About Blindwolf Blog and Darbee

Pizza and Anime just go well together.

The Blog

The Blindwolf anime blog was created on the 2nd of January in 2014 and is a blog mostly about currently airing anime in Japan. Here you can find episodics, reviews, first impressions and most other context you would find on an anime blog.

Best way to navigate the blog is through the categories on the side bar. In the future I’ll have pages for season lists which should make it easier to find summaries of seasons ups and downs.


I, Darbee, am the writer of the Blindwolf anime blog who posts in my spare time. When I’m not blogging I am spending my time watching anime, raiding with my World of Warcraft guild, or playing League of Legends. I’m a 24 year old living in Ohio,USA who will be finishing my schooling in December.

My tastes in anime vary pretty greatly, as such I normally watch about 12-15 anime per season. I normally watch at least one of each of the following genre: Slice of Life, Romance, Comedy, Mecha, Shounen, Supernatural, Fantasy/Magic, and Seinen. I can stand some fanservice, but I have my limits on it. Dislike most harems if they don’t have some overall background story that keeps me rooted. Beyond that, I’ll try any anime at least for the first few episodes.

Best way to contact me is via email: smc104@zips.uakron.edu   or darbee911@gmail.com

Last note: everything I write is based on my personal opinion and view on said show/movie/ova/short. So if you can’t handle different points of view on anime, then this may not be the best place for you. That said I hope you enjoy your time at the Blindwolf Anime Blog!


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