Top OP & ED of Winter 2014

With the winter season now over, it’s time to look back at the best Openings and Endings from the winter in my opinion. Lets hop too it then!

Honorable Mentions

Wizard Barristers OP “JUSTITIA” by Lia”

The show may not have been the best of the season but I did enjoy the opening. Does a good job showing off what the show was about.

Mikakunin de Shinkoukei ED “Tomadoi→Recipe by Mikakuning!”

Just a really fun song once you understand all the characters. Pretty funny at the same time.

Top Endings of Winter Season

#3 Witch Craft Works ED “”divine intervention” by fhána”

Have to say that this ending is what got me through some of the episodes of WCW.

#2 Mahou Sensou “Born to be” by nano

Ending to Mahou Sensou was it’s shining star for the series. Way better than the show and almost my favorite ending of the season.

#1 Noragami “Heart Realize” by Tia

Easily the best ending for me this season. Really brought out the emotions for myself. Noragami really out did itself this season in the quality of work it showed in the opening and ending.

Top Openings of Winter Season

#3 Space Dandy “Viva Namida” by Yasuyuki Okamura

Never know what your about to see in every episode of space dandy and the opener really got you pumped for whatever was coming. I don’t think I ever skipped the opening on a space dandy episode.

#2 Noragami “Goya no Machiawase” by Hello Sleepwalkers

At first I didn’t really care for the opening of Noragami, but it grew on me much like the show did.

#1 Nagi no Asukara OP2 “ebb and flow” by Ray

The second opening for Nagi no Asukara really caught the change in pace for the show right. Even the small changes in the opener over the course of the last 12 episodes was nice. My favorite for the season, looking forward to next season.


Dandy, Space Dandy! Plus Saki and Witches are here too.

Dandy, Space Dandy!

There’s been a lot of hype on this show, here’s hoping it doesn’t fail on us.


Yep Dandy spends half the episode debating Butts vs Boobies while at a Boobies Restaurant chain. Dandy is a bounty hunter that specializes in catching new aliens and turning them in. The show makes fun of Dandy and any type of plot at all. So if you like a moving plot then you will not like Space Dandy. I don’t see any plot coming any time soon, his going to be busy running around with his out of date robot and the cat alien.

Space Dandy should be funny though I didn’t think any of the lines were very funny but some of the screen action is funny. I won’t be able to take the show serious in any form and the show seems to know that all to well.

Art is very good, BONES did a great job with the look and feel of the backgrounds and character designs. Overall if you can stand the no plot and Dandy being a Lupin type then you will enjoy the colorful Space Dandy. I’ll be watching this show for the ride, just not something to not hop on the band wagon.dandy2

First Impression: 8/10

Saki: Zenkoku-Hen

saki1Saki:Zenkoku-Hen is the second part of Saki  side A and side B storylines. If you don’t know about Saki then in a nut shell is a anime about female Mahjong with superpowers. Closest thing to it would be Hikaru no Go.

I love Saki, really love it even the lesbian themes in the show. Its been three years since the end of side b Saki as we been waiting on the manga to create new source material.This season is all about Nationals, but I only think we’ll get up to the captain fights because the captain fights are about to end in the manga. So there’s no way 12 episodes could finish nationals without making up material. Even if they do make up material like they did at the end of Saki side a I’ll still be watching.

Nothing really happens in the first episode of Zenkoku, we get a intro to all the other teams in nationals which by the way the cast is huge this season. Saki and the team just kill time mostly till the start of the matches. Next episode will be the flashback of the team training they did for nationals.

First Impression: 7/10

Witch Craft Works

witch1Witch craft works came off as a little weak to me. The main duo in the show are backwords: the girl is the strong stupid one and the boy is the one needing to be saved. A strong female character isn’t a bad thing but it comes off as too forced in the anime. As for the plot, Takamiya Honoka is trying to be captured by the tower witches for some random reason. Kagari Ayaka the fire witch is the protect him like a princess and she’s his knight. That’s all I know from the first episode. The fighting scenes against the army of bunnies looked the best as the rest of the time the world is lacking in detail. Readers of the light novel say its good so I’ll stay around and watch this but its not going to break any records.

First Impression: 6/10