Some underrated series from this season you shouldn’t miss!

Well the Nisekoi recap never happened since I mostly forgot about it around my school exams and travels afterwards. Now Nisekoi is over and I’m six episodes behide. Hopefully I can finish it up before the summer season starts in two weeks but more likely not. I may have gotten behide on that show but as impossible as it may sound, I’m caught up on all the 40ish other shows of the spring season. If you been following this spring then you should know all about the top 5 favorites for most people.

I’m going to quickly cover some of the over looked series of the season in my eyes. Most of the series I’m going to cover would fall into the 10-15 range if you were listing this spring season in my opinion.


I’ll start with the two series that have been green-lighted for a second season in the fall. Selector Infected WIXOSS is a series about a card game which doesn’t do anything with the cards at all. Its focus is on the card players called Selectors and the effect the game has on them and the people around them. Quick plot of the show is that girls play this card game to make their wishes come true but if they lose three times then they lose something in equal value to the wish that would make the wish impossible.


I want to call the show a slice of horror but that wouldn’t be 100% accurate. First half of Selector is more slice of life with bits of dark themes. Show really starts to shine till episode 8 which opened the doors to the darkness of the show and made it much more interesting.  If you passed over the show in the beginning of the season thinking it was going to be a card game focus anime then I’d say take another look as the details of the game stay in the shadows as the characters stay in the light. (Plus it’s getting a second season so better watching now than last-minute before the fall season)


Hitsugi no Chaika is the second show that I know is getting another season in the fall. The quick plot to Chaika is that the Princess Chaika running around the countryside with two ex-soldiers looking for her fathers magic body parts so she can bury him in one piece. The show doesn’t do anything new but its a solid action/adventure series. The best thing the show has for it is the how well the lead trio get along and deal with the all the shit that happens in the show. Good series if you’re looking for a slice of action with an interesting plot.

Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou is a slice of life that I didn’t think I was going to like as much as I am. It’s as pure slice of life as you can think of. Plot is purely Usa(the boy) moves into a boarding house for high school and this is his life since then. Hmm how to put why I like this series so much. Mostly it seems to just come off so natural that its enjoyable. The humor is light and simple that as made me laugh without me even knowing sometimes.


It does have a love story as one of the main focuses but it’s very pure and simple. For once its only one guy and one girl without other characters butting in or any love triangles which is nice to see. I do agree that the art looks a lot like 5cm per second if you have ever seen it. Overall this isn’t a slide of life to overlook.

Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii is a shojo beat adaptation that isn’t for everyone honestly. One its shojo beat and it seems most people don’t like pure romance vs pure action. Second is that the plot is about a teenage girl marrying a young boy which is more accepted as okay vs the opposite.


Anyways what won me over on the series is that both of the main characters act older than the script age. The sun king that is like 11-13ish  acts more like someone in late teens or early twenties and the Rain princess acts more in the mid twenties than an eighteen year old. As such the way they solve encounters make them feel more natural and in a real relationship compared to something fake or cheap.  If you’re looking for a romance that wastes no time and has deep messages throughout the show then check out Soredemo Sekai.

Sidonia no Kishi is a show that I almost dropped in week 2. Mostly because I wasn’t feeling the CGI and the main character yet. I’m glad I stayed around though, the CGI does look very good in a good number of places in the show. Naming the mechas, environment, and lighting. Still have some problems with the characters but its more of a setting and plot issue over the CGI. Plot to Sidonia is simple, last of the human race running from aliens and main character is here to save the day. The story does a good job of seeming very realistic and not very gundam. People die in war and it isn’t pretty, no one is perfect and unkillable.


The best and worst of Sidonia is the characters. There are many cliche or just plot movers in the show. But at the same time some of those same characters are being out emotions that a good number of series never do. Like there is one character that has made me so angry and mad I really did wish death onto the character. Which I think the last time I felt that was watching linebarrels of iron about a year ago. So I recommend you check out Sidonia no Kishi.

That’s all from me for now. Look forward to more posts in the near future.


