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Every reviewer and blogger uses a different rating system to rate the anime they watch. Most are the ten point scale but there are also the twenty and one hundred point scales too. Even if you all used the ten point scale, a six for me wouldn’t be a six to a different blogger. So its nice to know how a blogger rates his review so you can accurately compare to yourself.

This page is to clearly outline my rating scale and weights for my reviews on the site and on myanimelist. My ratings are based around one common theme: Enjoyment. Did I enjoy the anime, did it make me laugh/cry, or did it bore me? I do look for plot, good character development, and pacing but it’s just a mean to the end. My ratings best used to compare between you and me. So let’s get down to the scaling!

1 Star – Terrible  

Most if not all shows that would be a one are drops or never get aired in the first place. Basically the show has no core elements of plot, pace, and character which keeps me from even taking the show serious.

2 Star – Very Bad

Show is missing two or more main elements of story telling. Normally I also more likely hate the show too.

3 Star – Bad

Same as above but only missing one or two key elements that keep myself and other from enjoying the show.

4 Star – Dislike

Anime has all the main key elements for a show: plot, pacing, and character development. Has the elements but I still disliked the show overall, not that the show was bad just something I wasn’t into. I’d say look at my fours’ if I have a low match rating compared to yourself on MAL.

5 Star – Average

See the show as nothing special. Not bad but not good, would laugh at times. Also has boring times just as much as the exciting times.

6 Star – Fine

Six stars are very close to five stars in my scaling. The biggest difference between five and six is the pacing of the anime in my eyes. A six would flow easier between the plot lines.

7 Star – Good

Anime is pretty good, I’m not getting bored like I would be on a five or six. Enjoying the show and the characters overall. Could still have plot holes, pacing problems that are holding it back.

8 Star – Good

Eights are a fun shows to watch, characters are easy to connect to and has an enjoyable story/plot. All the pieces are here and working well together. Some flaws can still be found but overall the good outweigh them.

9 Star – Great

What makes an anime rated a nine over an eight is emotion for me. The writing is so good that you can really get into the show and feel for the characters. Lot of the time twenty-minute episodes will feel like only five minutes went by. I’m highly enjoying myself in the nines. 🙂

10 Star – Masterpiece

What is a masterpiece? For me it’s when watching a show where you just can’t stop from watching the next episode then the next and so on. Does a great job of bringing out emotions from the viewers to the point that you will overlook any flaws the show could have.


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