer series. Before that I want to show off some of my favorite openings and endings of the spring season.

Spring Top Openings!

#5. Haikyuu my be my favorite sport anime for this spring. Wonderful fast paced sport that is animated very well.

#4. Bokura wa minna kawaisou opening shows off the series well. Love the watergun scene near the end of the opening, makes me smile every time.

#3. No Game No Life easily wins best series for spring and of course its opening would be in my favorites. 🙂

#2. Selector Infected will surprise you during its course. The opening shows more of the positive side of the show compared to the ending. I’ve listened to this song a lot since I’ve bought myself a copy of it.

#1. Fairy Tail has my favorite opening this season even if I’m not really happy with the art style they switched too. Opening may be the best one fairy tail has ever had and lines up perfectly with the feel I got when I was reading the manga.

Spring Top Endings!

#5. Captain Earth holds 5th mostly because I couldn’t find a video of the love live 2 ending. The Captain Earth ending is very pretty though.

#4. Good ending with lots of energy, flows nicely with the show. 🙂

#3. Baby Steps is my favorite sport manga that I’ve ever read so I’ve been loving the show so far.  Even the ending song is called Baby Steps hehe.

#2. Bokura wa minna kawaisou ending is better than the opening in my eyes. Maybe since its more focused on leaving you with a happy image.

#1. Even though I really disliked the show overall for some reason, Ping Pong had the best ending of the season.

Some underrated series from this season you shouldn’t miss!

Well the Nisekoi recap never happened since I mostly forgot about it around my school exams and travels afterwards. Now Nisekoi is over and I’m six episodes behide. Hopefully I can finish it up before the summer season starts in two weeks but more likely not. I may have gotten behide on that show but as impossible as it may sound, I’m caught up on all the 40ish other shows of the spring season. If you been following this spring then you should know all about the top 5 favorites for most people.

I’m going to quickly cover some of the over looked series of the season in my eyes. Most of the series I’m going to cover would fall into the 10-15 range if you were listing this spring season in my opinion.


I’ll start with the two series that have been green-lighted for a second season in the fall. Selector Infected WIXOSS is a series about a card game which doesn’t do anything with the cards at all. Its focus is on the card players called Selectors and the effect the game has on them and the people around them. Quick plot of the show is that girls play this card game to make their wishes come true but if they lose three times then they lose something in equal value to the wish that would make the wish impossible.


I want to call the show a slice of horror but that wouldn’t be 100% accurate. First half of Selector is more slice of life with bits of dark themes. Show really starts to shine till episode 8 which opened the doors to the darkness of the show and made it much more interesting.  If you passed over the show in the beginning of the season thinking it was going to be a card game focus anime then I’d say take another look as the details of the game stay in the shadows as the characters stay in the light. (Plus it’s getting a second season so better watching now than last-minute before the fall season)


Hitsugi no Chaika is the second show that I know is getting another season in the fall. The quick plot to Chaika is that the Princess Chaika running around the countryside with two ex-soldiers looking for her fathers magic body parts so she can bury him in one piece. The show doesn’t do anything new but its a solid action/adventure series. The best thing the show has for it is the how well the lead trio get along and deal with the all the shit that happens in the show. Good series if you’re looking for a slice of action with an interesting plot.

Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou is a slice of life that I didn’t think I was going to like as much as I am. It’s as pure slice of life as you can think of. Plot is purely Usa(the boy) moves into a boarding house for high school and this is his life since then. Hmm how to put why I like this series so much. Mostly it seems to just come off so natural that its enjoyable. The humor is light and simple that as made me laugh without me even knowing sometimes.


It does have a love story as one of the main focuses but it’s very pure and simple. For once its only one guy and one girl without other characters butting in or any love triangles which is nice to see. I do agree that the art looks a lot like 5cm per second if you have ever seen it. Overall this isn’t a slide of life to overlook.

Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii is a shojo beat adaptation that isn’t for everyone honestly. One its shojo beat and it seems most people don’t like pure romance vs pure action. Second is that the plot is about a teenage girl marrying a young boy which is more accepted as okay vs the opposite.


Anyways what won me over on the series is that both of the main characters act older than the script age. The sun king that is like 11-13ish  acts more like someone in late teens or early twenties and the Rain princess acts more in the mid twenties than an eighteen year old. As such the way they solve encounters make them feel more natural and in a real relationship compared to something fake or cheap.  If you’re looking for a romance that wastes no time and has deep messages throughout the show then check out Soredemo Sekai.

