Winter 2014’s Top 10

Man I’ve been busy trying to keep up with all the shows that have started this spring. Think I’m all caught up now right before the next week starts all over again. Now for my top 10 of the winter season! If you don’t see a big hitter here I may have not watched it or it just didn’t make my cut for me personally. *Count series by the season they end unless they are an ongoing series like One Piece.*
10. Wake Up, Girls!

I can’t say I’ve watched many Idol series before Wake Up, Girls so I wasn’t sure what to expect. The prequel movie is pretty much a must to watch to get the introductions of the girls and the main reasons behide way they join the group. The show doesn’t seem to have any pacing issues and I enjoyed watching the girls grow up a little throughout the show. Problems the group runs into are very real, almost to the point that I think the writer is making run of the industry.  Good drama and character development make Wake Up Girls a good ride.


9. D-Frag!

D-Frag! is easily the best comedy of the winter. Can’t say there’s is really a plot to D-Frag! as most slide of life comedies don’t have one. Have to say I thought of Pokemon in a lot of the episodes with each of the girls having a “type” as their weapon in combat. D-Frag! is best watched little at a time to really let everything soak in. Recommend you check out D-Frag! if you into a comedy with some very over the top girls that make delinquents look weak. 



8. Golden Time

Golden Time a romance that has many real issues in it under all the drama of the show. The writer of Toradora! really sends you on a roller coaster ride in Golden Time. There are some pacing problems in the middle of the show but nothing super bad. If you liked Toradora or are a fan of romance series then I say you should watch golden time and get your own opinion of the show. 🙂



7. Space Dandy

Space Dandy is a great random adventure every episode. Dandy is a space hunter searching for aliens of value so he can go to Boobies! With QT and Meow at his side you know you going to have fun no matter what happens. Hell you could watch Space Dandy backwards after the first episode and be 100% okay since there isn’t an overarching story. Almost free like doing that now I’m thinking about it. You will have fun watching this so go now!


*You should be watching it and not reading*

6. Log Horizon

Log Horizon will be compared to SAO no matter what I say. So here is the best way to sum it up: SAO is action based and Log Horizon is mind based. You watch everything unfold in SAO but Log Horizon makes you think about the world they are in and what they will do next. LH is dialogue-heavy compared to SAO but so wonderful. Most of the fights are won based on the tactics used and we don’t really see fighting up close but more through an general’s eyes.  If Log Horizon has any problems is that the show has too many characters with too few episodes to build them all up. With a second season coming, should see that problem go way.

5. Gundam Build Fighters

Gundam Build Fighters is 100% a kids show made to make money off of. The plot is simple: kid makes toy gundams and fights in a big tournament to win. At the end of the day you don’t need a big fancy story if the fights are enjoyable in gundam. Great to see a lot of the older models of gundams in the show, really takes you back. Fun show with good animation.




4. Buddy Complex

Starts off a little rough on the pacing but quickly fixed. Sunrise brings us a mecha that doesn’t throw any punches but steady wins you over.  Good writing and character development with a level-headed main character really won me over. Even sets up for future romance ties for the second season, which more mechas should have I feel. Buddy Complex won’t bore you with details or the same fight animations each battle but slowly draw you in till you hooked.



3. Kuroko no Basket 2

One of the best sports anime period in my eyes. Easily say I like Kuroko over Slam Dunk. If you never watched Kuroko before it’s about a high school basketball team trying to be the best in Japan. Sport plots all about the same for the most part. One of the things I really like about Kuroko is it never wasted time, it almost moves to quickly from game to game. Everyone should watch at least one sport anime and this is the best year for them it seems.



2. Noragami

Noragami has the best pacing in a show that I’ve watched in a while. You would think that a show just about a god and his problems after running into a girl would be all over the place but it isn’t. Great action-shounen anime that looks awesome and sounds wonderful to the ears. 

Noragami has the whole package for a masterpiece in only 12 episodes. When you have time, check it out.



1. Nagi no Asukara

Nagi no Asukara is a drama that will keep you on your toes and surprise you. Nagi gets #1 in my books for its wonderful character development in the cast. They really grow up over the course of the series and you will have your favorite fanships. If you can connect to the characters then you will like Nagi no Asukara as it is a character-driven drama, all the problems are because of the actions of the characters and not the world they live in.

Helps that the show is eye candy too, there are lots of scenes that could be wallpapers. 🙂




Lots of Winter Impressions

Robot Girls Z

Wish I could say something about this short that I liked, but I only got halfway through the first episode than zoned out and I don’t know that happened the rest of it. They aired the first three episodes all at once so its more accurate to say I don’t know that happens in the last fourteen minutes. All I remember is lots of yelling and balloons getting popped. Yep Dropped.

First Impression: 2/10 Bad or at least didn’t hold my interest.

Mou Hitotsu no Mirai wo OVA

Time-machine phone… is it a second Steins Gate? Nope its a phone company using anime to promote their lab A.U.F.L. Its about a phone company/lab that makes a phone that can call the future but one day a explosion happens at the lab. You can tell that isn’t not an anime made by a normal animation team. This is a eight minute show and you waste half of the first episode on boring calls and talks with the higher ups that we will only see once more likely. Wouldn’t be so bad if the OVA was going to be five or episodes long but its not, they have only three episodes to tell this short story. Hopefully Kenji Kamiyama can get us back on course with the next episode.

First Impression: 4/10 eh


The show looks like it was made by Shaft in my eyes and not by Brains Base. Lucky the cast is good in my personal mind, though I’m a little worried about  Katsuyuki Konishi playing the main male role since I can only remember him in supporting roles for the most part. The plot is simply Kazama an delinquent gets roped into joining the game creation club by these four very not normal girls. This comedy will follow the club as they try to create games. I enjoyed the first episode, laughed a few times at the “types” the girls chose to use. Laughed the most at the switch from fire to darkness type that Roka does. Scene will the girls locker was also enjoyable. Not sure if this will be funnier than Noucome from this past season but I’ll watch it if I can get pass the Shaft looking animation. Plus sadly D-Frag! comes on a Tuesday which doesn’t have much competition on this day so I’m more likely to watch it.

First Impression: 6/10

Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta


First thing before we go on, I’m 100% bias when it comes to anything airplane. With having family members that fly and my favorite movie is Top Gun, its easy to say I love anything to do with flying and planes in it. So I may and will rate this series easier than I would normally.

Toaru Hikuushi is a anime that its about mankind traveling to the end of the sky, didn’t say why the are going there yet but I got the feeling of Battlestar Galactica or Macross type of overarching story. The aerial combat in the intro of the series got me hooked, if I can see more of that then I’m in for the long term. I had to look up anime that focused on aerial combat because I couldn’t remember much past the old Macross but we also have had Last Exile, Area 88 and Virgin Fleet.


At first I hated Kal for being such a emotional main right off the bat. From his crazy anger when he saw the silver hair lady to falling into love all in the same episode. Then I watched the episode an second time and I could understand the character a lot more and see the great potential in him. This is going to be a series where we can look back and think “was that the same character”, I think that way now currently with Nagi no Asukara.


Unlike Macross or Battlestar Galactica the main base isn’t a ship but a floating island called Isla. Having a moving piece of land as somewhere to call home for the pilots is important and I’m glad its not a battleship. Isla makes me think of Hawaii.



I like Claire a lot but isn’t there way too many death flags all around her! Its the end of the first episode and I can just feel it, she’s not going to make it. Titanic scene was the best this episode. Overall this show has a lot of potential. A must watch for the season I think. 🙂

First Impression: 9/10