Darbee Update

Hello good readers and strangers passing by! I’m still around and watching way too much anime for my own good. Haven’t been able to post much lately as the month of April is a very busy time for students like me. For some reason teachers don’t assign work the first two and half months of a year and just push it all back till April. So my free time I’ve been using to post was filled with projects and such. No worries though, only two more weeks till the end and I’ll be back to a normal posting habits. I should have a large recap post on Nisekoi this weekend for like the last four episodes. In other news I’m getting my ass kicked in FAL atm, really hoping my score based team can make up big points later in the season compared to the hype based teams. *crosses fingers*

tl:dr Been busy with school, should end in two weeks then posts like crazy.

Weekly Ratings (Week 12)

Exciting times! A busy next two weeks for bloggers and for anime in general. Winter season shows are about 60% completed with the last 40% finishing up this coming week. Have spring shows starting on Sunday so you can look forward to them and my last-minute previews of them. I’ll be doing group first impressions like a did for the winter, even have my top lists for the ending winter season up in the next week or two. I’ll add a new page so you all can easily find them down the road. 🙂

For next season I’m changing how I’ll be doing the weekly ratings, I’ll use a moving list to rate the episodes each week. If you have ever read Angryjellyfish’s blog he uses something like this which I enjoy a lot as a reader. I’ll still have the ratings like I did this season but I’ll just add a Hyperlink at the bottom of the post(s) that will link you to the excel file if you want to see MAL ratings week to week. On the topic of episodics I’ll add one at the start of the season so we don’t just have Nisekoi for a while. Not 100% sure yet but I’m thinking Black_Bullet or Captain Earth then I’ll pick up M3 when it starts 4/21.

Well been an okay season overall I think, not the best winter season but better than most of the winter seasons. Seems that winter anime seasons are the weakest out of all the seasons. Not really surprised that Chuunibyou demo dropped 450ish places in the ratings from what I heard in the blogging world and from people watching the show. The 200 rise in the ratings of D-Frag was a nice surprise. Really didn’t think the last episode was that good but the show had a good presence all season.  Hamatora which I haven’t posted about yet but didn’t do good at all for its last episode. Almost as bad as the Mahou Sensou ending, the show dropped a crazy 1300 places in the ratings. Biggest drop or rise of the season in one week.

Did have a good number of nice solid endings though, Pupipo which was haven’t problems in the middle of the season ended as best it could. Underrated Wake up girls ended strong I feel and I’d be okay with seeing more of that show. Space dandy ended just as random as it started but I’m looking forward to the second season that is coming. Kill la kill was the big mover for the fall continues which makes sense base on the crazy number of people watching it.

This week should be an easy week since most shows not airing as we wait for everything to end.

