Winter 2014’s Top 10

Man I’ve been busy trying to keep up with all the shows that have started this spring. Think I’m all caught up now right before the next week starts all over again. Now for my top 10 of the winter season! If you don’t see a big hitter here I may have not watched it or it just didn’t make my cut for me personally. *Count series by the season they end unless they are an ongoing series like One Piece.*
10. Wake Up, Girls!

I can’t say I’ve watched many Idol series before Wake Up, Girls so I wasn’t sure what to expect. The prequel movie is pretty much a must to watch to get the introductions of the girls and the main reasons behide way they join the group. The show doesn’t seem to have any pacing issues and I enjoyed watching the girls grow up a little throughout the show. Problems the group runs into are very real, almost to the point that I think the writer is making run of the industry.  Good drama and character development make Wake Up Girls a good ride.


9. D-Frag!

D-Frag! is easily the best comedy of the winter. Can’t say there’s is really a plot to D-Frag! as most slide of life comedies don’t have one. Have to say I thought of Pokemon in a lot of the episodes with each of the girls having a “type” as their weapon in combat. D-Frag! is best watched little at a time to really let everything soak in. Recommend you check out D-Frag! if you into a comedy with some very over the top girls that make delinquents look weak. 



8. Golden Time

Golden Time a romance that has many real issues in it under all the drama of the show. The writer of Toradora! really sends you on a roller coaster ride in Golden Time. There are some pacing problems in the middle of the show but nothing super bad. If you liked Toradora or are a fan of romance series then I say you should watch golden time and get your own opinion of the show. 🙂



7. Space Dandy

Space Dandy is a great random adventure every episode. Dandy is a space hunter searching for aliens of value so he can go to Boobies! With QT and Meow at his side you know you going to have fun no matter what happens. Hell you could watch Space Dandy backwards after the first episode and be 100% okay since there isn’t an overarching story. Almost free like doing that now I’m thinking about it. You will have fun watching this so go now!


*You should be watching it and not reading*

6. Log Horizon

Log Horizon will be compared to SAO no matter what I say. So here is the best way to sum it up: SAO is action based and Log Horizon is mind based. You watch everything unfold in SAO but Log Horizon makes you think about the world they are in and what they will do next. LH is dialogue-heavy compared to SAO but so wonderful. Most of the fights are won based on the tactics used and we don’t really see fighting up close but more through an general’s eyes.  If Log Horizon has any problems is that the show has too many characters with too few episodes to build them all up. With a second season coming, should see that problem go way.

5. Gundam Build Fighters

Gundam Build Fighters is 100% a kids show made to make money off of. The plot is simple: kid makes toy gundams and fights in a big tournament to win. At the end of the day you don’t need a big fancy story if the fights are enjoyable in gundam. Great to see a lot of the older models of gundams in the show, really takes you back. Fun show with good animation.




4. Buddy Complex

Starts off a little rough on the pacing but quickly fixed. Sunrise brings us a mecha that doesn’t throw any punches but steady wins you over.  Good writing and character development with a level-headed main character really won me over. Even sets up for future romance ties for the second season, which more mechas should have I feel. Buddy Complex won’t bore you with details or the same fight animations each battle but slowly draw you in till you hooked.



3. Kuroko no Basket 2

One of the best sports anime period in my eyes. Easily say I like Kuroko over Slam Dunk. If you never watched Kuroko before it’s about a high school basketball team trying to be the best in Japan. Sport plots all about the same for the most part. One of the things I really like about Kuroko is it never wasted time, it almost moves to quickly from game to game. Everyone should watch at least one sport anime and this is the best year for them it seems.



2. Noragami

Noragami has the best pacing in a show that I’ve watched in a while. You would think that a show just about a god and his problems after running into a girl would be all over the place but it isn’t. Great action-shounen anime that looks awesome and sounds wonderful to the ears. 

Noragami has the whole package for a masterpiece in only 12 episodes. When you have time, check it out.



1. Nagi no Asukara

Nagi no Asukara is a drama that will keep you on your toes and surprise you. Nagi gets #1 in my books for its wonderful character development in the cast. They really grow up over the course of the series and you will have your favorite fanships. If you can connect to the characters then you will like Nagi no Asukara as it is a character-driven drama, all the problems are because of the actions of the characters and not the world they live in.

Helps that the show is eye candy too, there are lots of scenes that could be wallpapers. 🙂




Weekly Ratings – Week 13 Final

Winter 2014 is over and now we can hopefully look forward to warm weather! Sadly where I live it’s still in the 40s and but not for much longer! I’m ready for green grass and flowers over the snow and ice. Remember next week I’ll have a new format for the ratings, old format will still be around but won’t be talking about the MAL taste of anime much.