Sidonia no Kishi is a show that I almost dropped in week 2. Mostly because I wasn’t feeling the CGI and the main character yet. I’m glad I stayed around though, the CGI does look very good in a good number of places in the show. Naming the mechas, environment, and lighting. Still have some problems with the characters but its more of a setting and plot issue over the CGI. Plot to Sidonia is simple, last of the human race running from aliens and main character is here to save the day. The story does a good job of seeming very realistic and not very gundam. People die in war and it isn’t pretty, no one is perfect and unkillable.


The best and worst of Sidonia is the characters. There are many cliche or just plot movers in the show. But at the same time some of those same characters are being out emotions that a good number of series never do. Like there is one character that has made me so angry and mad I really did wish death onto the character. Which I think the last time I felt that was watching linebarrels of iron about a year ago. So I recommend you check out Sidonia no Kishi.

That’s all from me for now. Look forward to more posts in the near future.

Darbee Update

Hello good readers and strangers passing by! I’m still around and watching way too much anime for my own good. Haven’t been able to post much lately as the month of April is a very busy time for students like me. For some reason teachers don’t assign work the first two and half months of a year and just push it all back till April. So my free time I’ve been using to post was filled with projects and such. No worries though, only two more weeks till the end and I’ll be back to a normal posting habits. I should have a large recap post on Nisekoi this weekend for like the last four episodes. In other news I’m getting my ass kicked in FAL atm, really hoping my score based team can make up big points later in the season compared to the hype based teams. *crosses fingers*

tl:dr Been busy with school, should end in two weeks then posts like crazy.

Hamatora Episode 12- The Final Word

I don’t even who what to think about the ending of Hamatora. It’s so out there and I really didn’t understand it. Well here’s the overview if you want the quick rundown. Nice and Moral fight a silly fight, nice wins then Art shows up out of nowhere to kill them both. The end.

Series Rating based on Blog: 6.125

Series Rating based on Overall thoughts: 5/10


So episode starts with Hajime going all she-hulk on us because she hasn’t eaten? Don’t eat and you get a super Hajime, at least I understand why she was eating the whole series now.  Moral’s assistant was best this episode using the robots she made to hurt people in the city so they will feel weak. All part of Moral’s plan to make everyone equal and to do that he needs them to want power for themselves. Nice and Murasaki go to stop Moral before it gets any worst. Moral has gotten the type 0 minimum from the cops and now has two minimums. Nice and Moral start their fight but they stop randomly to point out how sick Moral is and how big his plan is. Felt it a waste of time in the episode since we know Moral was sick in the head. The type 0 minimum is the 10 meter minimum aka he can teleport anywhere within 10 meters of himself.  So it’s a fight of types of speed, Nightcrawler vs Flash. I get that the writer(s) wanted to add some drama in the fight which is okay but I really hated they tried to add humor in the middle of the fight. All the cell phone text messages and nice throwing it into the ocean was just stupid in my eyes. Yes it points out the Nice isn’t a “nice” guy overall that he does whatever he feels like and doesn’t care what really happens in the world around him.


Nice is able to speed up to be able to go faster than teleporting somehow. Moral ends up weakened because having two minimums is a no-no. Art then shows up out of nowhere and shoots Moral within 10 seconds of scene time and then shoots and kills Art from the sounds of the last few seconds. Art must have a minimum that keeps he from dying that or it wasn’t really Art in the last scene. We know Moral had the minimum to change looks, so someone could have it too? Either way the series ends on a confusing note and doesn’t help my outlook on it.


Show started out good in the first few episodes and was doing good to keep me entertained. The middle episodes like 4-9 was the biggest weakest to Hamatora as it dragged out plot elements and the lack of character backgrounds made it really hard to care for the team. This got better later in the series I feel but it was almost too late by then as my mind had been made up. Nice was to be this super guy at the top of his rank and has the greatest minimum but he never came off that way to me. Best character for me was Beast and Three. On the Hamatora twitter they said they working on a second season but I’d say that’s hopeful. I’d be okay with an OVA to clear up some plot points but not really a second season. There’s better anime that should be their seasons over this I say.

Overall Hamatora tried to put mystery and superpowers together but couldn’t get all the pieces to work together.  So in the end it’s just average to me, I had more fun watching Wizard Barristers which had a lot of the same elements in that show this winter.