Name Genre Week 12 Rating Week 12 Popularity Week 11 Rating Week 11 Popularity Rating Changed
Gin no Saji 2 Comedy/Slice of Life 132 1090 184 1127 -52
Noragami Adventure/Shounen 214 242 198 277 16
Nisekoi Comedy/Romance 378 363 399 385 -21
D-Frag! Comedy/School 636 692 848 753 -212
Mikakunin de Shinkoukei Romance/Comedy 721 785 832 869 -111
Space Dandy Comedy/Space 861 712 1124 731 -263
Chuunibyou demo Comedy/Drama/Romance 1019 412 491 441 528
Tonari no Seki-kun Comedy/School 1064 996 1081 1028 -17
Saki: Zenkoku-Hen Game 1249 1959 1282 1976 -33
Sakura Trick Romance/Yuri 1367 763 1644 789 -277
Witch Craft Works Fantasy/Supernatural/Action 1644 666 1279 720 365
Hamatora the Animation Superpower/Mystery 1674 641 1396 687 278
Sekai Seifuku: Bouryaku Fantasy/Action 1702 967 2011 997 -309
Hoozuki no Reitetsu Comedy/Slice of Life 1834 1333 2012 1364 -178
Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta Adventure/Romance 1939 1029 1860 1049 79
Buddy Complex Mecha/Sci-fi 2592 1309 2628 1329 -36
Wake Up, Girls Music/Slice of Life 2801 1487 3331 1515 -530
Nobunagun Shounen/Action/Supernatural 3037 1123 3295 1136 -258
Nobunaga the Fool Mecha/Sci-fi 3435 946 3358 961 77
Pupipo! Slice of Life/Supernatural 3714 2246 3865 2259 -151
Z/X Ignition Game/Adventure 4223 1666 4163 1697 60
Onee-chan ga Kita Sienen/Comedy 4296 1317 4200 1371 96
Wizard Barristers Magic/Sci-fi 4365 1161 4032 1178 333
Saikin, Imouto no Yousu Comedy/ Romance 4564 927 3898 983 666
Mahou Sensou Action/Fantasy 4923 639 3589 674 1334
SoniAni Music 5243 1253 5855 1281 -612
Go Go 575 Music 6029 2672 5985 2683 44
Strange+ Comedy/Slice of Life 6097 1836 6262 1868 -165
Pupa Horror/Psychological 6865 695 6839 709 26
Fall Continues 0
Kuroko no Basket 2 Sports 14 421 18 430 -4
Hajime no Ippo:Rising Sports/Shounen 28 1372 35 1386 -7
Magi: The Kingdom of Magic Fantasy/Adventure 48 479 62 491 -14
Kill La Kill Action 87 109 288 119 -201
Log Horizon Fantasy/Adventure/Romance 164 201 172 211 -8
Nagi no Asukara Drama/Fantasy 300 394 318 410 -18
Diamond no Ace Sports 446 1213 449 1220 -3
Yowamushi Pedal Sports 463 1157 463 1167 0
Golden Time Romance/Comedy 535 291 588 299 -53
Tokyo Ravens Supernatural/Shounen 579 510 850 544 -271
Gundam Build Fighters Mecha 917 1958 957 1973 -40
Strike the Blood Fantasy/Shounen/Action 999 321 1064 332 -65
Phi Brain 3 Game/Action 1734 1987 1672 2003 62
Samurai Flamenco Action 3061 787 3330 813 -269
Ratings Taken Every Saturday Night Bold=Sequel, Italic= Shorts



Fantasy Leagues in the house

It’s that time of season! March Madness starts soon and has got a lot of hype with all the free tournaments. Final Four tickets at, Million Dollars at Fox, and the big ONE Billion Dollars bracket through yahoo. I’m filling out brackets even if my chance of winning is much lower that playing the mega-million jackpot.

In other fantasy news, the fantasy anime league has been opened for the spring 2014 season! If you have never played in the FAL you really should, it’s a fun time trying to pick the upcoming poplar animes of the season. You can find the main club site here.  The rules have changed a little from last season in fall 2013, see the changes here. Can also see the following anime are eligible this season in the second post of the rules page. Only two big name animes banned this season: Date A and Fairy Tail. You have till the 30th to get your FAL in order and sent to FALbot.

I’ll be covering the spring preview sometime early next week to get it in before the 30th for anyone to lazy to look-up each upcoming anime. If you can’t wait I’d say check out Caraniel and Enzo‘s posts as they have covered the season earlier than I have.

I look forward to this season of March Madness and FAL Spring 2014 with everyone! 🙂

Image from FAL club pictures.

Weekly Ratings- Week 9 and Site News

Found out this week that my default settings on the wordpress reader got changed somehow and wasn’t getting emails for new posts on my follows. So I spent a good part of friday changing all my follows to email on post since I read more on the move than I do sitting around at the computer. Though I do think its silly that wordpress default now isn’t email on new post, I know I never really check my reader page. Blogs don’t need a news feed like on facebook. If someone is going to read your post they going to go right to your page or through email.

With only a few more weeks left of the winter season I’ve been thinking about the site and layout a bit. Next season I’ll more likely will only do two full episodics so I can make time for editorials and other types of posts. I’m going to change the weekly ratings for next season. Not sure what I’m going to change it to yet, just know I’m not really happy with the current weekly ratings posts. At the moment they too random and don’t really cover much but trends of the public. Maybe I’ll move the tracking of the rating into a different page and every week do a week recap for the weekly post. Recap not the right word I’m looking for though, more of a moving list of what I’m watching week to week.

Lastly I’ll be changing some of the pictures on the site to more of an anime focus look, still working on a new banner for the home page but that is a very slow-moving project. For you all that like looking at screenshots I’ll be adding everything into a picture gallery so you don’t have to jump around posts for the screenshots.

