Winter 2014’s Top 10

Man I’ve been busy trying to keep up with all the shows that have started this spring. Think I’m all caught up now right before the next week starts all over again. Now for my top 10 of the winter season! If you don’t see a big hitter here I may have not watched it or it just didn’t make my cut for me personally. *Count series by the season they end unless they are an ongoing series like One Piece.*
10. Wake Up, Girls!

I can’t say I’ve watched many Idol series before Wake Up, Girls so I wasn’t sure what to expect. The prequel movie is pretty much a must to watch to get the introductions of the girls and the main reasons behide way they join the group. The show doesn’t seem to have any pacing issues and I enjoyed watching the girls grow up a little throughout the show. Problems the group runs into are very real, almost to the point that I think the writer is making run of the industry.  Good drama and character development make Wake Up Girls a good ride.


9. D-Frag!

D-Frag! is easily the best comedy of the winter. Can’t say there’s is really a plot to D-Frag! as most slide of life comedies don’t have one. Have to say I thought of Pokemon in a lot of the episodes with each of the girls having a “type” as their weapon in combat. D-Frag! is best watched little at a time to really let everything soak in. Recommend you check out D-Frag! if you into a comedy with some very over the top girls that make delinquents look weak. 



8. Golden Time

Golden Time a romance that has many real issues in it under all the drama of the show. The writer of Toradora! really sends you on a roller coaster ride in Golden Time. There are some pacing problems in the middle of the show but nothing super bad. If you liked Toradora or are a fan of romance series then I say you should watch golden time and get your own opinion of the show. 🙂



7. Space Dandy

Space Dandy is a great random adventure every episode. Dandy is a space hunter searching for aliens of value so he can go to Boobies! With QT and Meow at his side you know you going to have fun no matter what happens. Hell you could watch Space Dandy backwards after the first episode and be 100% okay since there isn’t an overarching story. Almost free like doing that now I’m thinking about it. You will have fun watching this so go now!


*You should be watching it and not reading*

6. Log Horizon

Log Horizon will be compared to SAO no matter what I say. So here is the best way to sum it up: SAO is action based and Log Horizon is mind based. You watch everything unfold in SAO but Log Horizon makes you think about the world they are in and what they will do next. LH is dialogue-heavy compared to SAO but so wonderful. Most of the fights are won based on the tactics used and we don’t really see fighting up close but more through an general’s eyes.  If Log Horizon has any problems is that the show has too many characters with too few episodes to build them all up. With a second season coming, should see that problem go way.

5. Gundam Build Fighters

Gundam Build Fighters is 100% a kids show made to make money off of. The plot is simple: kid makes toy gundams and fights in a big tournament to win. At the end of the day you don’t need a big fancy story if the fights are enjoyable in gundam. Great to see a lot of the older models of gundams in the show, really takes you back. Fun show with good animation.




4. Buddy Complex

Starts off a little rough on the pacing but quickly fixed. Sunrise brings us a mecha that doesn’t throw any punches but steady wins you over.  Good writing and character development with a level-headed main character really won me over. Even sets up for future romance ties for the second season, which more mechas should have I feel. Buddy Complex won’t bore you with details or the same fight animations each battle but slowly draw you in till you hooked.



3. Kuroko no Basket 2

One of the best sports anime period in my eyes. Easily say I like Kuroko over Slam Dunk. If you never watched Kuroko before it’s about a high school basketball team trying to be the best in Japan. Sport plots all about the same for the most part. One of the things I really like about Kuroko is it never wasted time, it almost moves to quickly from game to game. Everyone should watch at least one sport anime and this is the best year for them it seems.



2. Noragami

Noragami has the best pacing in a show that I’ve watched in a while. You would think that a show just about a god and his problems after running into a girl would be all over the place but it isn’t. Great action-shounen anime that looks awesome and sounds wonderful to the ears. 

Noragami has the whole package for a masterpiece in only 12 episodes. When you have time, check it out.



1. Nagi no Asukara

Nagi no Asukara is a drama that will keep you on your toes and surprise you. Nagi gets #1 in my books for its wonderful character development in the cast. They really grow up over the course of the series and you will have your favorite fanships. If you can connect to the characters then you will like Nagi no Asukara as it is a character-driven drama, all the problems are because of the actions of the characters and not the world they live in.