Weekly Ratings (Week 12)

Exciting times! A busy next two weeks for bloggers and for anime in general. Winter season shows are about 60% completed with the last 40% finishing up this coming week. Have spring shows starting on Sunday so you can look forward to them and my last-minute previews of them. I’ll be doing group first impressions like a did for the winter, even have my top lists for the ending winter season up in the next week or two. I’ll add a new page so you all can easily find them down the road. 🙂

For next season I’m changing how I’ll be doing the weekly ratings, I’ll use a moving list to rate the episodes each week. If you have ever read Angryjellyfish’s blog he uses something like this which I enjoy a lot as a reader. I’ll still have the ratings like I did this season but I’ll just add a Hyperlink at the bottom of the post(s) that will link you to the excel file if you want to see MAL ratings week to week. On the topic of episodics I’ll add one at the start of the season so we don’t just have Nisekoi for a while. Not 100% sure yet but I’m thinking Black_Bullet or Captain Earth then I’ll pick up M3 when it starts 4/21.

Well been an okay season overall I think, not the best winter season but better than most of the winter seasons. Seems that winter anime seasons are the weakest out of all the seasons. Not really surprised that Chuunibyou demo dropped 450ish places in the ratings from what I heard in the blogging world and from people watching the show. The 200 rise in the ratings of D-Frag was a nice surprise. Really didn’t think the last episode was that good but the show had a good presence all season.  Hamatora which I haven’t posted about yet but didn’t do good at all for its last episode. Almost as bad as the Mahou Sensou ending, the show dropped a crazy 1300 places in the ratings. Biggest drop or rise of the season in one week.

Did have a good number of nice solid endings though, Pupipo which was haven’t problems in the middle of the season ended as best it could. Underrated Wake up girls ended strong I feel and I’d be okay with seeing more of that show. Space dandy ended just as random as it started but I’m looking forward to the second season that is coming. Kill la kill was the big mover for the fall continues which makes sense base on the crazy number of people watching it.

This week should be an easy week since most shows not airing as we wait for everything to end.

Name Genre Week 12 Rating Week 12 Popularity Week 11 Rating Week 11 Popularity Rating Changed
Gin no Saji 2 Comedy/Slice of Life 132 1090 184 1127 -52
Noragami Adventure/Shounen 214 242 198 277 16
Nisekoi Comedy/Romance 378 363 399 385 -21
D-Frag! Comedy/School 636 692 848 753 -212
Mikakunin de Shinkoukei Romance/Comedy 721 785 832 869 -111
Space Dandy Comedy/Space 861 712 1124 731 -263
Chuunibyou demo Comedy/Drama/Romance 1019 412 491 441 528
Tonari no Seki-kun Comedy/School 1064 996 1081 1028 -17
Saki: Zenkoku-Hen Game 1249 1959 1282 1976 -33
Sakura Trick Romance/Yuri 1367 763 1644 789 -277
Witch Craft Works Fantasy/Supernatural/Action 1644 666 1279 720 365
Hamatora the Animation Superpower/Mystery 1674 641 1396 687 278
Sekai Seifuku: Bouryaku Fantasy/Action 1702 967 2011 997 -309
Hoozuki no Reitetsu Comedy/Slice of Life 1834 1333 2012 1364 -178
Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta Adventure/Romance 1939 1029 1860 1049 79
Buddy Complex Mecha/Sci-fi 2592 1309 2628 1329 -36
Wake Up, Girls Music/Slice of Life 2801 1487 3331 1515 -530
Nobunagun Shounen/Action/Supernatural 3037 1123 3295 1136 -258
Nobunaga the Fool Mecha/Sci-fi 3435 946 3358 961 77
Pupipo! Slice of Life/Supernatural 3714 2246 3865 2259 -151
Z/X Ignition Game/Adventure 4223 1666 4163 1697 60
Onee-chan ga Kita Sienen/Comedy 4296 1317 4200 1371 96
Wizard Barristers Magic/Sci-fi 4365 1161 4032 1178 333
Saikin, Imouto no Yousu Comedy/ Romance 4564 927 3898 983 666
Mahou Sensou Action/Fantasy 4923 639 3589 674 1334
SoniAni Music 5243 1253 5855 1281 -612
Go Go 575 Music 6029 2672 5985 2683 44
Strange+ Comedy/Slice of Life 6097 1836 6262 1868 -165
Pupa Horror/Psychological 6865 695 6839 709 26
Fall Continues 0
Kuroko no Basket 2 Sports 14 421 18 430 -4
Hajime no Ippo:Rising Sports/Shounen 28 1372 35 1386 -7
Magi: The Kingdom of Magic Fantasy/Adventure 48 479 62 491 -14
Kill La Kill Action 87 109 288 119 -201
Log Horizon Fantasy/Adventure/Romance 164 201 172 211 -8
Nagi no Asukara Drama/Fantasy 300 394 318 410 -18
Diamond no Ace Sports 446 1213 449 1220 -3
Yowamushi Pedal Sports 463 1157 463 1167 0
Golden Time Romance/Comedy 535 291 588 299 -53
Tokyo Ravens Supernatural/Shounen 579 510 850 544 -271
Gundam Build Fighters Mecha 917 1958 957 1973 -40
Strike the Blood Fantasy/Shounen/Action 999 321 1064 332 -65
Phi Brain 3 Game/Action 1734 1987 1672 2003 62
Samurai Flamenco Action 3061 787 3330 813 -269
Ratings Taken Every Saturday Night Bold=Sequel, Italic= Shorts