Now for the ratings! The top 9 shows this season either moving down or not changing. With only three or four more episodes left for everyone is starting to wrap-up story arcs and that should push most ratings down unless they do a poor job. Best movers this week were the comedies like D-Frag! and Hoozuki.  Think Log Horizon and Golden Time going to have endings that didn’t really see coming on the ratings. Log Horizon seems to be rushing to finish its current arc. Its  been a good ride but I don’t see a second season on the Horizon. Golden Time….. its been up and down the whole season but should be able to end peacefully. Last light novel came out just a few days ago so not sure if the anime will have an anime only ending or if its going to follow the light novel. Need to get my hands on a copy of the light novel to find out for sure.

Nothing really stood out this week as the omg did you watch this week’s blank?! So I’m going with Kingdom for the week. It’s a show I haven’t talked about any since it started its second season in the summer season. It’s about a young man trying to become the greatest general in the world. Story follows ancient china history pretty well. If you like shounen anime or dynasty warriors you will more likely enjoy the show. Good character development with history has kept me around for two seasons and looking forward to a third. Recommend you check it out.

Episode of the Week: Kingdom

Name Genre Week 9 Rating Week 9 Popularity Week 8 Rating Week 8 Popularity Rating Changed
Gin no Saji 2 Comedy/Slice of Life 215 1153 221 1161 -6
Noragami Adventure/Shounen 279 308 314 327 -35
Nisekoi Comedy/Romance 437 426 438 442 -1
Chuunibyou demo Comedy/Drama/Romance 438 467 426 478 12
Mikakunin de Shinkoukei Romance/Comedy 847 934 912 966 -65
D-Frag! Comedy/School 892 816 973 850 -81
Space Dandy Comedy/Space 1119 769 1119 781 0
Tonari no Seki-kun Comedy/School 1146 1071 1172 1083 -26
Saki: Zenkoku-Hen Game 1278 1990 1278 2004 0
Hamatora the Animation Superpower/Mystery 1337 720 1276 736 61
Sakura Trick Romance/Yuri 1517 829 1452 851 65
Witch Craft Works Fantasy/Supernatural/Action 1615 768 1616 779 -1
Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta Adventure/Romance 1761 1072 1792 1080 -31
Sekai Seifuku: Bouryaku Fantasy/Action 2006 1045 2005 1059 1
Hoozuki no Reitetsu Comedy/Slice of Life 2138 1423 2235 1442 -97
Buddy Complex Mecha/Sci-fi 2709 1363 2709 1383 0
Nobunagun Shounen/Action/Supernatural 3201 1154 3116 1160 85
Mahou Sensou Action/Fantasy 3290 703 3161 715 129
Wake Up, Girls Music/Slice of Life 3291 1552 3201 1560 90
Nobunaga the Fool Mecha/Sci-fi 3331 988 3249 999 82
Pupipo! Slice of Life/Supernatural 3856 2278 3821 2283 35
Wizard Barristers Magic/Sci-fi 3889 1210 3824 1218 65
Onee-chan ga Kita Sienen/Comedy 4089 1409 4062 1432 27
Z/X Ignition Game/Adventure 4155 1742 4180 1748 -25
Saikin, Imouto no Yousu Comedy/ Romance 4597 1019 4582 1040 15
SoniAni Music 5792 1317 5735 1320 57
Go Go 575 Music 5959 2702 5951 2708 8
Strange+ Comedy/Slice of Life 6239 1901 6200 1912 39
Pupa Horror/Psychological 6812 719 6796 721 16
Fall Continues 0
Kuroko no Basket 2 Sports 18 445 18 452 0
Hajime no Ippo:Rising Sports/Shounen 32 1414 37 1430 -5
Magi: The Kingdom of Magic Fantasy/Adventure 64 516 68 526 -4
Log Horizon Fantasy/Adventure/Romance 288 229 285 237 3
Kill La Kill Action 338 133 351 138 -13
Nagi no Asukara Drama/Fantasy 347 431 352 440 -5
Diamond no Ace Sports 458 1251 459 1254 -1
Yowamushi Pedal Sports 475 1196 474 1206 1
Golden Time Romance/Comedy 587 316 577 321 10
Tokyo Ravens Supernatural/Shounen 860 558 894 570 -34
Gundam Build Fighters Mecha 1016 2000 1035 2015 -19
Strike the Blood Fantasy/Shounen/Action 1017 350 1012 355 5
Phi Brain 3 Game/Action 1674 2016 1676 2020 -2
Samurai Flamenco Action 3363 825 3396 833 -33
Ratings Taken Every Saturday Night Bold=Sequel, Italic= Shorts

48 Hours till Winter Season!

Winter Season in 48 hours!