Only shows not done yet are two cour or Saki because it got pushed back by the Japan elections. Everything else is done and seems to stabilize a bit in the rankings. Did have four big jumps in the rankings though. Hoozuki, Buddy Complex, and Pupipo! all jumped at least 500 placements. Z/X Ignition also jumped a good amount but the show is more in the middle of the rankings on MAL so it’s a little easier to move about. On the Fall two cours we have Nagi no Asukara making the top 100 list with Kill la Kill. Even Gundam Build Fighters jumping into the top 500 list.

Even have some extra graphs for us to look at for the final. Both graphs show the same type of data, it’s the growth of a series over the course of the 13 week season. Positive number would mean that the series got “worst” in the eyes of MAL raters compared to the first week of the season.  This is only one of many ways you can analysis the data. I also took the season’s average and median % change.  Average was 7.14% for the season and -4.96% on the Median. Median would show that more shows had a “better” rating by week 13 of the season. Average is positive because I kept outliers in my data which are pulling the data positive or worst in the case of the anime show.

Do know that normally the winter season is known to be the weakest of the year for anime series but since this is my first time doing this I have nothing to compare too. I want to say that having a negative median is a good sign for the season and anime in general. Shows that series more than not are better than we first thought aka First Impressions. Hopefully after some seasons I’ll have more results to compare to each other and learn a little more about the general anime watchers.

*Edit* Okay the outliers thing was bugging me so I went back in the data and found the outliers for the season to take them out. Outliers for us would be series that did way better or worst than we(MAL raters) thought. Low outliers are: Nagi no Asukara, Kill la Kill, and Hoozuki no Reitetsu. High outliers are: Hamatora the Animation, Wizard Barristers, Sakura Trick, Chuunibyou demo, and Mahou Sensou. You could in a way say that the high outliers were over valued shows and the low outliers were undervalued. After outliers are out the average is -11.50% and the median of -6.05%.  Values much closer together so I’m happy. Maybe next season we’ll have even a lower % but not going to be easy with 4 shows in the top 100 and it’s not even a week into the season yet. Please remember that the analysis still has errors in it. Some would be that I don’t have the data for the first cour of the fall continues and I didn’t have every single show that aired this winter in my data list. If I did have that data we could see different numbers but I’m hoping that with taking out the outliers should have helped for a lot of the errors. You can see the data Here.

Episode of the Week: Saki: Zenkoku-Hen.


Name Genre Week 13 Rating Week 13 Popularity Week 12 Rating Week 12 Popularity Rating Changed
Gin no Saji 2 Comedy/Slice of Life 116 1056 132 1090 -16
Noragami Adventure/Shounen 229 221 214 242 15
Nisekoi Comedy/Romance 375 345 378 363 -3
D-Frag! Comedy/School 642 652 636 692 6
Mikakunin de Shinkoukei Romance/Comedy 758 739 721 785 37
Hoozuki no Reitetsu Comedy/Slice of Life 837 1304 1834 1333 -997
Space Dandy Comedy/Space 866 683 861 712 5
Saki: Zenkoku-Hen Game 1092 1949 1249 1959 -157
Tonari no Seki-kun Comedy/School 1132 949 1064 996 68
Chuunibyou demo Comedy/Drama/Romance 1209 392 1019 412 190
Sakura Trick Romance/Yuri 1633 728 1367 763 266
Witch Craft Works Fantasy/Supernatural/Action 1709 633 1644 666 65
Hamatora the Animation Superpower/Mystery 1798 617 1674 641 124
Buddy Complex Mecha/Sci-fi 1893 1246 2592 1309 -699
Sekai Seifuku: Bouryaku Fantasy/Action 1894 909 1702 967 192
Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta Adventure/Romance 2068 973 1939 1029 129
Wake Up, Girls Music/Slice of Life 2786 1462 2801 1487 -15
Nobunagun Shounen/Action/Supernatural 2885 1091 3037 1123 -152
Pupipo! Slice of Life/Supernatural 3221 2201 3714 2246 -493
Nobunaga the Fool Mecha/Sci-fi 3489 933 3435 946 54
Z/X Ignition Game/Adventure 3812 1618 4223 1666 -411
Onee-chan ga Kita Sienen/Comedy 4317 1274 4296 1317 21
Saikin, Imouto no Yousu Comedy/ Romance 4659 906 4564 927 95
Wizard Barristers Magic/Sci-fi 4803 1134 4365 1161 438
Mahou Sensou Action/Fantasy 5298 615 4923 639 375
SoniAni Music 5316 1227 5243 1253 73
Go Go 575 Music 6074 2669 6029 2672 45
Strange+ Comedy/Slice of Life 6141 1805 6097 1836 44
Pupa Horror/Psychological 6898 681 6865 695 33
Fall Continues 0
Kuroko no Basket 2 Sports 19 399 14 421 5
Hajime no Ippo:Rising Sports/Shounen 29 1330 28 1372 1
Magi: The Kingdom of Magic Fantasy/Adventure 52 448 48 479 4
Kill La Kill Action 87 102 87 109 0
Nagi no Asukara Drama/Fantasy 98 364 300 394 -202
Log Horizon Fantasy/Adventure/Romance 169 193 164 201 5
Gundam Build Fighters Mecha 418 1905 917 1958 -499
Diamond no Ace Sports 441 1203 446 1213 -5
Yowamushi Pedal Sports 470 1142 463 1157 7
Golden Time Romance/Comedy 561 273 535 291 26
Tokyo Ravens Supernatural/Shounen 583 492 579 510 4
Strike the Blood Fantasy/Shounen/Action 1068 303 999 321 69
Phi Brain 3 Game/Action 1840 1983 1734 1987 106
Samurai Flamenco Action 3052 772 3061 787 -9
Ratings Taken Every Saturday Night Bold=Sequel, Italic= Shorts


