Top Spring 14′ Openings/Endings

Spring coming to a close soon and I’m ready for the new summer series. Before that I want to show off some of my favorite openings and endings of the spring season.

Spring Top Openings!

#5. Haikyuu my be my favorite sport anime for this spring. Wonderful fast paced sport that is animated very well.

#4. Bokura wa minna kawaisou opening shows off the series well. Love the watergun scene near the end of the opening, makes me smile every time.

#3. No Game No Life easily wins best series for spring and of course its opening would be in my favorites. 🙂

#2. Selector Infected will surprise you during its course. The opening shows more of the positive side of the show compared to the ending. I’ve listened to this song a lot since I’ve bought myself a copy of it.

#1. Fairy Tail has my favorite opening this season even if I’m not really happy with the art style they switched too. Opening may be the best one fairy tail has ever had and lines up perfectly with the feel I got when I was reading the manga.

Spring Top Endings!

#5. Captain Earth holds 5th mostly because I couldn’t find a video of the love live 2 ending. The Captain Earth ending is very pretty though.

#4. Good ending with lots of energy, flows nicely with the show. 🙂

#3. Baby Steps is my favorite sport manga that I’ve ever read so I’ve been loving the show so far.  Even the ending song is called Baby Steps hehe.

#2. Bokura wa minna kawaisou ending is better than the opening in my eyes. Maybe since its more focused on leaving you with a happy image.

#1. Even though I really disliked the show overall for some reason, Ping Pong had the best ending of the season.


Fantasy Leagues in the house

It’s that time of season! March Madness starts soon and has got a lot of hype with all the free tournaments. Final Four tickets at, Million Dollars at Fox, and the big ONE Billion Dollars bracket through yahoo. I’m filling out brackets even if my chance of winning is much lower that playing the mega-million jackpot.

In other fantasy news, the fantasy anime league has been opened for the spring 2014 season! If you have never played in the FAL you really should, it’s a fun time trying to pick the upcoming poplar animes of the season. You can find the main club site here.  The rules have changed a little from last season in fall 2013, see the changes here. Can also see the following anime are eligible this season in the second post of the rules page. Only two big name animes banned this season: Date A and Fairy Tail. You have till the 30th to get your FAL in order and sent to FALbot.

I’ll be covering the spring preview sometime early next week to get it in before the 30th for anyone to lazy to look-up each upcoming anime. If you can’t wait I’d say check out Caraniel and Enzo‘s posts as they have covered the season earlier than I have.

I look forward to this season of March Madness and FAL Spring 2014 with everyone! 🙂

Image from FAL club pictures.