Helps that the show is eye candy too, there are lots of scenes that could be wallpapers. 🙂




Top OP & ED of Winter 2014

With the winter season now over, it’s time to look back at the best Openings and Endings from the winter in my opinion. Lets hop too it then!

Honorable Mentions

Wizard Barristers OP “JUSTITIA” by Lia”

The show may not have been the best of the season but I did enjoy the opening. Does a good job showing off what the show was about.

Mikakunin de Shinkoukei ED “Tomadoi→Recipe by Mikakuning!”

Just a really fun song once you understand all the characters. Pretty funny at the same time.

Top Endings of Winter Season

#3 Witch Craft Works ED “”divine intervention” by fhána”

Have to say that this ending is what got me through some of the episodes of WCW.

#2 Mahou Sensou “Born to be” by nano

Ending to Mahou Sensou was it’s shining star for the series. Way better than the show and almost my favorite ending of the season.

#1 Noragami “Heart Realize” by Tia

Easily the best ending for me this season. Really brought out the emotions for myself. Noragami really out did itself this season in the quality of work it showed in the opening and ending.

Top Openings of Winter Season

#3 Space Dandy “Viva Namida” by Yasuyuki Okamura

Never know what your about to see in every episode of space dandy and the opener really got you pumped for whatever was coming. I don’t think I ever skipped the opening on a space dandy episode.

#2 Noragami “Goya no Machiawase” by Hello Sleepwalkers

At first I didn’t really care for the opening of Noragami, but it grew on me much like the show did.

#1 Nagi no Asukara OP2 “ebb and flow” by Ray

The second opening for Nagi no Asukara really caught the change in pace for the show right. Even the small changes in the opener over the course of the last 12 episodes was nice. My favorite for the season, looking forward to next season.

Noragami Episode 12- May your wish be heard!

It’s all over! Good ending and sad to see it end. Episode was 90% a fight so I’ll tell the story through the screenshots, lots of good ones this week. 🙂 One of the few season worth watching from the 2014 Winter Season. Look forward to the second OVA which will be out in the coming month once the Spring season starts.

Series Rating based on Average from blog: 8.75/10

Series Rating based on Overall thoughts: 9/10


God of War shrine not the best looking one. Rabo ready for the fight.


Hiyori comes along for the fun even if she doesn’t have her memories. Hope she useful.


Not 15 seconds into the fight and Hiyori saving Yato. ugh why is Yato so useless most of the time. Hiyori ftw


Boomerang throw to save Hiyori from Rabo! Time to get Hiyori out of here.


Rabo destroys the ball holding Hiyori’s memories to try to get the old Yato to come out.


Yato gain a coldness to them but not like they were in the past. See below image.


Eyes of Yato the god of war from the past.


Great fight animations imo.


Mid fight Rabo merging with phantoms to get power to kill Yato. Yato can’t believe him would go so low.


Hiyori’s body gets caught in the cross fire between Rabo and Yato. Yato leaps to save her before the boulders fall on her!


Hiyori is able to get her memories back on her own by following Yato’s smell back to the near shore. Yato is overjoyed to see Hiyori back to normal.


Yukine is able to purge the phantoms that merged with Rabo without hurting the nearby Hiyori. Now Yato just needs to finish it in style.


Classic animation for finishing a boss. Yato “kills” Rabo who had used a curse to keep his body from decaying. He hunted Yato so he could die at his hands, someone who knew him from the dark past he lived in.


Yato tries to say that cutting ties with Hiyori would make her happier than being with him. Of course she doesn’t take a word of it.


If you didn’t believe her the first time, now she’s in it for the long road. Just say you like him next time Hiyori 🙂


Yato trying to be cool but the scene is too cute to be cool. Now to start wishing for a second season!


Everyone throw in 5 yen and we’ll hopefully see a second season in the fall. Been a great ride. Episode rating: 10/10

Weeking Ratings- Week 11

Only two more weeks left! Everything should move more than it has in the last three weeks. Even this week had some big movers randomly like Witch Craft Works and Saikin, Imouto. Imouto’s last episode was uploaded a little early so people put in their final score votes into the mix which pushed the shows rating down 700 places.

Noragami only has one episode left and it made into the top 200! Glad it made it, it’s a great show. Sadly no word on a season two yet, but Log Horizon and Space Dandy got the green light for second seasons. Other shows that did well in the rankings this week were Buddy Complex and Hoozuki. Buddy complex just a solid mecha that isn’t doing anything special but its enjoyable.