Weeking Ratings- Week 11

Only two more weeks left! Everything should move more than it has in the last three weeks. Even this week had some big movers randomly like Witch Craft Works and Saikin, Imouto. Imouto’s last episode was uploaded a little early so people put in their final score votes into the mix which pushed the shows rating down 700 places.

Noragami only has one episode left and it made into the top 200! Glad it made it, it’s a great show. Sadly no word on a season two yet, but Log Horizon and Space Dandy got the green light for second seasons. Other shows that did well in the rankings this week were Buddy Complex and Hoozuki. Buddy complex just a solid mecha that isn’t doing anything special but its enjoyable.

Surprisingly Chuunibyuo demo and Toaru Hikuushi moving up the in the ranking and not down after a pretty good week. :/ Of course Pupa and Mahou sensou still doing bad.

Episode of the week: Buddy Complex 

Name Genre Week 11 Rating Week 11 Popularity Week 10 Rating Week 10 Popularity Rating Changed
Gin no Saji 2 Comedy/Slice of Life 184 1127 196 1138 -12
Noragami Adventure/Shounen 198 277 264 293 -66
Nisekoi Comedy/Romance 399 385 410 404 -11
Chuunibyou demo Comedy/Drama/Romance 491 441 457 453 34
Mikakunin de Shinkoukei Romance/Comedy 832 869 830 899 2
D-Frag! Comedy/School 848 753 863 776 -15
Tonari no Seki-kun Comedy/School 1081 1028 1122 1053 -41
Space Dandy Comedy/Space 1124 731 1120 747 4
Witch Craft Works Fantasy/Supernatural/Action 1279 720 1614 741 -335
Saki: Zenkoku-Hen Game 1282 1976 1224 1983 58
Hamatora the Animation Superpower/Mystery 1396 687 1395 704 1
Sakura Trick Romance/Yuri 1644 789 1586 808 58
Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta Adventure/Romance 1860 1049 1797 1058 63
Sekai Seifuku: Bouryaku Fantasy/Action 2011 997 2012 1015 -1
Hoozuki no Reitetsu Comedy/Slice of Life 2012 1364 2066 1385 -54
Buddy Complex Mecha/Sci-fi 2628 1329 2710 1343 -82
Nobunagun Shounen/Action/Supernatural 3295 1136 3225 1142 70
Wake Up, Girls Music/Slice of Life 3331 1515 3293 1533 38
Nobunaga the Fool Mecha/Sci-fi 3358 961 3330 971 28
Mahou Sensou Action/Fantasy 3589 674 3434 688 155
Pupipo! Slice of Life/Supernatural 3865 2259 3890 2269 -25
Saikin, Imouto no Yousu Comedy/ Romance 3898 983 4628 1000 -730
Wizard Barristers Magic/Sci-fi 4032 1178 3956 1196 76
Z/X Ignition Game/Adventure 4163 1697 4161 1717 2
Onee-chan ga Kita Sienen/Comedy 4200 1371 4160 1387 40
SoniAni Music 5855 1281 5846 1297 9
Go Go 575 Music 5985 2683 5999 2696 -14
Strange+ Comedy/Slice of Life 6262 1868 6248 1873 14
Pupa Horror/Psychological 6839 709 6827 715 12
Fall Continues 0
Kuroko no Basket 2 Sports 18 430 18 439 0
Hajime no Ippo:Rising Sports/Shounen 35 1386 32 1397 3
Magi: The Kingdom of Magic Fantasy/Adventure 62 491 61 498 1
Log Horizon Fantasy/Adventure/Romance 172 211 287 220 -115
Kill La Kill Action 288 119 307 125 -19
Nagi no Asukara Drama/Fantasy 318 410 338 422 -20
Diamond no Ace Sports 449 1220 449 1234 0
Yowamushi Pedal Sports 463 1167 476 1177 -13
Golden Time Romance/Comedy 588 299 588 307 0
Tokyo Ravens Supernatural/Shounen 850 544 848 550 2
Gundam Build Fighters Mecha 957 1973 978 1984 -21
Strike the Blood Fantasy/Shounen/Action 1064 332 1043 341 21
Phi Brain 3 Game/Action 1672 2003 1673 2009 -1
Samurai Flamenco Action 3330 813 3366 818 -36
Ratings Taken Every Saturday Night Bold=Sequel, Italic= Shorts