Noragami Episode 12- May your wish be heard!

It’s all over! Good ending and sad to see it end. Episode was 90% a fight so I’ll tell the story through the screenshots, lots of good ones this week. 🙂 One of the few season worth watching from the 2014 Winter Season. Look forward to the second OVA which will be out in the coming month once the Spring season starts.

Series Rating based on Average from blog: 8.75/10

Series Rating based on Overall thoughts: 9/10


God of War shrine not the best looking one. Rabo ready for the fight.


Hiyori comes along for the fun even if she doesn’t have her memories. Hope she useful.


Not 15 seconds into the fight and Hiyori saving Yato. ugh why is Yato so useless most of the time. Hiyori ftw


Boomerang throw to save Hiyori from Rabo! Time to get Hiyori out of here.


Rabo destroys the ball holding Hiyori’s memories to try to get the old Yato to come out.


Yato gain a coldness to them but not like they were in the past. See below image.


Eyes of Yato the god of war from the past.


Great fight animations imo.


Mid fight Rabo merging with phantoms to get power to kill Yato. Yato can’t believe him would go so low.


Hiyori’s body gets caught in the cross fire between Rabo and Yato. Yato leaps to save her before the boulders fall on her!


Hiyori is able to get her memories back on her own by following Yato’s smell back to the near shore. Yato is overjoyed to see Hiyori back to normal.


Yukine is able to purge the phantoms that merged with Rabo without hurting the nearby Hiyori. Now Yato just needs to finish it in style.


Classic animation for finishing a boss. Yato “kills” Rabo who had used a curse to keep his body from decaying. He hunted Yato so he could die at his hands, someone who knew him from the dark past he lived in.


Yato tries to say that cutting ties with Hiyori would make her happier than being with him. Of course she doesn’t take a word of it.


If you didn’t believe her the first time, now she’s in it for the long road. Just say you like him next time Hiyori 🙂


Yato trying to be cool but the scene is too cute to be cool. Now to start wishing for a second season!


Everyone throw in 5 yen and we’ll hopefully see a second season in the fall. Been a great ride. Episode rating: 10/10

Weeking Ratings- Week 11

Only two more weeks left! Everything should move more than it has in the last three weeks. Even this week had some big movers randomly like Witch Craft Works and Saikin, Imouto. Imouto’s last episode was uploaded a little early so people put in their final score votes into the mix which pushed the shows rating down 700 places.

Noragami only has one episode left and it made into the top 200! Glad it made it, it’s a great show. Sadly no word on a season two yet, but Log Horizon and Space Dandy got the green light for second seasons. Other shows that did well in the rankings this week were Buddy Complex and Hoozuki. Buddy complex just a solid mecha that isn’t doing anything special but its enjoyable.

Surprisingly Chuunibyuo demo and Toaru Hikuushi moving up the in the ranking and not down after a pretty good week. :/ Of course Pupa and Mahou sensou still doing bad.