Surprisingly Chuunibyuo demo and Toaru Hikuushi moving up the in the ranking and not down after a pretty good week. :/ Of course Pupa and Mahou sensou still doing bad.

Episode of the week: Buddy Complex 

Name Genre Week 11 Rating Week 11 Popularity Week 10 Rating Week 10 Popularity Rating Changed
Gin no Saji 2 Comedy/Slice of Life 184 1127 196 1138 -12
Noragami Adventure/Shounen 198 277 264 293 -66
Nisekoi Comedy/Romance 399 385 410 404 -11
Chuunibyou demo Comedy/Drama/Romance 491 441 457 453 34
Mikakunin de Shinkoukei Romance/Comedy 832 869 830 899 2
D-Frag! Comedy/School 848 753 863 776 -15
Tonari no Seki-kun Comedy/School 1081 1028 1122 1053 -41
Space Dandy Comedy/Space 1124 731 1120 747 4
Witch Craft Works Fantasy/Supernatural/Action 1279 720 1614 741 -335
Saki: Zenkoku-Hen Game 1282 1976 1224 1983 58
Hamatora the Animation Superpower/Mystery 1396 687 1395 704 1
Sakura Trick Romance/Yuri 1644 789 1586 808 58
Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta Adventure/Romance 1860 1049 1797 1058 63
Sekai Seifuku: Bouryaku Fantasy/Action 2011 997 2012 1015 -1
Hoozuki no Reitetsu Comedy/Slice of Life 2012 1364 2066 1385 -54
Buddy Complex Mecha/Sci-fi 2628 1329 2710 1343 -82
Nobunagun Shounen/Action/Supernatural 3295 1136 3225 1142 70
Wake Up, Girls Music/Slice of Life 3331 1515 3293 1533 38
Nobunaga the Fool Mecha/Sci-fi 3358 961 3330 971 28
Mahou Sensou Action/Fantasy 3589 674 3434 688 155
Pupipo! Slice of Life/Supernatural 3865 2259 3890 2269 -25
Saikin, Imouto no Yousu Comedy/ Romance 3898 983 4628 1000 -730
Wizard Barristers Magic/Sci-fi 4032 1178 3956 1196 76
Z/X Ignition Game/Adventure 4163 1697 4161 1717 2
Onee-chan ga Kita Sienen/Comedy 4200 1371 4160 1387 40
SoniAni Music 5855 1281 5846 1297 9
Go Go 575 Music 5985 2683 5999 2696 -14
Strange+ Comedy/Slice of Life 6262 1868 6248 1873 14
Pupa Horror/Psychological 6839 709 6827 715 12
Fall Continues 0
Kuroko no Basket 2 Sports 18 430 18 439 0
Hajime no Ippo:Rising Sports/Shounen 35 1386 32 1397 3
Magi: The Kingdom of Magic Fantasy/Adventure 62 491 61 498 1
Log Horizon Fantasy/Adventure/Romance 172 211 287 220 -115
Kill La Kill Action 288 119 307 125 -19
Nagi no Asukara Drama/Fantasy 318 410 338 422 -20
Diamond no Ace Sports 449 1220 449 1234 0
Yowamushi Pedal Sports 463 1167 476 1177 -13
Golden Time Romance/Comedy 588 299 588 307 0
Tokyo Ravens Supernatural/Shounen 850 544 848 550 2
Gundam Build Fighters Mecha 957 1973 978 1984 -21
Strike the Blood Fantasy/Shounen/Action 1064 332 1043 341 21
Phi Brain 3 Game/Action 1672 2003 1673 2009 -1
Samurai Flamenco Action 3330 813 3366 818 -36
Ratings Taken Every Saturday Night Bold=Sequel, Italic= Shorts


Noragami Episode 11 The Tale of Hiyori and the Yato God


Last me saw of Hiyori she had just lost her memory because of Nora by what we were thinking. Looks like only Yato was forgotten and not yukine! Episode starts with Yato in a panic since he was forgotten but not Yukine! He really comes off as desperate to get her memories back. Yato tries to get Hiyori to remember him by visiting places they went and met at. Even goes and spends all his 5 yen coins that he had saved up for art supplies so he can make a picture book about them. Yato seems almost love-sick to me in the way he is acting during the episode. Its cute and a little funny.