Sunrise prints another Mecha and Recently, My Sister is Unusual

Buddy Complex


I’ve been setting on this episode for about two days before I even watched it. Mostly thinking who the hell comes up with Buddy Complex for a name of a Mecha. Guessing Sunrise is at their limits, come on you just finished Valvrave and you are STILL airing Gundam Build Fighters do you need another Mecha out now?! So Sunrise gave us one hell of a ride in Valvrave with the following crazy shit: School nation, Vampires, Memory Loss, Sexual scenes, Plot holes, one of the most hated female co-lead in Sunrise history. Then Sunrise starts Gundam Build Fighters which is so focused on boosting model sales that the show is somewhat good at the moment. Who doesn’t want to see all our favorite gundams from the past all in one show? I know I’m enjoying the ride. Does Sunrise have anything left in the tank to make Buddy Complex a good ride…. eh doesn’t seem so for the most part. buddy1

The main of Buddy Complex is very very normal and has a backbone which isn’t something I’d link up to Sunrise or Mecha as a genre. Think of Fafner, Linebarrels, Valvrave, and Evangelion none of them have normal mains by any means.  Aoba Watase is the poster board of normal. Oversleeps, plays basketball, and normal friends. Not a bad thing, he just doesn’t stick out nor do any of the other characters in the first episode.

Aoba gets attacked someone from the future who can’t shoot for shit. I had to laugh for minutes as you watch a soldier in a Mecha miss at point blank as he blames the auto lock then continues to miss with his spear at a boy on a bike. *Face Palm* Even better is the female main plot role that can’t catch a eraser but can shoot with 100% accuracy.

There where some very bad lines in the writing or maybe it was just me. Time-travel isn’t anything new for anime but it is generic though this is Sunrise’s third Mecha in last six months. The episode wasn’t bad but I’m not going to say it was good either, there’s some plot holes already by the end of the first episode like why he wakes up in a different Mecha than the one he entered in the “watchmakers”.

The art is okay, nothing stood out to me as a watched the show. Backgrounds where the same old sunrise style, the Mechas didn’t stand out any either so they match the main character. Hopefully the next few episodes give the show a plot goal and not just things happening around the main character without a goal/ compass to lead us. If not then by the 3rd/4th I’ll be dropping Buddy Complex.


First Impression: 6/10 Just Average

Recently, My Little Sister is Unusual

(Saikin, Imouto no Yousu ga Chotto Okashiinda ga


I watched this then thought “What did I just watch?”, its basically a ecchi show about a ghost taking over a girl so she can rape her and love her step-brother. The show isn’t funny and has lesbian themes all over it. There’s the chastity belt that only opens for three minutes per hour and the bad jokes. I felt bad for the girl the whole show and don’t think its going to get much better for her. Her mother remarries and the first day they move into her step-father’s house she gets taken over by a ghost that just wants to get her “nuts” off to her new step-brother. To make it worst both of the parents just up and leave for India. Even the staff working on this show are going crazy, just watch the ED.


Overall will I watch this? Nah not really, I’ll watch one more episode before I drop this. Not a fan of ecchi or hentai. If you like ecchi or lesbian themes in your anime you may like this.

First Impression: 2/10