Episode of the week: Buddy Complex 

Name Genre Week 11 Rating Week 11 Popularity Week 10 Rating Week 10 Popularity Rating Changed
Gin no Saji 2 Comedy/Slice of Life 184 1127 196 1138 -12
Noragami Adventure/Shounen 198 277 264 293 -66
Nisekoi Comedy/Romance 399 385 410 404 -11
Chuunibyou demo Comedy/Drama/Romance 491 441 457 453 34
Mikakunin de Shinkoukei Romance/Comedy 832 869 830 899 2
D-Frag! Comedy/School 848 753 863 776 -15
Tonari no Seki-kun Comedy/School 1081 1028 1122 1053 -41
Space Dandy Comedy/Space 1124 731 1120 747 4
Witch Craft Works Fantasy/Supernatural/Action 1279 720 1614 741 -335
Saki: Zenkoku-Hen Game 1282 1976 1224 1983 58
Hamatora the Animation Superpower/Mystery 1396 687 1395 704 1
Sakura Trick Romance/Yuri 1644 789 1586 808 58
Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta Adventure/Romance 1860 1049 1797 1058 63
Sekai Seifuku: Bouryaku Fantasy/Action 2011 997 2012 1015 -1
Hoozuki no Reitetsu Comedy/Slice of Life 2012 1364 2066 1385 -54
Buddy Complex Mecha/Sci-fi 2628 1329 2710 1343 -82
Nobunagun Shounen/Action/Supernatural 3295 1136 3225 1142 70
Wake Up, Girls Music/Slice of Life 3331 1515 3293 1533 38
Nobunaga the Fool Mecha/Sci-fi 3358 961 3330 971 28
Mahou Sensou Action/Fantasy 3589 674 3434 688 155
Pupipo! Slice of Life/Supernatural 3865 2259 3890 2269 -25
Saikin, Imouto no Yousu Comedy/ Romance 3898 983 4628 1000 -730
Wizard Barristers Magic/Sci-fi 4032 1178 3956 1196 76
Z/X Ignition Game/Adventure 4163 1697 4161 1717 2
Onee-chan ga Kita Sienen/Comedy 4200 1371 4160 1387 40
SoniAni Music 5855 1281 5846 1297 9
Go Go 575 Music 5985 2683 5999 2696 -14
Strange+ Comedy/Slice of Life 6262 1868 6248 1873 14
Pupa Horror/Psychological 6839 709 6827 715 12
Fall Continues 0
Kuroko no Basket 2 Sports 18 430 18 439 0
Hajime no Ippo:Rising Sports/Shounen 35 1386 32 1397 3
Magi: The Kingdom of Magic Fantasy/Adventure 62 491 61 498 1
Log Horizon Fantasy/Adventure/Romance 172 211 287 220 -115
Kill La Kill Action 288 119 307 125 -19
Nagi no Asukara Drama/Fantasy 318 410 338 422 -20
Diamond no Ace Sports 449 1220 449 1234 0
Yowamushi Pedal Sports 463 1167 476 1177 -13
Golden Time Romance/Comedy 588 299 588 307 0
Tokyo Ravens Supernatural/Shounen 850 544 848 550 2
Gundam Build Fighters Mecha 957 1973 978 1984 -21
Strike the Blood Fantasy/Shounen/Action 1064 332 1043 341 21
Phi Brain 3 Game/Action 1672 2003 1673 2009 -1
Samurai Flamenco Action 3330 813 3366 818 -36
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Noragami Episode 11 The Tale of Hiyori and the Yato God


Last me saw of Hiyori she had just lost her memory because of Nora by what we were thinking. Looks like only Yato was forgotten and not yukine! Episode starts with Yato in a panic since he was forgotten but not Yukine! He really comes off as desperate to get her memories back. Yato tries to get Hiyori to remember him by visiting places they went and met at. Even goes and spends all his 5 yen coins that he had saved up for art supplies so he can make a picture book about them. Yato seems almost love-sick to me in the way he is acting during the episode. Its cute and a little funny.


Why did Hiyori lose her memories? Nora took them from Hiyori because she had changed Yato from the god of calamity he was. Rabo wants a fight with Yato and Nora is helping him as his regalia. Learn that Rabo is also a god of calamity which are gods that answer wicked wishes. Rabo was once human in his past life and carried out the duties of a herald. Heralds are people who sneak into enemy territory to conduct “murder” and other dirty work. Once the herald completed his/her mission they were killed by their master so no information was leaked. After Rabo became a god he would sometimes work with Yato on bigger wicked wishes.


Yukine spends most of the episode with Hiyori trying to get her memory back. Even shows her the picture book that Yato made for her. Sadly she ends up forgetting Yukine to in the end. Yukine asks Yato if they going to do anything about Nora and Hiyori’s memories, at first Yato tells Yukine to forget about Hiyori that it’s for the better. Mostly because of the talk Yato had with Tenjin and he saying that it be better for Hiyori if she forgot Yato. That she would be happier in the end. But once Hiyori forgets Yukine and Nora saying that they could win back her memories by fighting Rabo, Yato decides to fight for her memories. Even if its going to be dangerous for Yukine as he could die fighting Rabo they want to fight for Hiyori together.


Next episode will finish the series and the anime only arc of Rabo. Second season would be nice in the fall for the Bishamon arc and the next that just started in the manga.

Episode Rating:8/10