Why did Hiyori lose her memories? Nora took them from Hiyori because she had changed Yato from the god of calamity he was. Rabo wants a fight with Yato and Nora is helping him as his regalia. Learn that Rabo is also a god of calamity which are gods that answer wicked wishes. Rabo was once human in his past life and carried out the duties of a herald. Heralds are people who sneak into enemy territory to conduct “murder” and other dirty work. Once the herald completed his/her mission they were killed by their master so no information was leaked. After Rabo became a god he would sometimes work with Yato on bigger wicked wishes.


Yukine spends most of the episode with Hiyori trying to get her memory back. Even shows her the picture book that Yato made for her. Sadly she ends up forgetting Yukine to in the end. Yukine asks Yato if they going to do anything about Nora and Hiyori’s memories, at first Yato tells Yukine to forget about Hiyori that it’s for the better. Mostly because of the talk Yato had with Tenjin and he saying that it be better for Hiyori if she forgot Yato. That she would be happier in the end. But once Hiyori forgets Yukine and Nora saying that they could win back her memories by fighting Rabo, Yato decides to fight for her memories. Even if its going to be dangerous for Yukine as he could die fighting Rabo they want to fight for Hiyori together.


Next episode will finish the series and the anime only arc of Rabo. Second season would be nice in the fall for the Bishamon arc and the next that just started in the manga.

Episode Rating:8/10

Noragami Episode 10 – Good Boy Yukine

Doing Homework like a good boy!

Doing Homework like a good boy!

Good Boy Yukine

Eight episodes of piece of shit Yukine and now I don’t know what to think. It’s a big 180 twist, now his the good of goody. No more bad looks, no dirty thoughts, and no more stings to Yato. Even has a part-time job now to help Yato pay the bills! Thankfully he still fights with Yato some or I wouldn’t believe the change in Yukine. Yukine isn’t too good but its going to take an episode or two to get use to the new Yukine that says Sorry and Yes Master.

Everything not perfect over at the Tenjin shine though, one of the female regalia got corrupted from Yukine and stung Tenjin. Even though it was only one time Tenjin banished the girl from the shine. Goes to show you how good Yato is toward his regalias vs Lord Tenjin.

One Strike and your out...

One Strike and your out…

Hiyori’s Problem

After thanking Tenjin for his help, Yato asks him for advise on how to solve Hiyori’s body problem. Tenjin tells Yato he should cut his ties with her to test if that will work. Get the feeling that Yato really doesn’t want to do that since he has gotten closer to Hiyori over the last few months or so. Tenjin says she’s gotten to used to the god’s world and take it could make it hard for her to go back to being a normal human. See some of this in the episode as Hiyori tells her friends they need not to ask so much of the gods and really be careful for what they wish for. Also solving Hiyori’s body problem would end the anime and manga for the most part. Cutting the ties would make Hiyori forget about him and Yukine if you don’t remember the man from four episodes back falling off the building when Yato cut his ties. Sadly Yato isn’t going to get an option by the end of this episode because of Rabo….

Don't do it! The tears would come after the end of Yatori!

Don’t do it! The tears would come after the end of Yatori!


Rabo is a 100% anime only character so the whole second half this episode isn’t in the manga chapters. So we should be getting an anime only ending with Rabo and not entering much into Bishamon arc for those who have read the manga. Rabo tests Yato and Yukine in a fight to see his strength. Of course Yato kicks some ass and finishes all the phantoms thrown at him. Clearly Rabo is here just to kill Yato and Hiyori to sense shes’ “weakling” him.


During the time Rabo is attacking Yato, Nora is attacking Hiyori during the new years party. Nora sees Hiyori as a someone keeping Yato from her so she much be thrown out. Hiyori survives the attack till morning when the sun’s light killing Nora’s masked phantoms. Last thing we see of normal Hiyori is her getting threatened by Nora. Next time we see her she has forgotten who Yato and Yukine are. Not sure if Nora cut her ties to Yato or its some other little trick that she did to make it seem she lost her memories.

With only two episodes left, we’ll more likely get a short filler arc finishing Rabo or they will leave us hanging in the middle of the Bishamon arc. Which wouldn’t be cool 😦 Look forward to next episode and seeing more of Kazuma. By the way a friend of mine pointed out that Kazuma looks 95% like Yukio Okumura from Ao no Exorcist. Actor is the same too, weird.