I’ve been working hard to get the site ready by the season start and looks like I’m going to make it with time left over. This season will have about 40 series over the course of the winter. The next 9 days will be busy days for me as I try to keep up with the First Impressions and the three episodics I plan on doing this season. More on the episodics to come in a bit. Luckily I don’t have to worry about a class work on top of the start of the season.


There’s three series I plan on doing episodics on throughout the week. The episodics will be only on new series starting in the winter so no Silver Spoon 2 or Log Horizon. May still post on them if something comes up during a episode that sparks a thought. Also don’t want all three of the episodics being on the same day of airing. Sadly Space*Dandy, Noragami, Nobunaga and Buddy Complex all air on Sunday. Thursday is also a busy day during the winter season but the shows airing peaking my interest like the ones on Sunday.

Out of the Sunday shows I’ll be posting on Noragami. Noragami is a Supernatural anime about a lesser God Yato and a human girl by the name of Iki Hiyori. Hiyori saves Yato one day from getting hit by a bus but she herself gets hit instead. Afterwards she experiences phenomena which leave her in limbo for short periods of time. Hiyori gets Yato to help her find a cure for her condition. The animation is going to be done by BONES, which is a great start. Seems like the plot will be darker than it looks and darker compared to peers in the genre of Shounen.

Hamatora The Animation


On Tuesday we get Hamatora the Animation. Really had to do some digging to find any information on this show. Its been hiding under the radar and I think it could surprise us all. I don’t know many bloggers doing episodics on this series so I will. From what I could round up this will be a Mystery genre with the detectives having super powers in the form of small miracles. I’m a big fan of Mystery in general so I’m hoping the lack of funds won’t be holding it back or the no name studio. The true test for the series will be if it can have a overarching plot story and not have too many cheesy filler that are to easy to see the flow of the mystery.


File:Nisekoi Volume 1.jpg

Star-crossed lovers who aren’t allowed to be together because of families are at war or by out side forces. We think of Romeo & Juliet, Tristan & Isolde, Titanic and Inuyasha & Kikyo. Nisekoi is a tale of Star-crossed lovers but backwords. Ichijou and Kirisaki are from rival gangs but their fathers want to make peace within the gangs, so the fathers set them up to date. Sadly Ichijou and Kirisaki can’t stand each other, though they start a false love to keep the peace between the gangs. Can false love turn into something more? Now that the premise is done, I can say I’m really looking forward to Nisekoi. There’s lots of source material to work with on Nisekoi, seeing that Komi Naoshi currently writes Nisekoi in weekly Shounen Jump’s magazine. I almost think it be a good thing if Nisekoi skips a lot of the source material. As in the manga the Naoshi can go overboard with his harem chapters and lack of story progress. I am wary of Shaft doing the animation as I’m not a fan of them, though I didn’t see anything to bad in the PVs’. Nisekoi will air on Saturdays and be my last episodic for the season.

Overviews & First Impressions

Every week on Saturday/Sunday I’ll post a weekly rodeo where I’ll go over any highlights from the week. This is where you can see my comments on the other 13-15 shows I’m watching week in and week out. First impressions will be going up throughout the week also!

Blindwolf Blog Now Online!

Welcome to the Blindwolf blog!

I have been planning to start this for about the last six months or so. Seems like the new year is the perfect time to start up the blog. The Blindwolf blog is an anime focus blog mostly about the current shows airing in Japan. I’ll be posting weekly (hopefully) on the shows I’ll be following throughout the season. Here is a small list of other posts you will be able to read:

  • Weekly Rodeo(Overview)
  • Highlights
  • Reviews
  • Season Top/Bottom Lists
  • Previews

With only two more days till the winter season starts I’ll have my hands full trying to get the ball moving. Wish me luck!