Episode Rating: 8/10


Noragami Episode 9 – Sorry


Time to save Yato and cleanse Yukine before he dies! Daikoku lets Hiyori through his borderline and Kofuku treats her blight. I’m surprise we didn’t get white bars on the shower scene with Hiyori in it. Not really needed but it does show how quickly the blight can spread and the risk Hiyori is taking by trying to save Yato. Daikoku tells Hiyori he need to go get two more regalias so they can do an Ablution. Ablution is a ceremony for expelling (cleansing) blight on Yukine that he sent to Yato. Yukine at this time isn’t really caring what happens, no care for Hiyori or Yato. Being mostly a jerk/ass.



After Daikoku leaves to go looking for regalia’s for the ablution Hiyori thinks who saves Gods when they in trouble? I mean why is it that you need three random regalias for the ablution and not gods? You would think the gods would have the power to save other gods not their followers. We somewhat get an answer late into the episode saying that it’s the job of regalias to judge other regalias and not the other gods. Like USA crimes judged in the United States, but doesn’t really work if you say the rich should judge the crimes of the rich. Anyways, Daikoku visits many shines but only gets Mayu from Lord Michizane. The old man would have killed Yukine by now I feel, even says it in this episode.  Hiyori overhears that Daikoku can’t find a last regalia so she runs out to find one for Yato. Thinks of Nora but knows Yato wouldn’t want her, so she ends up running after Kazuma. Kazuma comes to help Yato without telling his master.

I really need to watch the last few episodes again because I’m drawing a blank on why Kazuma owns Yato so much.



Start the ablution right away, which is a cross field of borderlines to cleanse Yukine inside of it. Kofuku says its punishment to Yukine for harming his master and now he’ll receive a beating till the ablution is successful.The only way the ablution is successful is if Yukine confesses all his sins and repents for the harm he did to Yato. Yukine just doesn’t give in, he curses everyone and almost turns into a phantom right up till the end. If it wasn’t Hiyori and Yato stepping up Yukine would have turned into a phantom that they would have to kill. About time we see Yukine confess for everything, it was powerful and well done on the part of the actor. I haven’t forgiven him for the past seven episodes but at least it’s over and now the story can move pass him being an asshole. Yato thanking Hiyori for everything was a good way to end the plot. Know lots of people wanting a little romance thrown in between them but lets not hope for too much now.

Episode Rating: 9/10


Noragami – Episode 8 Desire

After watching the best episode yet of Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta, I really didn’t know if Noragami could top that plot filled episode. Even Buddy Complex had a good week so its been a fun night for the Darbee. Noragami had an epic episode and even have an OVA episode to cover later this week(whenever I get it written). Noragami did a great job of showing the breakdown of Yukine and the opposite of him in the episode.

School Job


Everything starts in the girls bathroom! Hiyori walks in to find Yukine, Yato and some kid in the girls bathroom so she beats them up before they could talk out of it. Random humor to ease us back into the story. Yato is on a school job helping a kid that is being bullied outside of class. It has gotten so bad that he has called on the help of a god. Yukine looks down on the poor guy being picked on to the point that Yato calls it on him. Saying that he shouldn’t the hate when he is just like him. Yato is right as always, Yukine acts just like the kid in the episode in the beginning. Asking why him out of all the kids in the school, hating his surroundings and doing nothing about it(yet).

Noragami48Though Manabu (kid getting bullied) starts to take the right steps. First he says for help, it takes putting your pride aside to ask. Yato hears his call and tells Manabu that he needs to start by getting everything off his mind. To vent and look at things in a new light. Yukine who is the other side of the coin can also vent but he can’t see his surroundings in a new or different light. Yato gives Manabu an item to help them with the bullying, which we learn more about in a bit.

Blight Hunting


Hiyori asks why he can’t just cut the ties like he has in the past and Yato says he can’t because she beat him up so badly in the bathroom. He goes to lay down to rest “off” the wound. Later Hiyori is looking for him so they could end the job but is having a hard time finding him because she can’t smell him like normal. She finds him in the nurses office sleeping when she remembers that if a blight is untouched it will spread and take over the host body till it dies. She’s worried about Yato and he’s sleep so why not take a look? haha He wakes up mid peek! No blight to be seen though. My idea on this is he could hide the blight via the well water we see coming up. Show hasn’t said anything about gods being able to hide their aura.

Meanwhile in Kofuku World


Lady Bishamon comes to visit Kofuku at her house. The last two episodes Bishamon has been busy killing all the phantoms that came from the vent opened by Kofuku when she stopped the fighting of Bishamon and Yato. Today she comes to Kofuku to get an augury. An augury is a sign of what will happen in the future; an omen, Kofuku can see where other vents are going to open. Because of this Bishamon thinks maybe Kofuku is opening the vents on purpose to keep her busy so she doesn’t have time to hunt Yato. Seeing the two of them crash could be very dangerous, though I’m happy to see Kofuku stand up to Bishamon. She has a great evil look on her.




Lets back up to Yukine before we get too far. Yukine is the other side of Manabu, the same in many ways but he can’t move pass what has happened to him. We get to see what Manabu and Yukine both desire the most… Friends. Yukine wants someone who he can call a friend and be like the other kids at the school. He hates that he can’t join the living and have friends. Cursing his surroundings and putting the fault on Yato. Manabu also hates his surroundings and desires friends. Manabu even when a phantom is pushing him to kill/cut one of the boys that was bullying him he has the will to stop. That bullying a bully isn’t how you should stop bullies. If he had cross the line and cut/killed the kid he wouldn’t have been human anymore in his eyes.  Yato is proud of Manabu and tells him he only needs to find one completely unique friend. Then it doesn’t matter what others say or do as long as you have that one unique friend by your side.


Yukine is the one that doesn’t have the will to stop. He is dead and trying to still be able to be alive is something he can’t do. Can’t cross a line that has been crossed. Yukine detonates to the pressure and starts breaking all the windows in the school. This causes Yato to almost pass out from the pain of the blight.



When shit gets bad you call 911 and for Hiyori that would be to go to Kofuku’s place. We really get to see the biggest jump in Hiyori’s character in these last few minutes. She really grows up in seconds and takes control of the scene. She has some crazy will power on her, carrying Yato all the way to Kofuku. Laying down the law with Yukine telling him straight up that this is all his doing and he must be judged for his actions. I can’t even see if he’s sorry for his actions, looked like he was just going to push it off on Nora or something else. Yato dying to the blight opened Hiyori eyes to how she should have agreed with how Yato wanted to deal with Yukine.


Hiyori gets to Kofuku’s place but nothing goes as hoped. Daikoku makes a borderline to keep Hiyori and Yato away from Kofuku. Makes it seem that they are not going to help and watch Yato and Hiyori die.

Episode Rating: 10/10

Didn’t know which last screenshot I liked the most so enjoy all 3 of them in order of the cliffhanger! Really hate Yukine now btw.


Noragami Episode 7 – Yukine is Trash



I can see why the manga readers hate Yukine so much, he is 100% useless. This episode he runs away from home twice, steals once, and gets so moody that Yato can barely kill the phantom at the end! Running off to ask to work for Tenjin is just rude and down right detestable. Ugh I’m just really tired of his mood swings.

Mayu had the best line :)

Mayu had the best line 🙂

Nora isn’t a name! Well not a name like I and hopefully you were thinking, Nora is the name given to Regalias who have more than one master at a time. Tenjin says they are a disgrace of the gods and gods only use them for jobs not right for normal Regalia like mass murder maybe. At the end of the episode we got to see one of the other masters for “Nora”.


Hiyori really steps up this episode I feel as being the one trying to make Yato understand Yukine and accept him as his regalia. She now knows that if Yukine doesn’t start to shape up that he could kill Yato with the spreading of the bright. Which is spreading very quickly, by the end of this week’s episode its to his hands. Hiyori got to Yato and he is trying in his own way to accept Yukine and teach him to do right. So he doesn’t have to dispose of him like Bishamon’s regalia told Hiyori that he should.

Yato not in the clear yet but they heading in the right direction now. Hopefully Yukine learns to grow up!

Episode Rating: 9/10 

Bishamon is so Rich, many Regalias

Bishamon is so Rich, many Regalias

Poor Kofuku

Poor Kofuku

"Dispose of him at once"

“Dispose of him at once”


Teamwork! It can work...maybe

Teamwork! It can work…maybe

Weekly Ratings 2/8/14 – 2/15/14 (Week 6)

Week over finally! I’ve been pretty busy the last four or five days. Really has delayed my watching overall and my Hamatora post. Think I ended up watching most of the week’s shows yesterday in a five hour sitting. Outside of the airing episodes I’ve started watching Baccano, which is very good. No its damn good.

Watching like forty airing shows a week has its up and downs. One of the ups is it makes it easy to recommend shows to my friends that don’t have the time or patience to look for the diamonds in the rough. The worst down is watching shows just seeing disappointments in shows that had good outlines. There’s three airing shows like that for me this season. We do have six weeks for them to turn it around, though I’m not that hopeful. The three are:

1. Mahou Sensou

2. Nobunaga the Fool

3. Mikakunin de Shinkoukei

I’ll more likely touch on them at the end of season, for now I’d recommend staying away from them based on my taste. Mahou sensou just happens to also be the worst mover this week. Nobunagun and Wizards also didn’t have a very good week as they dropped at least 100 ranks. Hoozuki did the best this week with D-Frag, Nisekoi, and Mikakunin also doing well.

Episode of the week: Noragami

Name Genre Week 6 Rating Week 6 Popularity Week 5 Rating Week 5 Popularity Rating Changed
Gin no Saji 2 Comedy/Slice of Life 229 1203 261 1224 -32
Noragami Adventure/Shounen 367 390 394 427 -27
Chuunibyou demo Comedy/Drama/Romance 407 513 395 530 12
Nisekoi Comedy/Romance 437 500 410 535 27
Mikakunin de Shinkoukei Romance/Comedy 974 1071 1061 1129 -87
D-Frag! Comedy/School 1014 916 1091 953 -77
Space Dandy Comedy/Space 1172 844 1193 883 -21
Hamatora the Animation Superpower/Mystery 1217 800 1172 836 45
Tonari no Seki-kun Comedy/School 1247 1123 1277 1148 -30
Sakura Trick Romance/Yuri 1302 909 1245 945 57
Saki: Zenkoku-Hen Game 1367 2031 1338 2053 29
Witch Craft Works Fantasy/Supernatural/Action 1706 857 1729 896 -23
Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta Adventure/Romance 1760 1118 1732 1143 28
Sekai Seifuku: Bouryaku Fantasy/Action 1976 1106 1997 1145 -21
Hoozuki no Reitetsu Comedy/Slice of Life 2618 1523 2816 1566 -198
Buddy Complex Mecha/Sci-fi 2726 1433 2619 1446 107
Mahou Sensou Action/Fantasy 2753 761 2415 786 338
Nobunagun Shounen/Action/Supernatural 2891 1201 2697 1214 194
Wake Up, Girls Music/Slice of Life 3056 1607 2996 1634 60
Nobunaga the Fool Mecha/Sci-fi 3156 1043 3154 1058 2
Wizard Barristers Magic/Sci-fi 3497 1285 3384 1313 113
Pupipo! Slice of Life/Supernatural 3815 2315 3845 2326 -30
Onee-chan ga Kita Sienen/Comedy 3977 1478 3934 1509 43
Z/X Ignition Game/Adventure 4077 1796 4144 1831 -67
Saikin, Imouto no Yousu Comedy/ Romance 4500 1073 4437 1091 63
SoniAni Music 5585 1353 5508 1378 77
Go Go 575 Music 5913 2750 5848 2782 65
Strange+ Comedy/Slice of Life 6113 1945 6023 1964 90
Pupa Horror/Psychological 6761 745 6726 757 35
Fall Continues
Kuroko no Basket 2 Sports 18 477 18 485 0
Hajime no Ippo:Rising Sports/Shounen 41 1458 41 1477 0
Magi: The Kingdom of Magic Fantasy/Adventure 69 545 77 556 -8
Log Horizon Fantasy/Adventure/Romance 295 253 308 257 -13
Nagi no Asukara Drama/Fantasy 376 473 396 482 -20
Kill La Kill Action 397 151 425 157 -28
Diamond no Ace Sports 464 1278 417 1294 47
Yowamushi Pedal Sports 504 1238 505 1252 -1
Golden Time Romance/Comedy 559 334 539 343 20
Tokyo Ravens Supernatural/Shounen 935 588 935 599 0
Strike the Blood Fantasy/Shounen/Action 992 378 993 385 -1
Gundam Build Fighters Mecha 1076 2050 1117 2067 -41
Phi Brain 3 Game/Action 1614 2030 1608 2041 6
Samurai Flamenco Action 3284 849 3251 857 29
Ratings Taken Every Saturday Night Bold=Sequel, Italic= Shorts